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Shepherd of the world's largest communion, Pope John Paul II delivers Easter greetings in 56 languages from the central loggia of St. The US-USSR Cultural Business Joint Venture Agreement provided opportunity for Dering to develop many international blockbuster cultural exhibitions, including the highly acclaimed tours of Catherine The Great and Nicholas II and Alexandra: Last Czars of Russia. In addition, Dering designed and produced pre-fabricated retail gift merchandise stores and kiosks for the Hermitage Museum, which were shipped from the US and assembled on-site. To delete this file, click the file name with your mouse, then right-click and scroll down the menu to the "delete" option.

To remove the photo permanently from the desktop, locate the photo on the hard drive and drag it to the trash. Peter's Basilica and its embracing colonnade, Vatican City covers 108.7 acres [44 hectares] on a site known to ancient Romans as Mons Vaticanus. Dering negotiated the “First” US-USSR Cultural Business Joint Venture between The National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C. Dering was honored in 1989 as “First” American Museum Director to serve upon an active committee (the Marketing Committee) of a Board of Governors of a Russian museum (then Soviet), The State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Dering is an internationally recognized consultant to both Non-Profit and For-Profit Business Sectors, with expertise in the marketing and management of Museum-quality Fine Art Assets; and, the design, development, production, marketing and management of Cultural Attractions, Exhibitions, Museums, Media, Publishing, Intellectual Properties and Licensed Products.

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