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Select your travel style--whether it's our signature expeditions, our active outdoors adventures, or our lower-priced journeys.
Our newest small-group trips, provided in partnership with G Adventures, blend fun, hands-on exploration with meaningful cultural encounters, as well as more free time and choices.
If you plan on visiting Southeast Alaska and the Inside Passage, prepare to take either the “high road” by plane or “low road” by boat, since only the towns of Haines and Skagway have paved roads leading in from the outside.
Check out a vast land of overwhelming beauty, abundant resources, and few people, America's Last Frontier stretches across some 660,000 square miles (1.7 million square kilometers) of rugged land. During last year's National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, our travelers submitted striking photographs from around the globe, including memorable moments from our trips in Antarctica, India, Mongolia, and other destinations.

Then visit the 2014 contest website and submit your own top shots for a chance to win a National Geographic Expedition to Alaska’s Inside Passage and be showcased in Traveler magazine!
Oh, and one final Alaska small ship cruise money-saving tip - sign up for their Webinar and save $250 per booking just for watching! Next year, the 300-mile-long (483-mile-long) route plays host to a new Lindblad Expeditions initiative aimed at transforming its vessels into outdoor classrooms.
View our gallery of featured images from the contest below, and see last year's winning photographs. Over the past several years, the small-ship cruise outfitter has witnessed a surge in the number of families onboard its boats.

For 2007, all of the outfitter's naturalists will be trained in child education through a course designed in conjunction with the National Geographic Society, and all of its Alaska vessels will be fitted with underwater bow cameras, allowing kids to track orcas and other creatures by operating a joystick in the ship's lounge. ON THE GROUND: When not kayaking, hiking, or exploring quirky seaside communities, you and your kids can while away the hours on deck, listening to whale songs from a hydrophone and watching harbor seals and their young crowd onto glacial icebergs.

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