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For the shoot, I wore a Miho Matsuda plaid dress from Closet Child, a Danier leather jacket, and Demonia shoes.
You may recall that we Pirates previously worked with Joko und Klaas, on a bagelhead forehead inflation challenge filmed in Tokyo, Japan. Our TV production company pitched a few crazy ideas, and the one involving lip-sewing in Vancouver stuck. At least my life-long goal of being a hysterical eyewitness on the news has been fulfilled.
But an Asian horror doll creeps up on him… in the video, you can see how I gave Joko a mighty scare! Before each take, the director gave us a general idea of the narrative, but we improvised all the lines. The 8-person crew (plus Naomi and me) piled into the rental van, and we stopped by Granville Island. Everyone worked quickly and was easygoing — a nice change from the frantic attitude of some TV productions. If you’ll recall from my HuffPost interview, Russ is a body modification artist based in Vancouver.

Lip sewing is an extreme body mod that should only be done by an experienced artist like Russ.
I’m so grateful to everyone who came to The Waldorf to party with us, and be on German TV.
I felt bad because the TV shoot ran late, and we couldn’t get to the party until around 1am. These are 13 videos result for the Deep universe hubble s universe unfiltered, hit the "Play This Video" to watch streaming the Deep universe hubble s universe unfiltered online. Play and Stream New Hubble Telescope Image Is Deepest Look Into Universe Yet Esa Space Science Hd free online here.
Play and Stream Hubble Telescope Images Deep Field View Of Space Nasa S Astronomy Doentary free online here. Naomi and I took charge of arranging, casting and coordinating the episode (as well as hosting it). Her hotel was set on fire, and my car window was smashed with a giant rock by a crazy random person. None of this would have been possible without Isaac, master of Sin City Fetish night, who pulled together the venue and crowd in record time.

If you have opinion or questions about it, I invite you to leave a comment and we can discuss. I’m surrounded by TV crew cameras, and about to force a German man to stitch his mouth together with needle and thread. On the largest scale, orbits are a creative force and construct the fabric of the Universe. On the bright side: the Vancouver Global TV news team decided to interview me about my harrowing experience. I’ve seen people with sewn eyelids and mouths firsthand in Prague and Tokyo party scenes.

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