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In Nogales, Ariz., agents set up a trap in 'The Jungle,' an area of the desert that has become a smuggling expressway despite its perilous terrain.
Along the Arizona-Mexico border, the battlefront is changing for the officers and agents of the Department of Homeland Security as tougher security pushes cartels to devise new strategies and move their traffic through the most extreme terrain. A Blackhawk helicopter leads ground agents on an epic chase after an illegal immigrant through treacherous mountains near Douglas, Ariz.
In the premiere episode, ride along as a CBP helicopter and Border Patrol riverboat assist agents on the ground as they pursue suspected drug mules running through the dense brush on an action-packed chase along the Rio Grande.

And with cartels increasingly sending fast-running juveniles and other 'expendable' manpower, the agents are outnumbered. A live surveillance camera alerts Border Patrol agents to a known fence coyote who tries to guide illegal immigrants into downtown Nogales. Four feet beneath Nogales, agents crawl through a claustrophobic drug smuggling tunnel, with the chance of coming face to face with armed criminals. Downtown, Border Patrol and ICE agents discover a major drug-running tunnel and suspected smugglers may still be inside.

In Mission, Texas, Officer Heather Schrock is in a high-speed chase with a car reported to be carrying drugs. Customs officers battle new crossing and concealment strategies, as cartels 'shotgun' multiple loads of drugs and cash across the border in a short period of time to increase their chances of getting their product through.

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