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The Perfect BeachThailand's sun-drenched jewel in the South Andaman Sea, Koh Lipe has recently risen to the top of intrepid beach lovers’ A-list of island paradises. Lost No LongerTayrona National Park's gorgeous beaches are a highlight of northern Colombia, home also to the famed Ciudad Perdida.
Africa's Green and Fiery HeartPerhaps nowhere on Earth is the dual creative and destructive nature of volcanoes more evident than in central Africa’s Virunga Volcanoes Massif. The Creative Coast of SpainThe boats painted in yellow, crimson, and white that bob in the water could belong to any scraggy Mediterranean coast. American as Apple Pie“I’ve been to Napa and Sonoma,” you hear people say, as if they were one and the same.
Quintessential Cottage CountryJust two hours by car—but a world away—from powerhouse Toronto beats the heart of Ontario’s cottage country, Muskoka.
Perfumed OasisWhile neighboring oil-rich countries on the Arabian Peninsula are building skyscrapers and convention centers, Oman is erecting an opera house and planting desert gardens amid capital city Muscat’s white stone buildings. Faster, Higher, StrongerIn Olympic-ready London, a new landmark (City Hall) meets old (Tower Bridge) along the Thames. Modern Maya WorldEvery year countless travelers visit the ruins of once great Maya cities: Chichen Itza (Mexico), Tikal (Guatemala), Caracol (Belize), and Copan (Honduras). Ancient BeautyPatrick Leigh Fermor, the dashing philhellene who died last June, knew that to get under Greece’s skin you must stray from the instant gratifications of its seaside resorts. Cyclists' BlissA violent struggle created this world, according to Maori mythology: Indigenous New Zealanders say Sky Father and Earth Mother were ripped from each other’s arms to make room for mountains, forests, and oceans.
Eco-WonderlandAs a bridge between continents, Panama, 51 miles sea-to-sea at its midpoint, only looks slight. The Next Foodie FrontierThere are plenty of reasons to visit Peru: to explore ancient ruins at Machu Picchu, spot some of the world’s rarest birds, or trek some of Earth’s deepest canyons.
Pressed and polished, a suited commuter seems to shield his eyes from an embracing couple below. To delete this file, click the file name with your mouse, then right-click and scroll down the menu to the "delete" option. To remove the photo permanently from the desktop, locate the photo on the hard drive and drag it to the trash.
Getting her tongue pierced was "exciting and scary," says a teen who succumbed to pressure from her best friend.
Moviegoers thrill to shaking seats and wind machines during a 3-D film at a theater closed during the war.
Lynsey Addario is known for documenting human rights issues and women and families in conflict zones. Kitra Cahana is one of National Geographic's youngest photographers, known for her popular feature on the teen brain. Originally published on October 16, 2013 11:57 am If you are at all interested in travel or photography, then you probably know National Geographic for the stunning images that take you around the world, introducing you to remarkable cultures and people. There has been a growing buzz about a new climate change documentary Chasing Ice, which won a pile of film festival awards and is now on the Oscars short list (one of only 15 documentaries). Balog became interested in photography while working on his master’s degree in geomorphology—the processes that shape landscapes. The reality, unsurprisingly, was this was a daunting challenge that would push the physical limitations of the equipment and the resolve of Balog’s team. It should go without saying that the cinematography is gorgeous, and Chasing Ice is certainly a feast for the eyes.
There’s awe, as well, and nearly unfathomable scale—like video of a slab of ice the size of lower Manhattan (and thicker than those skyscrapers are tall) breaking off Greenland’s Jakobshavn glacier. The science is delivered in brief interludes through snippets of interviews with researchers.
Political hot buttons and polarizing figures are absent, apart from a few television clips of bloviating pundits (and Senator James Inhofe’s infamous description of climate change as a hoax). The film does a terrific job all-around of reaching out to those with doubts about climate science, rather than merely preaching to the choir.
If you have any interest in the beautiful, frigid landscapes of Greenland, Alaska, and Iceland, or even if you suspect that the media has exaggerated the magnitude of the changes to the cryosphere, Chasing Ice is an experience you should take in. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. Camilla and I are here to film a documentary about a small community approximately 100 kilometers [62 miles] west of us.
As part of the process the journalists discovered that I am an identical twin and that was it! Has there been a geological and magnetic field survey of the village area that could possibly explain the mass of twins in the location?
Follow these Gloucester, MA fishermen as they use rod and reel to catch the elusive bluefin tuna. Explore the fascinating facets of your cranium with brainteasers, experiments, and hard science.
