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Oct 17 2011 Experience the world through a weekly photoset of the best images from around the web. Around the World in Photos Pt.7 [20 Pics]Enjoy the 7th installment of our "Around the World in Photos" series! The best way to stay updated is by liking our Facebook page – we post even more often there. Alternatively, you can pre-register for our weekly newsletter; it will go live as soon as we get enough interested people. WASHINGTON (April 16, 2012)—As summer approaches, many vacationers will be heading to favorite beach, lake or river destinations. 2) A field guide to the animals, plants and other curiosities to be found at the water’s edge. 3) A list of 35 of the best North American water’s edge destinations, recommended by Dr.
The field guide ends with a special section for beach lovers, including what makes a beach great, Dr. This is a story about blood, courage, and tradition, and like most stories of this nature, there are horses involved, and men of unlikely skill and reticence, and yes, of course, lives and limbs are at risk. So it was clear from the outset: This expedition to Sutherland would be no ordinary cattle drive to market. I didn’t pack the goggles, but by the time I encountered a bagual in Sutherland, that turned out to be the least of my worries.
The night before, Abelino Torres de Azócar, a 42-year-old bagualero of inhuman ability and unflappable dignity, had told us a story from a long-ago expedition. At the time I had recognized the story as the sort commonly told around southern African campfires to pass the hours between supper and sleeping bag. Sebastián had assured us a ferry would come to Sutherland to collect the baguales, the dogs, the horses, and us, but it had been a difficult ride in.
On the third night, with Sutherland still an uncertain number of days away, we ran out of food. When the bagualeros returned to camp several hours later, they too were frozen and drenched to the skin, their hands torn from thorns and from their machete handles. If there was an easy, gentle way to get feral cattle out of Sutherland and to market, all alternatives fled my mind when that bull emerged from the forest.
When the professionals at the hospital in Punta Arenas saw Arturo, they offered to castrate him on the spot and thereby save the man from almost certain death by infection. Which was just as well because it was obvious there wouldn’t be 50 baguales to load onto the ferry back to market in Puerto Natales. But then the four bagualeros suddenly appeared, riding with unimaginable speed through the forest, one hand on the reins, the other ready on a coil of rope.
Alexandra Fuller’s latest book, Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness, was a New York Times best seller.
On the morning of April 23, a helicopter hovered over Everest Base Camp then ripped northward through the air, flying over the great Khumbu Icefall, which creaked and groaned under the warming sunshine. When Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler trekked to Everest Base Camp in 1978, they were the only two people on Earth who believed they weren’t marching toward their own graves.
One of the best young snowboarders in the world died in an early-morning avalanche in the Swiss Alps yesterday. He kneels at the front of the Zodiac, aiming his crossbow at a humpback whale lazing at the water surface’s 20 feet away.
Like many “pros” out there, I’m a self-taught photographer—after all photography itself is not that complicated.
The dogs trotted down Knife Lake pulling us silently across the last patches of snow lining the southern shore. Carefully scanning the ice for lurking polar bears, a ringed seal surfaces to catch a breath of air. The most common and widely distributed seals in the Arctic, ringed seals make their home throughout the Northern Hemisphere’s circumpolar oceans, where they feed on polar and arctic cod and a variety of planktonic crustaceans. The loss of animal species is irreversible and potentially catastrophic, not to mention heartrendingly sad. Find out what National Geographic Society is doing to save animals all over the world, and learn what you can do to help.

