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Thai anti-drug forces raid a hilltop village in an effort to find drugs suspected of being smuggled from Myanmar. Heroin addict, Peter, walks us through his morning routine on the streets of New York City. Locked in a cat and mouse game with this security force, Colombia’s traffickers invent new methods to slip past check-points. Drug cartels will not hesitate to eliminate anyone who stands in their way, be they trafficker or cop.
This week, “Liam” and “Jack” set up a multi-airport surge across Colombia to surprise traffickers by flooding airports with teams of specialized police. Continuing with the multi-airport surge, “Liam” and “Jack” travel to Medellin but this trip yields a deeper more tragic objective: the investigation into the murder of their comrade, Giovanni.
By the week’s end, “Liam” and “Jack” have dozens of arrests and innumerable kilos of illegal substance seized.
The documentary is very interesting, but the merit is not only the agents of the DEA in Colombia.
I think I missed, give greater recognition and autonomy to the Colombian Police, the Colombian Policemen are very intelligent and experienced. Please, I think the lack of further analysis and recognition, quality, experience and professionalism of the National Police of Colombia. Follow these Gloucester, MA fishermen as they use rod and reel to catch the elusive bluefin tuna.

Explore the fascinating facets of your cranium with brainteasers, experiments, and hard science. Explore the lives of otherwise ordinary Americans who are going to great lengths to prepare for the end of the world. I suricati, della taglia degli scoiattoli, appartengono alla famiglia delle manguste e sono famosi per la loro postura eretta. Traffickers send drugs by cargo ship, private plane and even submarine but the most common method is human mules. Specialists hide the product in almost anything, each new tactic more ingenious than the last. I remind the American public that Colombia is no longer a Banana Republic, and that the Colombian police are listed as one of the best in the world, including in respect of human rights, which some U.S. Motivated by violent threats or the promise of fast money, thousands of drug couriers risk their lives and their freedom to bring these drugs to market.
They find drugs in almost anything, shoes, books, bottles and even soaked in the thread of clothing. His death has a strong impact on “Liam” and “Jack” who are committed to bringing his killers to justice. Their main goal are Colombia’s airports, but it’s there that DEA agents “Liam” and “Jack” and an elite group of Colombian National Police work day and night to capture these mules and curb the flow of narcotics.
But Medellin, the epicenter of drug trafficking in Colombia, poses unique threats to DEA agents.

There on high alert, “Liam” and “Jack” canvas the neighborhood at the murder site for information. Alcuni fanno da vedetta, sorvegliando il cielo alla ricerca di uccelli rapaci che, come i falchi e le aquile, possano afferrarlio. Mentre alcuni sono a bada del gruppo, altri si occupano di andare alla ricerca degli alimenti che compongono la dieta diversificata. Quando cacciano la piccola selvaggina, lavorano insieme e comunicano tra loro emettendo suoni simili alle fusa dei felini. Sono buoni cacciatori e talvolta vengono addomesticati per essere utilizzati contro i roditori. Ogni tana consiste in un esteso sistema di stanze e di cunicoli che rimangono freschi anche sotto l'intenso sole africano. I padri e i fratelli contribuiscono all'allevamento dei piccoli insegnando loro a giocare, a procurarsi il cibo e a riconoscere i predatori. I giovani suricati hanno così tanta paura degli uccelli predatori da correre a nascondersi anche al passaggio degli aerei.

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