Explore the lives of otherwise ordinary Americans who are going to great lengths to prepare for the end of the world.
How Hard Can It Be…to fly a house with balloons, send a rocket to space, or dive the deep ocean floor? Whatever your mood, Traveler magazine has a recommendation for you—from the romantic hills of Croatia to the perfect beach in Thailand.
A final relic from the world’s last ice age, this North Atlantic island nation is a world of knife-cut valleys, gargantuan fjords, monumental cliffs, black-sand beaches, thundering waterfalls, and silent white glaciers.
Considered an alternative to the overexploited Koh Phi Phi (which gained fame as the setting for the film The Beach), Koh Lipe is accessible only by boat, with departure ports that include Krabi and the nearby Malaysian island of Langkawi.Crystal waters and pristine reefs surround the island. The landmark Frauenkirche (“church of our lady”), a baroque masterpiece designed by George Bahr, was rebuilt from rubble in 2005 (above). The shady, rolling hills of Istria—Croatia’s northernmost peninsula—are becoming widely known for their truffles, Malvazija white wines, olive oil stancijas (estates), and crumbling hill towns. The cleared mountaintop terraces of the "lost city" shine like a green grassy beacon declaring the country’s rebirth as a travel destination at the crossroads of the Caribbean and South America.See more photos of North Colombia in our featured destination gallery. Straddling the borders between Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the eight-volcano chain is one of Earth’s most active volcanic regions and a veritable salad bowl for mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants, and other wildlife.
The polar bear that guards them, however, means only one thing: Salvador Dali’s home in Costa Brava. Sure, Sonoma’s 300-plus wineries, like those of vine-centric Napa, offer peak wine tasting, from Ravenswood’s deep Zinfandels to Gloria Ferrer’s sophisticated sparklers. Sultan Qaboos sparked the country’s modern renaissance with his rise to power in 1970—adding scores of new schools and hospitals and increasing the miles of paved road from six to over 3,700.Many of Oman’s delights cater to the elite luxury traveler. The last time London hosted the Olympics, in 1948, locals subsisted on rations, there was no budget for new sports venues, and many competitors slept in military huts in Richmond Park. The pyramids and stelae are well worth seeing, especially at jungle-shrouded Tikal (above), but here’s the thing: Maya civilization isn’t long gone.
Damp and bracingly cool, this place doesn’t fit your image of Sri Lanka, the lush island nation—formerly known as Ceylon—that hangs like a teardrop off the tip of southern India.Nuwara Eliya (pronounced nyur-RAIL-ya) is a colonial-era resort town in Sri Lanka’s stunning hill country.
Traveling on foot across the gorges of Roumeli and mountains of Mani, Leigh Fermor discovered a land of fierce beauty where traditions run deep. Around Rotorua, a Maori heartland and home of the mineral-rimmed Champagne Pool (above), it’s easy to believe the struggle continues, as the eerie landscape bubbles and churns like some primordial stew. The Panama Canal, which capitalized on the Central American country’s slim waistline to become a literal nexus of global trade, will expand with two new sets of locks, one on the Pacific side of the canal and one on the Atlantic, designed for massive, 13,000-container cargo ships, due to be completed in 2014.
Yet, once you’re on the ground and hungry, you may find those experiences mere appetizers to the main event: food.

Hovsgol is the northernmost of Mongolia’s 21 provinces, shadowing Russia’s border and sharing the great Siberian taiga (subarctic coniferous forest). Government jobs, nightclubs, golf courses, and beaches draw an eccentric mix of pierced hipsters and buttoned-up conservatives to the seaside town of Blackpool in England's Lancashire county. Her husband was determined to get her to the hospital, but his borrowed car broke down, so he went to find another vehicle.
Over the past decade, some of the most powerful images in the magazine — and the stories behind them — have been captured by female photojournalists. I finally got the chance to catch it at a local theater and, although I went in with high expectations, I had them exceeded.
Most audiences would have a hard time identifying with an ice sheet or valley glacier no matter how beautiful. That interest blossomed into a very successful career as a photographer for the likes of National Geographic.
In the end, the project has produced (and continues to produce) stunning and extraordinary visuals that drive home the reality of glacial melt trends that would otherwise be represented by data points on a graph. It’s worth watching just to see these remote and unfamiliar places in all their severe, crisp beauty.
The explanations are brief and concise, running no risk of losing the audience’s attention, yet the film still manages to avoid overgeneralizing or glossing over important caveats.
