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American Daniel Van De Zendrew, out of work and desperate for cash, agrees to transport cocaine from Ecuador to the United States in exchange for $10,000. In September 2004, veteran Canadian war reporter Scott Taylor and Turkish journalist Zeynep Tugrul head to a northern Iraqi town to report on an impending battle between insurgents and U.S. Learn the real story behind the Academy Award-winning movie 'Argo' from the people who actually inspired the film.

Hollywood actor Erik Aude is on the brink of stardom after acting in a supporting role in ?Dude, Where's My Car?? But almost famous doesn't always pay the bills.
British man David Scott meets Cynthia, a Filipino woman, on the internet and a whirlwind romance begins. Locked Up Abroad sits down with Antonio Mendez ' the former CIA officer portrayed in the movie by Ben Affleck ' along with former hostages Mark Lijek and Cora Amburn-Lijek.

Combining archival news footage with their first-person accounts, see how the CIA rescued six American diplomats from Tehran, Iran, by having them pose as a movie crew.

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