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Charming rodents, black-tailed prairie dog live in "towns" that can stretch for acres beneath North America's open grasslands. To delete this file, click the file name with your mouse, then right-click and scroll down the menu to the "delete" option. To remove the photo permanently from the desktop, locate the photo on the hard drive and drag it to the trash. Whatever your interest, you'll be entertained and educated with our collection of best-selling DVDs.
For portrait photographer Martin Schoeller, known for his signature eye-to-eye, full-face portraits, the least of his worries is having his subject stand still on the X marked on his seamless background.
Layka, a Belgian Malinois, a breed known to have inexhaustible energy—the highest of all dog breeds—graces the June cover of National Geographic magazine.
Martin was going for a dignified look, fitting of a war dog that almost gave her life to save a squad of soldiers in Afghanistan.
Exceptional portrait photographers have the ability to connect soul-to-soul with their subjects.
Now when I saw the first photo of Layka, tears filled my eyes as a result of her extraordinary beauty, and her heroism in having protected a unit of soldiers. In order for you to have excelled in such masterful photography, you needed an excellent subject.
It is a beautiful thing when photographers can portray such heroism, consequence of war, and tragedy.
I would have looked at her photo and vedios for around 10 times and still i want to see her again and again, her bravery got tears into my eyes. Makes one cringe in hindsight when we cast our minds back to when over 400 war dogs were left by USA when they pulled out of Vietnam!…and begs the question.
When we received this Nat-Geo in the mail and I saw this dog on the cover, I could barely contain the tears in my eyes.
You indeed captured the perfect photo of this hero – it immediately brought me to tears.
Shedding light through your photographs, hopefully these Canine Warriors will receive the honor they deserve for serving around the world. When working with dogs a person finds out that in so many ways, you’re working with a Higher Level Being!
I had to laugh when I read this… She was “like the energy bunny and never slowed down.” As a Malinois owner, I can honestly say that a typical Malinois will outlast the energizer bunny! First off, a job well done by this impressive war dog and it’s handler for saving the lives of so many. Why do I feel so stongly about this, because I too was a dog handler and did three tours in Iraq and three in Afghanistan.
Analyzing the DNA of 85 dog breeds, scientists found that genetic similarities clustered them into four broad categories.
With roots in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, these breeds are genetically closest to wolves, suggesting they are the oldest domesticated breeds.
Familiar herding breeds such as the Shetland sheepdog are joined by breeds never known for herding: the greyhound, pug, and borzoi.
The German shepherd’s appearance in this cluster, anchored by the mastiff, bulldog, and boxer, likely reflects its breeding as a military and police dog. Listen to your favorite National Geographic news daily, anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone.
This week on Ask Your Weird Animal Questions, we’ve assembled some parts questions for a column on animal anatomy. The spiraled tusk, which protrudes through the whale’s lip, has inspired comparisons to the horn of the fabled unicorn.

