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Listen to your favorite National Geographic news daily, anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone. Posted by heidi08 On October - 6 - 2015Comments Off on Giant post-apocalytic beaver consumes entire news cycle!
That exciting beaver news must have excited EVERYONE EVERYWHERE because today it’s on the BBC, the Washington Post and National Geographic. That’s okay though because the Smithsonian one has nice details that are worth sharing. Researchers named the newfound species Kimbetopsalis simmonsae, in honor of the area in which they found it, Kimbeto Wash, New Mexico.
Yesterday was supposed to be a languid Wednesday where I sat around and practiced my talk for SARSAS on Monday.
In our amiable chat he reminded me that beaver were depredation-able and nuisance permits could be issued for their death.
I was so focused on finding a way to save that piebald beaver it really didn’t sink in until later.
Of course there were more people to call about piebald beaver, so I had to stop feeling surprised and just feel like I might be able to help. Megan Bartholomay, an opponent of the Fargo Park Board’s decision to cull the beaver population to prevent damage to trees, stands near the Red River in Fargo.
One supporter of Megan tracked down Carol Evans from the PBS documentary (it’s always easier to find the emails of government employee!) and she forwarded it to me to see if I could help.
Beaver Anatomy, Beaver Behavior, Beaver Chewing, Beaver Chewing, Beavers, Dispersal, Who's saving beavers now? A new protocol for dealing with wildlife conflicts at local conservation areas will leave beavers at Fifty Point alone unless they wreak major havoc. He said if beavers aren’t creating an immediate flood risk, park staff will simply monitor their impact and if necessary consider habitat modifications, like fencing trees and modifying culverts so they can’t be blocked. The issue arose last year when a resident was out for a walk and came across a muskrat and an at-risk snapping turtle in beaver traps. Last night I received the completely unexpected request for photo use from Demitrios Kouzios, a dedicated Cubs fan from Chicago who said he tweeted a beaver picture from our website and wanted to pay for its use. Then Robin of Napa pointed me to  me this article on wildlife and traffic in the chronicle, reporting a study by the very group we featured this week. Californians, with their famous love of the highway, tend to run over a lot of animals — raccoons, deer, desert iguana. A UC Davis study released Wednesday, which seeks to promote safety for both wildlife and motorists, identifies stretches of California asphalt where the most animals have been hit — and where more are likely to die in the baking sun as they extend their ranges in search of water.

Finally, in case you forgot to watch Nature last night there was unbelievably adorable footage of beaver kits in the lodge in winter. Beaver Anatomy, Beaver Behavior, City Reports, Creative Solutions, Video, Who's saving beavers now? Posted by heidi08 On March - 14 - 2015Comments Off on This just in…beavers make dams! The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) confirmed the beavers were free of tapeworm.
Sadly, this means it has completely squeezed all other beaver stories out of the news, because no self-respecting paper can run TWO beaver stories on the same day, (heaven forbid). It belongs to a group of rodentlike mammals called multituberculates, named for the numerous cusps, or tubercles, found on their teeth.
I don’t think any other source explained that fact, This is the part I especially loved.
Instead my little desk exploded into beaver central around 1 when someone who had been referred by Brock Dolman wrote me from Winters that they were trying to save a rare piebald beaver that was living in a section of creek going to be destroyed in the name of progress.
I’m outing a secret, and am gambling on the goodwill of humanity against stupidity (a big gamble, I know): There’s an extremely rare piebald beaver that frequents this area. The sum total of all the information about piebald beavers, almost as rare as a dodo, and, by a miracle of nature, there’s one living in a little pocket of natural habitat along Putah Creek in Winters.
I said I understood that very well, and that in fact there were  no limits on how many beaver could be written into the permit for depredation. Fifty Point is an actual place, for a while I was reading this headline as if it meant fifty beavers at point! The Fur-Bearers (and our wonderful supporters) spoke with the media, the Conservation Authority, and local politicians about non-lethal solutions following that news; it would appear the decision makers liked what they heard. They can cause flooding to parks, backyards, and farmland, and it was long believed that salmon couldn’t pass through beaver dams. Where the beavers have all passed their test with flying colors and are ready to be released. Oceans first will send the itemized beaver unit your way complete with student guide and handouts for a mere 19.95!
Multituberculates lived alongside dinosaurs, but managed to survive the mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period.
She works with both living and fossil species, and is interested in patterns of speciesdiversification, biogeography, the evolution of dietary habits, higher-level bat relationships, early Tertiary fossil bats, and the evolution of flight and echolocation.
Local nature photographer and wildlife expert, Alejandro Garcia, camped out for hours just to get a photo of it, which I’ve seen, and it’s pretty darn amazing.

I conferred with the author, contacted some professors at UC Davis to see if we could get some interest,  swapped emails with Beth to see if there was anything that National Wildlife Federation could do, called Sarah Koenisberg to see if she might want to film it for her upcoming documentary, and talked with the director I knew at Fish and Game.
It’s not an impossible battle because there is already lots of beaver intelligence in the state. I had to hunt all over to find who’s responsible for this bit of beaver magic, but it turns out Hamilton is the home town of the Digital Director of content and the voice behind the radio at Fur Bearer Defenders, Michael Howie.
Beavers appear at the beginning and the end (the Alpha and the Omega as it were) but it’s all good.
OPB did an entire program on the subject 5 years ago, and now they just now ‘discovered’ it?
But now some scientists have found that beaver dams actually create a good habitat for young salmon.
They lived for another 30 million years before they, too, went extinct, the researchers said. A morphologist by training, she works with data gained from museum specimens and high-resolution CT scans, combining these with DNA sequence data generated by collaborators to build and test phylogenetic and evolutionary hypotheses. It’s a regular brown beaver in all ways, with a thick white stripe in its midsection like an ice cream sandwich. He pointed me to his counterpart in Winters who, like everyone I talked to, was very interested but wasn’t sure that a beaver could be protected just for its coloration. Ann Prum did a great job, although not better than our friend Jari Osborne who was prescient enough to just focus on beavers!
We’re glibly forcing it to “move on.” If you want to get a glimpse of it before it’s gone, don’t wait. I reminded him that it was kit season and that there was a good chance that at least one of the kits would have some coloration too.
I just reviewed all the permits in California for the last two years an there were 51 unlimited permits issued! Now you can guess with your  eyes closed whether it teaches  more than just five free minutes on this self-guided interactive website we make freely available every day.

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