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The National Geographic Society (NGS), founded in 1888, is one of the nation’s oldest scientific organizations and perhaps the best-known scientific organization in the world. The highly-competitive geographic internship program is designed for geography and cartography majors enrolled in their junior or senior year of college or in a master’s degree program.
A The awarding of these prestigious internships to arts and sciences students indicates the strength of our programs and the quality of our students,commented Rudolph P.
Cumashot, who will serve his internship in the spring semester of 2005, graduated from Pocahontas High School in 1996 and worked for several years before entering WVU . CRDC Director of Interfaith Peacebuiling Hind Kabawat speaks about her mentor Syriac Catholic Father Paolo on The Daily Beast. CRDC Director Marc Gopin was featured on Day 13 of the 40 Days with Peacemakers blog by the William Penn House. CRDC Director Marc Gopin recently lectured on religion and conflict resolution at McGill University. CRDC Director of Interfaith Peacebuilding Hind Kabawat attended the conference of Syrian opposition leaders in Riyadh earlier this month as they considered a new round of negotiations with Damascus. CRDC hosted a contest asking participants to submit creative works showing their hope for Tunisia’s future. CRDC Syria Program’s Nousha Kabawat was featured as a guest writer for the University of Toronto Hart House blog. In 1987, Pati founded a grassroots conservation organisation in Mexico, Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda (GESG), along with her husband and local people to save the Sierra Gorda bioregion from destruction by unregulated development. Since 2007, WLT has been working in partnership GESG to fund the creation of nature reserves in the region and support local reserve rangers to protect the wildlife from illegal hunting. Here at WLT we are delighted that Pati and her team’s hard work has been recognised internationally; from working with them so closely on the development and management conservation projects, we have a direct insight into the difficulties they overcome and the great successes they achieve. Pati and her team have developed online and on-site courses that allow others to replicate the GESG model, which is now being applied beyond the borders of Mexico.

WLT would like to congratulate Pati and the team at GESG for winning this award and thank them for their continuous efforts to save as much of the threatened Sierra Gorda as possible. Ten years ago, in the premiere issue of ADVENTURE, Contributing Editor David Roberts wrote about the mysterious disappearance of a “vagabond for beauty” named Everett Ruess.
NGA e-NewsletterSign up to get our latest photos, trip sweepstakes, and videos in your email in-box. Meru National Park prides itself on the extraordinary diversity of game that its much varied habitats provide. On a hot dry morning that had produced the normal plethora of sightings with wonderful interludes of big groups of elephant. Unsuccessful in its attempt to make a kill,  it seemed happy to hang around for a photograph opportunity and show its better profile. We have seen melanistic serval on several occasions in the park and judging from the distances between sightings there have to be at least two in the vicinity. In the Guest Blogger profile, you'll see fresh and exciting content from a range of contributors who have submitted their content to us on a once-off or temporary basis, including press releases, campaigns and exciting adventure and travel tales! Our safari guide Mustafa and our family-of-four guests had this awesome and very rare sighting on Friday, September 26th while on a game drive in the Samburu Game Reserve. A rare, gorgeous and dark treat indeed…this one looks particularly scrawny and hungry. Africa Geographic publishes a premier online magazine and blog for our sophisticated international audience.
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National Geographic offers public education efforts such as the National Geographic magazine and television series, the National Geography Bee and the NGS museum in Washington, D.C. Receiving two in one year is a great testament to Aaron and Jamie and the high level of academic achievement they have attained,”said Kenneth C.

Department of Labor as one of the three top fields of expanding employment in the 21st century,”Dr.
During her school work at University High School in Morgantown, she took one of the first Advanced Placement (AP) high school geography courses offered in the state of West Virginia. He said he decided to major in geography because”[The field] presents insight into the breadth of modern human and environmental situations. She has also pioneered the concept of valuing the ‘natural capital’ of the region — the Sierra Gorda has been validated by the Rainforest Alliance and is the first forest carbon project to achieve this milestone in Mexico.
It is an inspiration to work in partnership with such a successful and innovative conservation organisation.
A decade later—with the discovery of an unmarked gravesite, its excavation, and a pending DNA analysis—the mystery may be solved.
Rich dense vegetation and the raffia palms of the higher areas give way to dry open savannah and thick comifera bush, interspersed with cool rivers. Cumashot of Slatyfork have been awarded prestigious internships with the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C. This photo gallery will take you through the story’s key players, as well as the clues and artifacts that could help solve one of the Southwest’s most iconic mysteries.
In very dry conditions, they seem bolder which probably means they are hungrier and therefore more likely to come out during the day.

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