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Daniel Battsek, who in late October was ousted as president of Disney's specialty movie label Miramax Films, is in advanced talks to become head of boutique production house National Geographic Films. This past fall, Disney gutted much of the art-house company by slashing 70% of the staff to 20, cutting the number of movie releases to three a year and folding marketing and distribution into its bigger studio operations.
The British-born Battsek was an 18-year Disney veteran, having earlier worked as a top executive in the studio's international operation in London. FEI is a world leader in the production of electron microscopes (think: seeing things at the nano-scale) and is partnering with Nat Geo Entertainment on the upcoming film, Mysteries of the Unseen World. Every year FEI holds a photo contest to find out what folks in the field are doing with their amazing microscopes, and to give scientists and researchers the chance to share their exploration of the sub-microscopic world.
Check out the photos first and see if you can guess what you are seeing, then look at the caption to find out what you are really seeing! Brilliant color differentiates the zones of a slice of Cretaceous sedimentary rock from Snow Hill Island in Antarctica. Hepatitis B virus pops from the screen thanks to a 3D overlay, the worrisome subject appearing like a deceptively cute obstacle course in a video game. The pollen spores of a cutleaf geranium (Geranium dissectum) jut out, as if eager to fulfill their mission.
An egg of the Aedes aegypti mosquito (sometimes called the "yellow fever mosquito") hovers like a spaceship on a black background.
Near a hair root barging through like a tree trunk, a tiny cluster of pollen grains clings to the graceful, swirling texture of a spider's skin.

An aphid examines a poplar leaf, its surroundings made to look like a dreamy landscape of blue sky and never-ending green, perfect for this species' voracious appetite. Infinitesimal grains of starch are scattered like pebbles inside the cells of a cracked kernal of corn.
Tungsten filament coils, like the one shown here, have been used in incandescent light bulbs since the early 1900s. In addition to providing a soft carpet for barefoot summer walks, moss, pictured here, helps limit the amount of methane gas released into Earth's atmosphere by providing a home for the methane-consuming bacteria that live inside it. In this dramatic encounter inside a human liver, an immune cell (green) battles an invading parasite, trypanosomes. Silver clusters deposited by thermal evaporation onto self-assembled polystyrene nano-spheres gild the sheres, transforming them into a dappled universe of invisible worlds. Go to places on the planet you've never been before and see things that are beyond your normal vision yet are literally right in front of your eyes. We encountered an error while trying to process your request, please try again in a few moments. He would succeed Adam Leipzig, who will leave the company when his contract expires in mid-March to become an independent producer. A whole new world is open to us thanks to FEI and other cutting-edge technology creators, as you will see in Mysteries of the Unseen World. The zebrafish is a model organism currently being used for studies into the genetic causes of neurodegeneration.

Aphids are widespread around the globe and feed on trees, garden plants, crops, and, seemingly, anything. Originating in Africa, Aedes aegypti is now found in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world.
Tungsten is a metal with an extremely high melting point and generous electrical and mechanical properties, and it can readily be formed into filament coils. Each side bears an impressive arsenal of chemical weapons—the outcome of the war will determine whether the host develops sleeping sickness. Two people said Battsek's deal was still being finalized and was expected to close shortly.
These are the best images from four categories: Around the House, The Natural World, The Human Body, and Other Relevant Science. Center for the Performing Arts, Tampa’s premiere venue for live events, is National Geographic Live’s home in Tampa.

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