Balog uses these as counterpoint to his team's tireless drive to show the reality playing out before his cameras. Balog briefly describes his initial skepticism of climate change and how the science changed his mind. It’s a scene reminiscent of the stock exchange in the middle of a particularly panicked Wall Street frenzy. The village of Kodinhi recently hit the international wires service as a place almost entirely populated by pairs of twins.
The wonderful tropical landscape and the endless views of shanty towns, Mosques and Hindu temples more than make up for the bone-jarring taxi ride over badly pot-holed, rutted roads. Often, a decision reached by one committee will need to be ratified by another and, unless you’re extremely lucky, a referendum will be called to decide whether or not to accept the decision of the first or even second committee.
The villagers cheered, the politician even managed to look impressed and amid lots of hand shaking I was warmly accepted into the community as one of their own. Meet the Johns family, one of Manhattan’s most prominent Gypsy families, who are struggling to preserve their age-old customs amid the vices and virtues of the city. Recent volcanic eruptions remind us that Iceland is still a country in the making, with changed landscapes that even Icelanders continue to discover.Three years of financial recovery have made Iceland more affordable, with consumer prices now largely pegged to the euro.
Up to 25 percent of the world’s tropical fish species swim in the protected waters around Koh Lipe (the island is in Tarutao National Marine Park).
Today it towers above a carefully reconstructed historic center that is home to half a dozen world-class museums—from the Albertinum and the Old Masters Picture Gallery, with its Vermeers and Titians, to the oddly named but unforgettable German Hygiene Museum.See more photos of Dresden in our featured destination gallery. Cyclists can spin their spokes over some 2,000 miles of extensively maintained bike trails. Landscapes in all three countries conjure visions of both Eden and hell.In Congo, the swirling plume of the active Nyiragongo Volcano (above) beckons. Dali, one of art’s greatest eccentrics, came from this part of Catalonia, in northeastern Spain. But if you’ve visited only the county’s wineries, come back to sample the astounding diversity that makes Sonoma one of America’s travel treasures.Spend some time floating in an inner tube down the Russian River and walking amid ancient giants—one over 1,400 years old—at Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve.
The 2,500-square-mile area includes 8,699 miles of shoreline, 17 historic towns and villages, and innumerable waterfalls and lakes (like Kahshe Lake, above) framed by the peaks of Algonquin Provincial Park to the east and the isles of Georgian Bay Islands National Park to the west.There’s plenty to do here but nothing you’d put on an agenda. Britain may be entering another age of austerity, but nearly $15 billion has been spent on sprucing up the capital for the 2012 Olympics.Many sporting events have already sold out, but there will be hundreds of free cultural events to enjoy throughout the summer. Its apogee may have passed, but millions of Maya people and their culture remain alive and well, most vibrantly in Guatemala’s Western Highlands.The most alluring place in Maya Guatemala is Chichicastenango, a walkable town about three hours by road from Guatemala City where more than 95 percent of the people are indigenous. This mountainous, mist-draped realm has long been popular with backpackers and other adventurers for its tea plantations (above) and rain forest preserves, known as the Central Highlands, which recently were added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list.See more photos of Sri Lanka in our featured destination gallery. Eventually, he settled in Kardamili, a sleepy hamlet in the southern Peloponnese, which he hoped was “too inaccessible, with too little to do, for it ever to be seriously endangered by tourism.”Happily, he was right. World traders occupy gleaming new hotels that modernize the colonial capital.In Panama, nature and indigenous culture are abundant. From the rain forests of the northeast to the arid high plateau that runs like a spine through the south, Peru is blessed with incredible biodiversity—a bounty that is clearly reflected on its plates.Peruvians have long been vocally (and justifiably) proud of their homeland’s cooking, but suddenly, the rest of the world seems to be taking note, too.
On all counts, the Steel City’s transformation over the past quarter century qualifies as revolutionary.
Lichens in bright greens and oranges color 10,000-foot passes, while sacred rivers, rumored to never freeze, feed lakes framed by snow-tipped mountains.Hovsgol is just now opening its arms to travelers who come to catch and release taimen, giant salmonid “river wolves” that stalk Hovsgol’s waterways.
Blackpool emerged as a major tourist destination in the 20th century, though it still retains its retro charm. Lynsey Addario ended up taking Noor Nisa, her mother, and her husband to the hospital, where she delivered a baby girl. Lynsey Addario ended up taking Noor Nisa, her mother and her husband to the hospital, where she gave birth to a girl. Instead, the documentary follows photographer James Balog on his quest to capture the response of the cryosphere to climate change, making it visually evident and compelling.