It’s commonly thought that a dog’s nose should be cold and wet, but “the reality is, veterinarians don’t think much about a dry or wet nose, except in cattle—a sick cow stops cleaning her nose with her tongue!” Julie Meadows, of the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis, said via email. More important things to monitor around a dog’s nose are crusting or scabbing at the top of the nose (where the nose meets the hair of the muzzle) or discharge.
According to the book Infectious Diseases, there are about 5,000 species of tapeworms, or parasitic flatworms, that can infect all types of animals, including people. Kennesaw State College of Science and Mathematics in Georgia offers this diagram of basic tapeworm anatomy, including proglottids—segments containing both male and female reproductive organs—and the scolex, which contains suckers and hooks used to attach to the host. Tapeworms don’t have a mouth, digestive tract, or circulatory system; they absorb food through a tough body covering. My dog was full grown when I found her and the vets said she’d probably been feral her whole life.
Those harder surfaces—asphalt, cement driveways, or sidewalks—cause normal claw wear and tear.
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A lot of elephant lovers,want Lucy to go to the sanctuary any advice how to get a good elephant vet?
We’re Moving!As of October 22, 2014, Weird & Wild will be hosted on National Geographic's main news site.
Scientists have found the secret recipe behind the spectacular variety of dog shapes and sizes, and it could help unravel the complexity of human genetic disease.All of the dogs below are from the 2011 Westminster Dog Show.
Simple genetic tweaks decide the difference between a Great Dane and a Brussels griffon (following image). The eye-shielding curls of Charlotte, a black-haired puli, are produced by the interaction of three genes. Researchers have identified a single gene mutation that causes the "hairlessness" of dogs like Sugar, a Chinese crested. Like its ancestor the gray wolf, the basenji, one of the most ancient breeds, doesn't bark. Originally bred as guard dogs, Tibetan mastiffs like Midas, a Westminster finalist from Lubbock, Texas, can top 150 pounds.
Oakley, a pug (foreground), and Little Dude, a Saint Bernard, stand witness to the immense morphological diversity of their species. For most of their evolutionary history, all dogs resembled these semiwild village dogs living among the Batammariba in Togo, West Africa. But when it came to a three-legged decorated war hero, one leg lost to surgery after taking four rounds from an AK-47, this was exactly the problem. She was “like the energy bunny and never slowed down.” As a result she got hot during the shoot and was heavily panting—and out came her tongue. Mentally bobbing and weaving like a boxer in a ring to capture that elusive moment—the twinkle in the eye, the sought after expression, the special facial gesture, until they know they have it. The last photo on page chosen really captures what seems to be real feeling of fight in that dog that has suffered. I am amazed at what the military dogs can be trained to do and that the training is in line with the dog’s instincts. I feel successful that my dog is housebroken, sits on command and usually comes when called. She’s a real hero and we should respect all the other dog heroes who are fighting for love and peace in the world.
May we remember the fallen and repair the returned broken … Embrace each other for we are all we have . Yes innocent men, women and dogs do get sent to battle and they don’t do it for a piece of metal on their chest.

I know the sacrifices and the fears of these men, women and dogs that are faced on a daily routine. The groupings reveal how breeders have recombined ancestral stock to create new breeds; a few still carry many wolflike genes. This suggests those breeds either were used in the creation of classic herding dogs or descended from them. While the pharaoh hound and Ibizan hound are said to descend from dogs seen on ancient Egyptian tombs, their placement here suggests they are re-creations bred to resemble ancient breeds. Laidre (who, as the story notes, opposes the sensory organ theory), the tusk likely isn’t used as defense. Watery or slight white discharge isn’t a concern, “but yellow, green, or blood would be worrisome,” Meadows said. Being feral is a psychological not physiological state, so a feral dog wouldn’t have different physical traits from a domestic dog, no matter the breed, said UC Davis’s Meadows. Dogs who don’t get much friction on their nails, like lap dogs or older dogs, might have sharper nails, she said. The centuries of breeding that produced such diversity in dogs also created isolated genetic populations that are helping scientists understand human diseases.
They are highly protective of their owners—an impulse that, along with most other dog behaviors, remains a genetic mystery.
If humans varied as much in height, the smallest would be two feet tall and the tallest would measure some 31 feet. Thought to be domesticated dogs gone feral, wild dogs have borne the brunt of extensive extermination programs. He gave up on the tennis ball because she just got too excited when she saw it and lurched off the X. Julian McDonald, was at her side, comforting and encouraging his dog with all his love and affection. We will no longer worry whether we are responsible to give aid when a cyclone, flood, earthquake or other disaster occurs. Researchers named the groups for a distinguishing trait in the breeds dominating the clusters, though not every dog necessarily shows that trait. Today there are fewer than 5,000 wild dogs alive, which make them Africa's most endangered large carnivore.
We recommend that we will end being a nice guy and follow the lead oh China and India by polluting the planets air.
So stay within your little circle of friends Dr G or at least do the right thing and keep your mouth shut with your opinions and allow this dog the recognition it deserves.
Let’s honor my baby girl…not take advantage of this forum to say negative things about our country or government! My mum watched her as she tried to free herself from some chains the neighbour’s had attached to her and a tree.
I will assume you have never stepped foot on hostile territory otherwise you would know regardless of the reason your called to duty…it is your duty.
In stead you probably sit on your couch, watch the news and in your mind become an expert on the matter.
And you Dr G need to wake up and realize this article was to honor a service dog that greatly deserved the recognition as a hero and not a place for you to unload your nonsense about a topic you have no clue to discuss on. At the end of her life and throughout it, we celebrated the fact she made eye contact with Mum.

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