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The Motion Designer in the NGC Creative Marketing department is responsible for the design and execution of motion graphics elements for a broad range of projects that will help define the National Geographic Channel aesthetic.
Conceptualize, design, and execute graphical elements for series, stunts, specials, and network uses that are on-brand, of the highest quality, and delivered on-time.
Work collaboratively alongside the creative director, print and digital designers to help ensure the elements created are consistent across platforms.
IMPORTANT: Please note that you must now log in with your email address and not your username! A chef picks "farm fresh" produce from an unusual source—a rooftop apple orchard planted among the high-rises of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. These bales of compacted paper will soon be recycled at a plant in Bordeaux, France.The United States recycles more paper than all other materials combined—excluding steel.
A diver measures ocean water acidity on the Great Barrier Reef, off Australia's One Tree Island, to help chart the evidence of Earth's changing climate and observe its impact on ecosystems. As the world's nations try to move towards sustainable lifestyles and greener economies, it's essential that trained professionals monitor and analyze our impacts on the world around us and the natural resources on which we all ultimately depend for both wealth and health.
Adam Howland of Long Way Home uses green building techniques to help residents of Guatemala's San Juan Comalapa municipality. The Living Roof does a lot more than keep the rain out of the California Academy of Sciences building. The ocean is awash in perpetual motion, and devices like this Pelamis P2 wave energy generator can capture it to produce power. A worker is dwarfed by an assemblage of wind turbine blades, warehoused and ready for shipment from the Siemens facility in Aalborg, Denmark.
Here are five of the most interesting canine breeds, and how they evolved into the breeds that they are today. Hundreds of years before they became wiener racers, dachshunds were Europe’s finest badger hunters. Like the color of its coat suggests, the golden retriever’s evolution represents pure opulence. When your dog protects your livelihood, you probably don’t really care about doggy upkeep and grooming. Follow these Gloucester, MA fishermen as they use rod and reel to catch the elusive bluefin tuna. Explore the fascinating facets of your cranium with brainteasers, experiments, and hard science.
Explore the lives of otherwise ordinary Americans who are going to great lengths to prepare for the end of the world.
We’re looking for an individual with exceptional taste, innovative skills, and a passion for broadcast design & animation. These graphics will often need to balance the core idea of the program with the look of the channel.

Apart from some white paint at the rear of the BCG (a non-issue, not worth mentioning really), she was a beauty.
This solution isn't typical, because open-air reservoirs containing chlorine are increasingly rare. Long Way Home is helping to construct a school from ecologically friendly materials, such as earth, and discarded refuse, such as tires and plastic bottles.The result is a safe, sturdy building and a new value for rubbish that is otherwise chucked into rivers or burned for lack of better disposal methods. Japan and the United States are the other major users, though off-the-grid applications are surging in the developing world, where they provide crucial power to those in poor and rural locations.
In November 2011, this 590-foot-long (180-meter-long), 1,300-ton rig on Hoy, in Scotland's Orkney Islands, became the first commercial-scale marine device to produce grid energy from offshore. Meaning literally “badger-dog” in German, a larger version of today’s domestic dachshund borrowed into tunnels and hunted badgers and other predators that could disrupt human settlements. Of course, what critics don’t understand is that the practical nature of the poodle’s look dates back thousands of years. When he wasn’t representing the citizens of Tweedmouth in the House of Lords, Dudley Marjoribanks loved game hunting.
This is the case with the somewhat rare and shaggy komondor, whose dreadlock-like curls require a deep clean far beyond a regular bath to remove dirt.
But it was not too long ago when the tax man collected government cash in person, visiting homes and businesses on foot and subjecting himself to unhappy citizens and anti-government thieves. I adorned her with Magpul MBUS Gen2 sights, BCM short keymod grip, BCM keymod scout mount holding a M300 mini.
But water quality problems abound and their control is an increasingly important green job around the world. The self-sustaining school will also green the environment for years to come by educating the area's youth about sustainable lifestyles and training them for work in the green economy. It's 750-kilowatt rating generates enough power per year to meet the average electric needs of 500 homes.The P2 is composed of five tube sections linked by joints that flex in two directions. The policy makes rapid growth in biofuel jobs quite likely, including the construction and operation of ethanol and other biofuel plants, production of feedstock, and creation of delivery infrastructure. Their long, skinny bodies and stretchy, yet tough skin were extremely well suited for maneuvering in tight spaces without getting stuck.
Originally a hunting dog bred to retrieve water fowl and other game from rivers, the poodle’s unique grooming serves a very practical purpose: the rough mane at front keeps vital organs warm while the poodle swam through water to retrieve downed game. But of course, he had a real problem: his guns were so technologically advanced that when he picked off game at a distance, he often had trouble locating it. But however tedious the process may be to modern pet-owners, the komondor’s thick coat is an ingeniously evolved trait. Luckily for thousands of future doberman (dog) owners, one of these effective bureaucrats was German tax collector Louis Dobermann.

All on a BCM lower (with an H3 buffer). I shot Hornady American Gunner 125gr HP, man was it a blast to shoot.
Green design professionals from architects and landscapers to urban planners are part of a growing effort to green the spaces where we live and work.
Waves bend the partially submerged tubes at these joints, which house hydraulic cylinders to resist the motion and pump fluid into pressurized accumulators to generate electricity, which is then sent ashore using an undersea cable.Though the potential of wave power is enormous, the industry is small today.
Tomorrow night, National Geographic Channel premiers the new miniseries “The Wonder of Dogs,” which explores the origins of dogs, and how they were bred and evolved to become humanity’s closest allies on the frontier, on the farm, in combat and in the home. Some speculate that even their sturdy tails were bred, as they allowed for owners to yank the dog out of holes easier. The patterns in the mane can be traced back to ancient Roman coins from 100 BC that depict images of a poodle-like dog with similar shaving pattern.
So in the late nineteenth century, the Marjoribanks set out to breed a superior hunting dog. In its original role protecting sheep and livestock in its native Hungary, the komondor’s thick coat easily rendered wolf bites far less damaging, as the wild beasts frequently tangled their jaws in hair. Dobermann (the human) didn’t take kindly to attacks, so he set out to breed a loyal, fierce guard dog.
I do HIGHLY recommend using loctite thread locker on the scout mount, as mine loosened up after 50 rounds. Even the ribbon that many poodle owners place in the dog’s fur has a history, as hunters used the ribbons to tell their poodle apart from others that may be retrieving downed game.
He crossbred the rare yellow-haired offspring of dark-haired retrievers with a water-spaniel, and continued breeding and crossing subsequent generations to produce an intelligent dog that could swim and retrieve game hastily. Further, the komondor didn’t typically herd the animals it protected; rather, it ran with the livestock to blend in, surprising predators and giving the komondor an even greater defensive advantage.
Since then, thousand of Dobermans have served in similar occupations as war dogs and police dogs. The color was a pleasant side effect, but its important to note that of the countless golden retrievers born since the early twentieth century, all are descendants from the pups bred by Majoribanks. Owners should remember the dog’s wonderfully useful origins during the hours it takes to properly clean their komondor. I think the next thing is going to be adding rail covers (as well as an Aimpoint Micro T-2).
I'm still debating on getting a Surefire brake for a suppressor. Yes, the 12 inch 300blk is my favorite.

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