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Der mittlere Halfter NG A2210 der Africa Collection fur den Transport und Schutz einer gro?en Kompaktkamera, einer kleinen DSLR-Kamera oder eines Camcorders im gepolsterten Hauptfach und das Medien-Zubehor in der Vordertasche. The National Geographic A2540 Africa Midi Satchel is a great, practical shoulder bag which holds all your personal items, camera or camcorder. Welcome to ClubSNAP, the largest dedicated photography discussion forum and community site in Singapore with more than 188,000 members from Singapore, South East Asia and other parts of the world. I quickly realised that satchels and messenger bags were wholly inadequate in handling the added weight and bulk.
My requirements were pretty specific, I wanted something durable and weatherproof with lots of compartments and pockets. I wanted something that looked stylish and relatively inconspicuous, so that ruled out the Lowepro and its counterparts.
I finally decided against the Langly because it did not offer quick and easy access to the main-compartment. Where as on the Langly, you must unzip around the bag and basically half the bag to access your cameras, top down. It is not waxed so water droplets do not roll off it, instead the water does seep in slightly. Now this is completely water-proof and along with the canvas it provides ample protection from a slight drizzle.
If you are heading into a full-on downpour, I would recommend using the provided rain-cover. Moderate quality leather is used for the zip-ends and top-handle, a nice touch that adds to the overall aesthetic. I am using them at the moment and I anticipate to having to replace them after prolonged use.

However, the stress-points, which include the various joints, are not reinforced nor bar-tacked.
It is simply stitched along the edges with no extra criss-cross stitching to strengthen it. Dual-zippers are a boon because they offer more options in opening the front as well as enabling you to put a small-lock through them.
It can easily hold two full-sized DSLR bodies and two medium sized zooms with space to spare. Aside from the main camera compartment, there is also a top-loading section to hold all your other items.
It can be removed should you require the entire length of the bag to hold long lenses or whatever else.
The front two pockets are zippered with a flap to possibly act as an addition barrier for marauding hands.
The top flat has more pockets for your smaller items and the back panel has a laptop compartment.
I must also add that I like how the straps uses a D-ring system which allows for quick adjustments. Added to the fact that this bag is rather lightweight to begin with, I can lug it around for an entire day without too much fatigue. The padded laptop compartment at the back also acts as a cushion of sorts, so you will not get poked by awkward items within the rucksack.
It combines an intuitive layout with clever features with above-average materials in a stylish and understated package. While it is definitely a rung down from the materials and construction used on Brady bags, Billingham, Duluth Packs or even the Langly bag.

If you are in the market for something hardy, stylish and versatile without the need for the over-engineered offerings from Lowepro, Tamrac etc. Hi, I saw your W5070 bag are with a bit wider shoulder straps with 2 dark strips on both sides, but in most of other W5070 pics I saw these 2 straps are thinner and without the dark strips on the sides. The Earth Explorer Travel Camera Strap (NG 3030) is designed to hold a digital or SLR camera comfortably and securely while providing excellent balance for your camera. This satchel has a removeable padded insert, this holds and protects a DSLR camera or camcorder also with their accessories.
Members are encouraged to share knowledge, discuss ideas and forge new friendships with others who have a similiar passion and interest in photography.
Inside this insert, there is a halfway divider which means you are able to organize your gear accordingly.
Dank des Handgriffes, dem Schultergurt sowie der hinten befestigten Trolley-Befestigung haben Sie die Wahl bei den unterschiedlichen Trageoptionen. On the exterior there are zippered easy-access pouches for accessories you need close to hand. With a front organizer pocket, you can store your other accessories and personal items such as a mobile phone, stationary, map etc. There are three ways to carry this satchel, either carry using the top handle, a thick shoulder strap, or a rear trolley strap to slide over over a trolley handle.

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