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In one 24-hour period in June 2003, 67 tornadoes swept across South Dakota, tying a long-held U.S. Pyroclastic flows (ash-filled gas clouds) and rockfalls tumble down the sides of the dome of Soufriere Hills volcano in February 2003. The United States is home to followers of hundreds of religious faiths, yet few know much about their neighborsa€™ beliefs, practices or traditions. Enter your email address below and click submit to stay up-to-date with all the latest blooNews. A title familiar to one sector has a good chance of being new to the other, and formatting or repurposing can go in either direction. As the digital dome network becomes an increasingly valuable target for media producers and distributors, they begin to plan their productions with multiple formats in mind.
Three-D rendering is already used in dome productions, but Fraser is referring to stereoscopic 3D, with separate right- and left-eye images viewed through 3D glasses. Producing original 3D immersive programming for the dome comes with its own unique set of technical issues.
One of the most compelling drivers of the convergence is the need for dome-specific content, especially on the part of the existing film domes. A past president of GSCA, Kirsch has been working to organize film dome theaters, particularly the larger ones most in need of compelling content. Nevertheless, Lantz indicates that many believe in the value of harmonizing specifications for larger fulldome theaters and giant screen cinemas, in order to further facilitate the distribution of giant-screen films into digital domes and the distribution of fulldome experiences into giant screen digital cinemas. As part of the deepening dialog on this topic, on Feb 25 Lantz briefed members of the giant screen community on the fulldome market as part of the Dome Day sessions and screenings hosted by the Fleet in San Diego. Written and narrated by David Attenborough, this must-see 3D film of the epic journey of an amazing penguin launches Memorial Day weekend. 4D film 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea to launch at the upcoming Euro Attractions Show (EAS) in Berlin by market-leading Distributor nWave Pictures. All orders of tickets can be picked up at the WILL CALL box office within the main entrance of COSI. Don’t miss out on the musical talents of the Fort Hayes School Band as they rock out to some awesome covers and their own hits.
In this age-old COSI classic, you’ll learn how mutual attraction and electrostatic charge can produce a truly hair-raising experience.
More recently in Ohio, you could see Truslow open for Twenty One Pilots, or playing at Mapfre (Crew) Stadium this past 4th of July.

Become fierce tiger, beautiful butterfly or so much more at the hands of these skillful artists! Creation Station- Express your inner artist and allow kids of all ages to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces to take home. Nov 27, 2015 – Jan 4, 2016: COSI’s intrepid gadgeteer takes us on a whirlwind tour of holiday lighting – from the single candle to the electric lamp, with stops along the way for explosions, liquid nitrogen fun, and a reindeer-powered generator that triggers 12,000 holiday lights! Experience Cosmic Coaster, a wild journey through mind-bending canyons, into hidden ravines, and across uncharted expanses, on COSI’s motion simulator! Check out Radio City as they bring down the house leading up to the Fire Work display and the New Year. In March 2009, at the Giant Screen Cinema Association (GSCA) Film Expo, distributor SK Films introduced Molecules to the Max! Consultant Paul Fraser (right) reports that his client, National Geographic, is developing an original new fulldome production.
If we put aside idiosyncrasies for a moment and visualize a single community of dome theaters encompassing all digital domes over 20 feet in diameter as well as all giant screen film domes, we can perceive a community with considerable group purchasing power – a power that includes the ability to control content as a primary market. The Giant Dome Theater Consortium meets under the umbrella of GSCA and sees digital technology as a potential tool of revitalization that can not only improve the supply of content but also restore the place of dome theaters in the public eye as destinations for unique out of home experiences.
The gathering was held the day following the GSCA Film Expo, which took place in Los Angeles Feb 23-24.
The band is made up of two brothers, Jared and Bryce Condon, and childhood friend, Matt Beatty.
Well, Goalie Bob will be protecting the net at Nationwide Arena all season but you can try your luck against the Columbus Blue Jacket’s inflatable net.
COSI’s High Wire Unicycle – the only one in the world – challenges you to ride a unicycle cable across an 84 foot cable while 17 feet above ground. For all who wonder, who question, who dream, your window to the universe is now open at COSI.
Formed in 2008, the rock- and blues-influenced quintet now performs regularly at music festivals, libraries, parties and family-friendly events throughout the area. Quirky outer space kids rock, ala old-school Sesame Street or Schoolhouse Rock.
The two types of institutions already have a lot in common – such as similar missions and audiences, and a tilting toward the latest interactive and immersive exhibition technologies. Fraser, who heads Blaze Digital Cinema Works, is a specialist in out-of-home digital motion picture presentation and sits on the IMERSA board of directors.
Micoy has developed a patented rendering shader and a live-action camera design that provides correct stereo separation throughout the entire dome surface.

It would be naïve for a distributor to automatically count every single digital dome as part of their territory. For film dome operators, a unified dome network would bring new viability and a brighter future to a situation that has for some years frustrated them: a dwindling of available content, exacerbated by the growth of flat screen 3D. The new COSI Planetarium features state-of-the-art digital technology that offers you an unsurpassed glimpse of our incredible universe. They’re a kids rock band as well as the crew of their Winnebego space ship, and they travel from planet to planet teaching children about music and the arts. Their Goal, to produce a high quality show with musical talent, playing hits that will want to keep you dancing and bouncing your head all night long. The writers were Andrew Wight and John Garvin and Jules O'Loughlin, ACS and John Stokes, ACS, were the directors of photography.
He negotiated the Sea Monsters and Forces of Nature fulldome distribution terms with the fulldome vendors on behalf of Nat Geo. The Unicycle’s 250-pound counterweight drops the cycle’s center of mass to well below your feet, keeping you safely upright at all times. The COSI Planetarium’s new Digistar 5 projection system and 60-foot dome will transport you to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, to undersea volcanoes and distant lands, and even into the human body. It seems reasonable that, for new productions, one might design in a fulldome configuration so that a flatscreen version could readily be extracted and then a second eye rendered for 3D, thereby maximizing the show’s potential reach. Digital fulldome is younger and fast growing and has already seen several generations of systems come through. We asked some experienced special venue media producers to comment on the feasibility of such a model. Additionally, National Geographic has repurposed for fulldome the popular Sea Monsters, which was enthusiastically received at a recent screening for planetarium operators (E&S did the conversion).
I’ve spoken to quite a few planetarium directors who begin to wonder how rigid they really need to be.
With a successful two years behind them, you can be sure their momentum will not be slowing down anytime soon. Lantz is a member of GSCA’s Tech Task Force, assisting in the development of digital specifications for giant screen domes and flat screen theaters.

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