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This dramatic two-hour special offers a unique, firsthand perspective of the final stages of Operation Enduring Freedom through the eyes of the men and women on the ground and in the air, fighting to protect us. They call it the 'golden hour,' the critical window of time in which PJs strive to complete a rescue and offer the injured their best chance of survival.
The two-hour special also features the PJs, who fly into Kabul to rescue a pair of critically injured men. The documentary also shows how the airmen deal with their six-month deployment away from their families and how they handle life when they return to American soil. Tune in to watch Reaper Team 5 narrowly avoid being blown up by an improvised explosive device (IED), see the PJs responding to a rocket attack, and find out whether the 822nd Base Defense Squardron ends up getting the Big Bad -- Subhanullah. When one of the guns on their chopper breaks in midair, the men must change their tactics to land safely.

The PJs can't land in an area littered with enemy mines until a full sweep of the zone confirms that it's safe to land and this setback jeopardizes the life of an Afghan soldier with a severed leg. With the threat of improvised explosive devices at the landing zone slowing down the process, the men are feeling the pressure to get their allies back to safety. On another call, frustration mounts when defensive jamming techniques block radio communications, complicating the rescue of several U.S. Viewers get an inside look at the action via GoPro cameras mounted to the airmen's helmets, helicopters and MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protection) vehicles as they enter Taliban-controlled villages, negotiate with Afghan leaders, and make daring helicopter rescues.Major Chris Hagemeyer said the 822nd Base Defense Squadron (Reaper Team 5) and the PJs of the 83rd Rescue Squadron agreed to be filmed so people get a better understanding of their jobs. These men and women put their lives at risk to help others, and ultimately 12,000 people have been saved by combat helicopters. The general public doesn't realize the detail of what we do out there," he explained.Those details make for engrossing television.

Viewers are immediately thrust into the action in what appears to be a perimeter breach at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, which is home to 36,000 people.
The GoPro cameras capture the team heading to "Taliban central" to meet with village leaders in order to stop them from protecting the Afghan commander. The Reapers travel in a hostile territory, constantly aware they may be driving into an ambush.
Despite the inherent dangers of entering a Taliban controlled environment, the airmen are intent on locating Subhanullah.

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