Balog has been sharing that work for several years, including through a 2009 TED presentation, but the medium of film brings it to life with an intensity that public talks can’t match. But the enduring impact of the film comes from seeing the ice disintegrate and disappear before your eyes. Those who were turned off by the sometimes sensationalist tone of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth will find no quarrel with Chasing Ice.
There’s even an interesting interview with a spokesman for insurance giant Munich Re about rising disaster costs, which the company has concluded is at least partly due to climate change. A locally important politician is attending and so too are the village elders, the executive board of the Twins and Kin Association (a body set up to look after the interests of the community’s twins) and about a dozen or so newspaper and TV journalists. One of the largest cities in Montana, Billings itself still isn’t exactly a metropolis. The country’s return to a humbler attitude stems from a thousand-year-old tradition of self-reliance—a tradition that has preserved one of the world’s oldest living languages and harnessed some of the cleanest energy on Earth. Pattaya Beach may be the island’s most developed tourist spot, but head to quieter Sunrise Beach, where a now settled community of “sea gypsies,” the Chao Lei, live and fish. Along the coast, sunny ocean views and impromptu opportunities for swimming and snorkeling abound.The romantic town of Rovinj (above), a former Venetian vassal state, rises from the Adriatic like an estranged island of Venice. Check on the security situation in the troubled country before going, but those who make the steep five-hour hike up Nyiragongo are rewarded with heady vistas of the world’s largest lava lake. His giant eggs, swan fountains, and melting clocks drew inspiration from this sunshine-laced wilderness.The medieval city of Girona also overflows with creativity during its annual spring flower festival, the Temps de Flors. Poke around the old Russian stockade at Fort Ross, which turns 200 in 2012, or the Spanish adobe mission, San Francisco Solano, in Sonoma town. Lounge with friends, barbecue everything, watch the night sky from the dock in the pitch black, play board games while listening to the rain. Pleasure yachts anchor off the coast; it can be easy to forget the sea is Arabian, not Mediterranean. The London 2012 Festival will turn the whole country into a living stage, from a multilingual bonanza of Shakespeare productions at Stratford-upon-Avon to a soccer-inspired art installation deep in a Scottish forest.
Each Thursday and Sunday, Maya vendors carry their goods on their backs at dawn to Chichi’s market, selling brilliantly hued textiles, fearsome wooden masks, golden and purple maize, necklaces, and produce arranged in Escher-like patterns.
While some islands have been scarred by unregulated development—and as the country grapples with the worst financial crisis in its modern history—Greece’s rugged mainland retains its unadulterated allure.

The centennial of her maiden voyage—April 10, 2012—gives Barney the chance to share Belfast’s pride in the “floating palace” and show off a capital that is redefining itself in the eyes of the world.Sections of the city have undergone regeneration since Belfast emerged from the Troubles, the three decades of violence that culminated in the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. The canal-bordering tropical lowlands of Soberania National Park ring with the cries of howler monkeys and the chatter of toucans. In 2008, the country’s leading chef, Gaston Acurio, founded Mistura, a Lima-based food festival that has since become the leading annual culinary event in South America. Others come to ride Mongolian ponies in search of the Tsaatan, small bands of nomadic reindeer herders (above) who live in encampments and follow shamanistic beliefs.
Two of the celebrated photojournalists speak with Tell Me More's Michel Martin about the dangers and advantages of being a woman in the field, and the stories behind some of their most popular images.Lynsey Addario is a Pulitzer Prize winner and a former MacArthur Fellow. The idea was to deploy cameras to a number of glaciers and compile high-quality, time-lapse imagery over long enough time periods to clearly see the glaciers melting back. A widely-circulated video of one audience member’s remarkable change of heart after watching the film testifies to its potency as a work of science communication. The film will be an intimate portrayal of what life is like for the twins in this curious community and follow the efforts of a local doctor trying to unravel the mystery of why so many of them are being born in such a small place.
National Geographic is a very popular channel in India and our arrival has put Kodinhi at the top of the news agenda for the week, at least in Kerala State. We’re thrilled to be here, looking forward to the experience of spending time in Kodinhi and are looking forward to the discoveries that the investigation will uncover. Spend the night on the rim to fully experience the crater’s fiery light and sound spectacle. Surprising floral creations spill down cathedral steps and bloom-inspired art installations fill city squares and stone-walled courtyards. Hunt for antiques along Petaluma’s downtown Victorian row, and dine on seasonal sake-steamed, aged abalone at Michelin-starred Cyrus in Healdsburg. Muscat's Park Inn, pictured here, has a roof terrace view to rival any.See more photos of Oman in our featured destination gallery. David Hockney, Leona Lewis, and Philip Glass are among the heavyweights headlining in London.