From how tides can change landscapes to how to read waves, this guide helps readers understand and appreciate each water system, from oceans to estuaries. Featured are the most common and most fascinating creatures of both saltwater and freshwater landscapes, from sharks and dolphins of the ocean to toads and salamanders of the swamps and springs. Beach,”a professor and director of the Laboratory for Coastal Research at Florida International University in Miami, has written or edited 15 books. Also, like most stories of this nature, the landscape is mythically wild, partly because it is so remote and therefore almost impossible to reach by ordinary, convenient means.
The rancher had given Sebastián permission to retrieve baguales on the land one final time. For a start, the baguales of Sutherland were baguales that hadn’t seen a rope in generations. She reminded me that she’d dragged me along on her cattle raids when I was a child, rustling cows on the Mozambique border during the Rhodesian bush war. As a child I’d spent hours in the branches of a muscular flamboyant, where I had felt both invisible and more powerful. Tough people had raised me to be uncomplaining and stoic, but unless tested, it’s hard to know the limits of your courage and endurance. Instead of a day or two, it had taken a week, the vegetation having grown back with seeming vengeance since Arturo’s day. I stayed in camp, charged with keeping the fires going, the dogs from the leather, and the horses from returning home. In most of the rest of the world, feedlots, cattle trucks, and abattoirs muffle the violence between the consumer and the consumed. In other words it depended on whether you valued the grandeur of suffering or the banality of comfort. Bad weather had driven most of the baguales far west of Sutherland, beyond the endurance of the horses and dogs.
Once the bagualeros managed to catch up with a bull and lasso it in the dense brush, they still had to dehorn it and tie it to a tree for a few days until exhaustion wore the bull pliable enough to be roped to a horse and persuaded onto the ferry.
After all, the very first bull I encountered seemed to have fixed its attention on me, and I still hadn’t found a suitable tree to climb. Like today’s most heated political debates, there seems to be no middle ground when it comes to discussions about Everest. When we first start hiking to the cave all we can see is flat terrain with a perimeter of limestone cliffs in the distance. Over the years I’ve become a lot more efficient at capturing the outdoors, but my style has never changed. Everyone has his or her own style, and that’s not something that should be force fed. In the spring, dawn is usually the coolest time of the day and offers the best traveling conditions. Like most Arctic animals today, however, this seal's biggest threat is not a predator but global warming. But their tenure in paradise is perilously close to its end; only about 1,100 seals remain in the wild. The book is written by two veteran scientists and water edge experts, Stephen Leatherman, better known as Dr. Diagrams and photographs show the science behind ocean waves, river currents, marshy ecosystems and more. They include All-Time Top 20 Beaches (culled from his famous annual Top 10 Beaches list now going into its 22nd year), Top 10 River Sites and Top 5 Great Lakes Beaches. Among the top five Great Lakes beaches are Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore on Lake Michigan in Michigan, and Presque Isle State Park, Lake Erie, Pennsylvania. Widely recognized as an expert on how coastal storms affect beaches, he is probably better known for his annual announcement of America’s Top 10 Beaches, made every Memorial Day.
The Iglesias family was one of the first to settle this area in 1908, setting up a general store for pioneers. Accordingly, Sebastián set about finding the finest bagualeros in Puerto Natales to assist him, and perhaps in part because he hopes one day to take tourists bagualeando, and so keep the tradition alive, he allowed us to tag along. And just to get to Sutherland, we would be riding with Sebastián and three other bagualeros, 20 horses, and 30 dogs for at least a couple of days through the kind of terrain that rewards a false step with whatever comes after life. But I had long ago lost that magical thinking, and this bull looked more than equal to any tree I could get into, even if I scrambled up from the advantage of my saddle.

The bull smashed Arturo’s teeth to splinters and with sweeping horns tore through his testicles. The uncommon courage and swift brutality of the bagualeros would be a thing of campfire stories.
Singing along to the music in her headphones, she begins gliding down the mountain, unaware that she’s being followed. But ringed seals—the smallest seal species—get their name from the light-colored circular patterns that appear on their darker gray backs. A chapter on beachcombing focuses on shells, corals, sponges and oddities such as egg cases and sea beans. Shortly after that the family established Estancia Mercedes on a piece of land nestled picturesquely against the sea, with its back to the mountains.
After that some shots were fired in the air by Arturo’s compadres, and the bull retreated, leaving Arturo soaked in his own blood. By the time I got to the lake, the bull had accidentally strangled to death on one of the ropes. The men grew lonely for women, and jokes were traded that no one would translate for my benefit.
As she films herself singing merrily and making turns, a grunting bear charges after her from behind. Some of these markings are so dense, in fact, that they take on the look of splattered paint.Most of the ringed seals' time is spent near shore ice, but their ability to maintain cone-shaped breathing holes—which the animals excavate in the ice using the claws of their front flippers—allows them to occupy areas much farther from the ice edge than other seals can reach. Each plant and animal description features a photograph for easy identification and a description of their appearance.
Then, in 1960, Arturo acquired Estancia Ana María, a ranch that can be reached only by boat, or by a ten-hour horse ride if you are willing to cross a bog in which your mount will repeatedly sink up to its belly.
Even with 30 dogs at its ears and heels, ripping at the soft flesh below its tail, the animal still seemed indestructible and bent on wreaking havoc. Arturo asked to be helped back on his horse and rode to the Iglesias family’s estancia, there to await a boat that would ferry him to the nearest hospital.
I did learn, however, that the brothel in Puerto Natales, a favorite haunt of Arturo’s, had burned to the ground some time ago.
The elderly packhorse was lame from its falls on the trail, but it limped willingly on board.
Physiological adaptations help them make deep, sustained dives, reaching depths of 300 feet (90 meters) and remaining submerged for up to 45 minutes. Behavior, food and range are provided for the animals, while habitat, reproduction and range are given for the plants species. It took hours to right it each time, the dogs nipping at its legs, the men pulling on ropes. One dog had been crushed against a tree by a bull and, disoriented by the trauma, had run home; another survived being swept away by a waterfall. But before surfacing, they sometimes blow bubbles up their breathing hole to check for polar bears, their main predator.The only time these largely solitary creatures come together is when they gather on sea ice to breed, molt, and rest, sticking close to breathing holes and cracks in the ice in case they need to make a quick escape.
They build lairs—a kind of snow cave—as soon as enough snow accumulates, becoming very territorial about them and the breathing holes and underwater areas beneath them.Females reach sexual maturity at about six years old. Then, following a gestation period of 9 to 11 months, the female gives birth to one pup, raising it within the seclusion of a lair. The shelter protects the newborn from harsh weather and predators.After about two months, pups are weaned and left to fend for themselves. Although they learn to dive shortly after birth, they’re still preyed upon heavily by arctic foxes, birds, walruses, polar bears, and other animals.Native hunters kill ringed seals for subsistence throughout their range, and pollutants affect populations in the Baltic seas. But a more widespread threat to their numbers is climate change, which is reducing the expanse of their icy world.

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