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National Geographic World Atlas is a pretty, if basic, world atlas iPad app that relies on Bing Maps for its higher-res imagery. The National Geographic World Atlas ($1.99) is a basic atlas iPad app that includes handsomely designed maps, as well as reference data for different countries.
If you tap on a city, a tab called Location Details appears at the right-hand edge of the screen. There are some online resources indicating the current threat level related to cyber security. This entry was posted in Cybersecurity, Protection, Risk Management, Security Incidents and Cases, Security Threats. City Guides by National Geographic lets you explore four of the world's most interesting cities, including London, Paris, Rome, and New York City.

148Apps is an independent publication of Steel Media Ventures that has not been authorized, sponsored, or approved by Apple Inc. National Geographic's own maps are of low resolution; it relies on Bing Maps for all the higher-resolution data. You can rotate it by swiping in either direction, and zoom in or out by stretching or pinching. Tapping on it brings up information about the country, its capital, and the city you've chosen.
The book is split into the meat eaters and plant eaters, with the most prominent and well-described species given their own page in the book, with dino stats, a brief description (with optional audio narration), a fun fact and information about the illustration.You can swipe through the app just as you would the pages of a book, or tap on the screen to access the menu which gives you one-touch navigation to the Table of Contents, Dinosaur Family Tree, Dinosaur profiles and videos. Users have access to local tips, current weather, fun facts, and a selection of iconic photos.

Country information includes the area, population, literacy, life expectancy, languages, religions, type of government, currency, GDP, and the country's history.
If you slide one circle on top of a city, and the other on top of a second city, the distance between the two points will appear in a popup box along the line, which moves with the points.
I tried to measure the distance between New York City and Tristan da Cunha, a South Atlantic island I recently contacted via Ham Radio, but nothing came up.
The points also have to be line-of-sight; you can't measure the distance to a place on the far side of the globe, if you have to swipe to get to it.

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