Smoke from grills perfumes the narrow aisles, and so many women briskly pat stone-ground tortillas into shape that it sounds like a standing ovation. Foraging for mushrooms in Epirus, watching pink pelicans take flight over Prespa Lake, listening to ethereal chanting in Meteora’s monasteries (such as the Roussanou Monastery, above)—there remain pockets of Greece where time stands still. The cool, flower-filled highland town of Boquete sits in the shadow of the country’s tallest volcano. Sustainable design has transformed Victorian landmarks like the glass-domed Phipps Conservatory and created contemporary ones like the swooping waterfront convention center (above). She's known for documenting human rights issues and the plight of women and families in conflict zones.
If you doubt that a nature documentary devoid of any fuzzy mammals can still be a tear-jerker, you may be surprised. They have already agreed to allow National Geographic to make the documentary, but our arrival has triggered the need for a public meeting to discuss how best to move forward.
Evenings are capped off with Champagne cocktails at the Valentino Bar, a breezy boite perched directly on the water and illuminated in vivid cerulean by underwater lights—not a bad spot to nurture your own inner Casanova.
The fishing village of Calella de Palafrugell (above) charms with seaside restaurants and homes.See more photos of Costa Brava in our featured destination gallery. And don’t miss a flaky, fruit-packed slice of Gravenstein pie from Mom’s Apple Pie, a roadside stop outside Sebastopol.
A $152.1-million attraction opens in April with audiovisual exhibits, underwater footage of the wreck, and a ride that re-creates a trip through the shipyards of 1911 to tell?the passenger liner’s story. At the offshore Coiba National Park, where a maximum of only 40 overnight visitors are allowed, divers share the pristine waters with scientific researchers and whale sharks.
On gradually becoming a war photographer I knew that my interest lied in international stories. So it was really the story that brought me to these places, and if they happen to be in a war zone, then so be it. Or if injustices against women or hardships were a byproduct of war — or many years of war — then that's what I was interested in covering.
That went on for several years, and I ended up covering the fall of the Taliban and then the war in Iraq.
So as a woman, I have access to 50 percent of the population that my male colleagues don't.
On "saving" two Afghan women while shooting her Veiled Rebellion project I saw these two women standing on the side of the mountain. Because usually along with women you find a man, because women technically should not be out of the house without a male guardian. Zeba and I ran up the mountain, and we got to the women, and she said, "What's going on?" And she said, "Well, this woman, Noor Nisa, is pregnant. He was so determined to not have her die in childbirth that he rented a car and was driving her to the hospital, and their car broke down. On showing and not showing graphic images I covered the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for years.
And every time I would send a photo of a dead American soldier, it pretty much almost never made it into print. If people really saw what was happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, then they might be marching in the streets to end wars. But you know, I think that no one ever sees because we're not allowed to see, and we're not allowed to publish what we do see. So it's quite difficult.Kitra Cahana is one of National Geographic's youngest photographers.
On making The Times for her early work in Gaza I found an internship at the local newspaper there. During the course of that year, they started to let me go on the backs of the motorcycles with the photographers and kind of following them on assignments. I ended up going to the settlements in Gush Katif, in Gaza, and living there for about two months, photographing that international story. On her teen brain exhibition The intimacy that you see in those images is just the intimacy of the relationships that I create.
There's always gonna be a power and balance because the camera is in my hands, and ultimately I shape the story.
This experience being embedded in high school again just a couple years after being a teenager myself, it was vastly different from my own high school experience.
I went to a high school where in 10th grade one of the forefront questions on my mind was whether to wear skirts or pants, or whether I was going to be observant of shomer negiah, this concept where women shouldn't touch men until they're married, like even handshaking. On how gender affects her work Being a woman impacts the work that I do insofar as it doesn't really say anything about me, but it says a lot more about the societies and the cultures and the people that I'm photographing.
Whether I have access — a lot of the time, I feel like people underestimate my capacities, and that aids me in the field. In other situations, that does become a hindrance to me that I'm not given access to certain environments. I once had a fixer who kind of went behind my back and called up one of my editors to say, "This story should not be covered by this little girl."Copyright 2013 NPR.

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