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Are you looking for resources in order to exploit some books or stories with your children? Here I leave the different sections of this wonderful page in order you can  go there directly.
LEVEL ONE For ages 2-4 it’s  a perfect introduction to literature-based unit studies .
LEVEL THREE For ages 6-8 the books are more complex than Level 2 and usually have more text. LEVEL FOUR For ages 7-9 the books tackle more complex lessons on topics such as geology, astronomy, etc. LEVEL SIX They are designed to challenge the student to analyze, research, and think critically, while helping the student toward greater independence in their academics.

MULTI BOOK THEME These units revolve around one theme and are dependent on a variety of books to enhance learning.  They allow a more in-depth study of one particular topic. MULTI-AGE These units and lapbooks can be used with more than one age group (especially great if you are teaching multiple ages at once)! These activities work great with your SMARTboard or interactive  whiteboard for whole group or small group instruction or use in the computer lab  or at home for individual learning.
Here I put all the subjects but you will find some of them in its specific area of this web.
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