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It's their most dangerous mission yet; the PJs take on enemy fire while rescuing two American soldiers from an active battle zone in the heart of Kandahar City. US Air ForceThe job of an airman includes a long list of responsibilities, and commanders want to ensure that their troops develop their minds along with their combat prowess.
To help guide servicemembers in their training, the Air Force's top general, the Air Force Chief of Staff, publishes a list of various works to help guide members to topics relevant to the life of an airman. Unlike the Marine Corps and Army Lists that we have previously covered, the Air Force list includes not only books but also works of art, movies, and even TED talks. Adjusting to family life after being deployed is difficult for the squadron, but they always look forward to the day they can see their loved ones.
Fresh out of the PJ schoolhouse, first-time deployers Chris and Lucas move from the beach to the battlefield when they are thrust into the war in Afghanistan with no experience in real combat.
Justin and Thomas both know how important it is to keep their emotions in check when someone’s life is in their hands.

First Lieutenant Jeff is fresh out of the rigorous training program to become a Combat Rescue Officer and eager to take on the worst missions Afghanistan can throw at him. At just 22, Senior Airman Barry is deploying as an Air Force Pararescueman (PJ) in one of the busiest and most dangerous regions of Afghanistan. Moody Air Force Base hosted the world-premiere screening of Inside Combat Rescue earlier this month. When a soldier is down and time is running out, an elite unit of Air Force rescue warriors will risk their own lives to rescue those injured and clinging to life.
Following the success of last year's hit series, Inside Combat Rescue, National Geographic Channel returns to the front lines of Afghanistan in Inside Combat Rescue: The Last Stand.
Surrounded by gunshots and explosions, pilots fly in fast and low to evade Taliban gunners and possible rocket launchers. Matt longs to see his wife who is due to give birth to their daughter soon after his deployment is over.

After saying goodbye to his parents and flying into Kandahar Airfield, he’s ready for the challenge. Now on his sixth deployment, the mental and emotional toll from experiencing the carnage of war first hand is a consequence he reluctantly accepts. This dramatic two-hour special offers a unique, firsthand perspective of the final stages of Operation Enduring Freedom through the eyes of the men and women on the ground and in the air, fighting to protect us. Once on the ground, rescuers race against time to reach the injured men and evacuate them to the nearest hospital before they bleed out. The unit’s longest serving PJ, Duane, as always, promised his wife that he would come back to his family.

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