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Investigative journalist Bryan Christy is setting out on a groundbreaking mission to expose how the ivory trade funds some of Africa’s most notorious militias and terrorist groups. The guys are hunting the playgrounds of America's rich and famous at the mansions of Newport, R.I.
Civil War soldiers -- so the Diggers are looking forward to striking a variety of juice, such as Civil War artifacts.
Join Peruvian healers who battle demons with San Pedro, a drug they say transports them to another realm and gives them the power to mend broken lives.

Working with one of the world’s top taxidermists, he conceals a sophisticated GPS tracker inside an incredibly realistic faux ivory tusk and drops it in the heart of ivory poaching country and monitors its movements to track down the kingpins of the ivory trade.
They start at Swiss Village, which includes a building used by the British during the Revolutionary War and a horse stable used by the Kennedys.
Next, KG and Ringy follow in the footsteps of American frontiersman Kit Carson, a legendary explorer, mountaineer and trapper.
They dig up an unbelievable find -- a late 17th century coin all the way from Yemen -- an artifact never before found in the U.S.!

Next, they visit Malbone Castle, a summer resort for the super-rich that included George Washington on its guest list.

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