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Sorry, but the last thing on my mind if shtf would be finding a dirty hooker with zombie crabs. Having dealt with an Ice storm 4 yrs ago and the loss of power for 4 days, I began prepping, I am almost comfortable with my preps, a few more items to purchase and I will be satisfied, a friend who works in the stock market told me we came close to a financial collapse a few yrs ago, within hrs of it, I have bought precious metals and have begun recycling them out of old electronics, yes it takes a lot, but it’s money.
As I was reading the livestock chart it suddenly dawned on me that someone forget to add horses. Whether your greatest fear is nuclear attack, worldwide flu pandemic, or just a run-of-the-mill rapture it doesn't hurt to have all the loose ends tied up before society crumbles; one group however takes preparations way beyond a few cans baked beans in the fallout shelter. By signing up to the newsletter you'll be ahead of the curve by getting your fill of: New Free Full Episodes, Latest Anime News, Release Schedules on DVD & TV, Downloads, Podcasts, Events, Competitions & Discounts & much much more. Madman uses high grade AES-256 Bit Encryption to keep your shopping experience safe & secure. A natural disaster, an economic collapse, an unexpected harsh winter — for every person, there’s that moment when they discover that the world and everything they hold dear can be taken away. In case you missed it, our first web-spin-off show, Selling Survival, just released its 15th and final episode.
On the latest episode of Selling Survival, Brooklyn is catching up with Doomsday Preppers veteran Snake Blocker. Tonight on Doomsday Preppers: The Fight Ahead, we profile two unique individuals who fear the end of the world is fast approaching.

Bryan May is a model for prepping on a budget, which gives him a high score with the Practical Preppers.
Floresville, Texas: Paul Range and Gloria Haswell have constructed a house entirely out of used shipping containers. It's better to be safe than sorry, which is why FEMA guidelines recommend stockpiling your pantry with three days worth of food in case of a natural disaster.
Indeed, doomsday preppers Range and Haswell have come to believe that the coming magnetic pole reversal will cause a sudden shift in the continents, triggering enormous earthquakes and rapid climate change. Personally, DiTommasso believes apocalypticists are correct in recognizing that there are grave threats in the world, but they're misguided as to what forms these will take. We only have a few more new episodes remaining this season—and with time running out—we thought we’d help out with some interesting facts and information about what it can take to be a prepper. The more prepared the population is the less danger everyone will be in during and after a disaster. I am guessing that yes they may take up more food and space, but transportation wise that may become an option once all the gas is depleted or just unavailable. Snake has a host of Apache defense products, and he’s about to give Brooklyn a quick lesson in knife fighting as a self-defense skill. We decided to celebrate by creating a  Spotify playlist based off suggestions from our Facebook fans.

Meanwhile, Paul Range and Gloria Haswell have enough in store to feed 22 people for 15 years — as well as enough guns, bullets and bug-out vehicles to wage a small war. She hold a bachelor's degree in physics from Tufts University and has studied physics at the University of California, Berkeley. A gunsmith can fix weapons but can he make the broken parts that will eventually be needed?
He believes a “wiper” (a code that instructs a computer system to self-destruct) will take out the country’s telecommunications systems. The couple occupies nine steel shipping containers arranged in a castle formation outside Floresville, Texas. A system of windmills and solar panels powers the compound, and human body waste is used to generate methane, which serves as their cooking fuel.
The show takes viewers on a shocking tour of modern-day apocalypse paranoia, from Range, Haswell and their steel fortress to a Californian who has trained himself to survive off garden weeds in preparation for a major earthquake.

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