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The above photo by Your Shot contributor Ken Dyball captures flamingos flying over Kenya’s Lake Logipi.
Looking at this underwater gem, I feel as if I could as easily be looking at the surface of a volcanic landscape, rather than a sea star. The composition and perspective work together very well in this photograph of a funeral ceremony in Romania. Owls are naturally photogenic but I like finding examples where the composition and mood make the difference between something I’ve seen before and something that catches my eye anew. The low-angled perspective creates a visual illusion of scale that makes me do a double-take, but what I like most is how this accentuates the beautiful line of the rhino—an immovable hulk among the grasses of Kenya’s Laikipia Plains.
A newlywed bride in her bright orange kurta, frozen in a shaft of light on a train platform in Dhaka, Bangladesh, evokes a feeling of embarking on a new adventure, being on the precipice of a new life. The dramatic colors of water and sky aside, the barren landscape of Lake Menindee in New South Wales, Australia, makes a perfect setting for an electrical storm.
I love seeing the pulse of life cozily tucked away between the sleeping mountains of Sunndalsora, Norway. The ghostly blur of these egrets in flight above the rest of the flock below creates a scene of ethereal beauty. Alexa Keefe is the editor of Photo of the Day, a curated look at photography from around National Geographic.

Every photos are excellent, but the grey owl which try to mimic itself with the wood texture, is awesome and marvelous.
Beautiful pics, captured in all their beauty regarless of of the contingency of our creator~the all mighty.
Great photos,all of them to have a passion like this is incredible, there awesome.Has any of the been taken with a Leica? I’m surprised you did not identify the rock climber in the photo of his bare-handed feat.
I would never have been able to describe WHY I love these photos, but you nailed it on each one.
Plastic bags adorning an acacia in the desert is the ultimate proof of our sheer disregard for our planet. Looking to these great photos making me live the moment flying to all these wanderful sites !! So inspiring…I wish I could travel this amazing planet and photograph life as I see it.
The photos I choose are meant to be a glimpse of our world in a moment in time, some captured as a result of meticulous planning and research on assignment for National Geographic magazine, others happy finds from keen eyes tuned to daily life and travels from our Your Shot community.
While seeing the flock from this height is impressive, what I enjoy more is the blending of shapes and textures—the sharp form of the birds just above the surface, the ripples on the water, the edges of the shore, the reflection of the clouds—a scene that is at once static and in flux.

I like how the delicate flowers so neatly placed on the tombstones mirror the crowd of people, the specks of color echoed in the clothes of the mourners. The grumpy expression of this nesting Great Grey owl peering out of the tree hollow makes the shot for me. The branches of the trees mirror the jagged bolts of lightning—and give the impression they have been through this before.
I am a National Geographic subscriber since 1988 and what I appreciate most is its highest photo quality and resistance to the temptation of artificial construction by software. Though it is a stunning picture, the look on the woman’s face is in my view not that of anticipation or beauty, but of sadness and even slight fear.
The henna dyed hands indicate the lady is either going to or returning from a ceremony or a festival, most likely the later, as signified by the crowd pensively and patiently waiting for the train to start. The photographers behind the lens represent a wide range of skill levels, from professional to aspirational, but each has a visual story to tell.

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