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According to CITES experts, more than 25,000 elephants—an estimated 12 percent of the world’s elephant population—were killed in Africa last year alone, and some say the numbers could be much higher.
As a producer on the upcoming PBS Special, Battle for the Elephants, I was part of an international team that went undercover to investigate the illegal ivory trade.
For these reasons, we divided our team to gather as many perspectives as we could pack into our six-week production window. Tune in right here at A Voice for the Elephants as we explore what may be the final battle for the elephants. Theres something wrong with the Chinese government; greed, denial, and no heart to speak of in terms of respect for animals (among other things).
When I saw this web page having remarkable quality YouTube video lessons, I decided to watch out these all video clips. Is there someone out there who can devise an Internet Campaign to stop the DEMAND for ivory at its source?
Please do all you can to broadcast this & other awareness building programs in our country. This is so sad, it would be a tragedy to loose the elephant from our planet, I hope this show, gets through to the people, and makes them realise what they are doing.

This is not to mention that the govt’s of African must realize there will be no tourism industry once the animals are gone and they are going, going, gone.
A Voice for Elephants & RhinosElephants and rhinoceroses may be large, heavy and thick-skinned, but they are being threatened with extinction in the wild by poaching for their ivory or horn, and by human impact on their habitats. How Killing Elephants Finances Terror in AfricaArmed groups help fund operations by smuggling elephant ivory. A railway built by the British to transport gold mined near the Colombian border ran through part of the Dari?n until the early 1900s. When Saddam Hussein's statue was destroyed in Baghdad, President Bush announced that his mission was accomplished.
In a new Web series, National Geographic filmmakers share their experiences documenting the illegal ivory trade. After ten-weeks of editing, what emerged is a highly contentious issue that needs even more attention than we estimated at the onset.
This new site is intended to accumulate all relevant current data, inform the public and generate awareness. The gov’t stopped foot binding overnight, they could do the same with the carvers if they had the will.

I absolutely agree that the window to save the elephant in the wild is getting smaller and smaller.
Bloggers and commenters are required to observe National Geographic's community rules and other terms of service. Panamanian officials are resisting pressure from Colombia to build a road through the wilderness region. Follow journalists Bryan Christy and Aidan Hartley as we go undercover and inside the criminal network behind ivory’s supply and demand. The startling truth is, if we do not do something now, there is a a very real chance future generations will not see elephants in the wild. I have found that trying to keep up with the various posts and news on this subject is difficult and I have therefore created this one site where all information can be found and accumulated.
Journalists Bryan Christy and Aidan Hartley take viewers undercover as they investigate the criminal network behind ivory’s supply and demand.

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