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My interestings are: Reading literary books, Translation, Subtitling movies, Internet, Blogging, Cinema, Photography, Psychology, Human Brain Functions, Quantum Physics and Space Travel, Walking, Hang out with friends, Travels, Listening music and Good food. Taj Lake Palace, a luxury hotel located on a natural, four-acre rock foundation in Lake Pichola, Udaipur, India, glistens under the early morning sunlight.
Get immersed in a volcanic landscape with bubbling lava, spewing eruptions, and colliding rivers of fire. It was domesticated long before the Europeans first stepped on the American soil from the days of the Mayan empire.
Color The legs of the wild turkeys are either reddish-yellow or grayish-green, the ales have a red featherless neck and on their head you can notice fleshy growths The female is slightly smaller then the male and they have duller feathers then them in shades of brown and grey. The color of male wild turkeys can get duller but if this happens it is usually a sign of health weakness.

Not like their domesticated relatives the Wild Turkey will run or fly at the first sign of threat. Feeding on seeds berries, various grains and a range of insects the wild turkeys are considered omnivores. The Wild Turkey is part of the Galliformes family and it is scientifically named (Meleagris gallopavo) and they were domesticated first starting from the Mexico state.
When a male turkey is ready to fight, its head turns red and when, it is excited it turns blue. Acorns and nuts are their favorite foods so they climb into trees to get them or fly up in them. W can enumerate a few more species of Turkey that are part of the same family like the South Mexican Wild Turkey, Gould’s Wild Turkey, Rio Grande Wild Turkey, etc.

They start their courting as soon as April March when the two of them both males and females are still in the wintering area. This wide variety of food consumption allows them to breed in large numbers on a rather small region.

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