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This article is brought to you by the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP).
One of the things I love most about photography is its ability to reveal things that are otherwise hidden to the human eye. The Three Sisters Springs is one of the last remaining strongholds for the Florida manatee.
Over the past 50 years the springs and the vast network of canals that connect the springs to the ocean have been overtaken by waterfront properties, golf courses and condos.
Running out of warm places where they can survive the chilly winter months, the manatees are forced to navigate the treacherous maze of canals and marinas to seek refuge in the Three Sisters Springs and this puts them at odds with local boaters. A manatee, with boat propeller scars, swims in the clear waters of the Crystal River Springs Preserve. In addition to coastal development and motorized vessels, there is a third and powerful force the manatees must contend with.
Hoping to gain a bird’s eye view of the Three Sisters, and having experimented —with poor results – with aerial photography from a low-flying Cessna, we pondered the idea of renting a boom lift.
With a lot of back-and-forth and eager to keep our promise to be mindful of all the vegetation and signage around the springs we eventually positioned the boom lift at the edge of the water. From the vantage point of an aerial view, we were able to create a time lapse (see link above) using interval photography. To learn more about how you can help protect Florida’s manatees, visit the Save the Manatee Club website. Lets all quit being irresponsible, greedy, and selfish when it comes to protecting Florida’s flora and fauna, springs, wildlife, and the gentle manatees. We dont need to close the springs to the public, although thats a good thought, but instead, we need to keep the idiots,fools, out of the springs, and away from the manatees and other wildlife. On the comment of closing access to springs for the public I think is not completely necessary but we do need to educate others on how to treat the spring and it’s importance.
Water CurrentsThe goal of Water Currents is to bring together diverse voices to discuss pressing issues in freshwater. Help Save the Colorado RiverBy promising to conserve water you can help restore freshwater ecosystems.
Some 170,000 have already cut their water footprint, and, with conservation partners, Change the Course has restored more than 4 billion gallons to the Colorado River Basin. Perspective: What Will Happen When the Aquifers Run Dry?If you think the water crisis can't get worse, wait until the aquifers are drained. The might Colorado, the life and soul of the West, is one of the most tapped rivers in the world. On December 16, 1707, scientists recorded the last confirmed eruption of Mount Fuji, Japan’s tallest mountain. Although there were no deaths directly associated with the Hoei eruption, many people did lose their lives as a consequence of Mount Fuji’s volcanic activity. The audio, illustrations, photos, and videos are credited beneath the media asset, except for promotional images, which generally link to another page that contains the media credit. Some media assets (videos, photos, audio recordings and PDFs) can be downloaded and used outside the National Geographic website according to the Terms of Service. Du Pont descendants still live in the 1923 Granogue mansion, one of many grand estates that have preserved a lush natural corridor along the Brandywine River in Delaware. A Pennsylvania field splashed with grape hyacinths was the site of heavy combat in 1777 during the Battle of Brandywine.
Inside the John Dickinson Plantation in Dover, Delaware, portraits of the patriot’s parents oversee side-by-side rooms.
As dawn breaks, a lone sycamore tree emerges from the mist at Woodlawn, the 1,100-acre heart of Delaware’s proposed national monument.
Painter Andrew Wyeth kept a secret studio a few miles from this Woodlawn farmhouse, creating works of art inspired by the surrounding landscape until his death in 2009. Go behind-the-scenes with our storytellers and join conversations about photography, art, and journalism.
At the Xcaret theme park south of Cancún a mythic Maya lord of death mingles with tourists before a spectacular re-creation of ancient pilgrimages. Pleading for rain for the village of Yaxuná a kneeling shaman chants prayers at a rectangular altar, which symbolizes the four-cornered shape of the Maya universe. Archaeologist Guillermo de Anda descends into the Holtún cenote minutes before the moment on July 19 when the sun is directly overhead. Hovering above the offering shelf in the Holtún cenote, de Anda surveys a pile of bones. Guide Angel Canul is the last man out of Las Cala­veras cave, having made sure every tourist has emerged safely at the entrance some 60 feet above the water. In the once sacred waters of a cenote Karla and Justin Petraitis pose for photos after a wedding ceremony infused with Maya and New Age themes. A panicking driver high on cocaine led several police cars and a helicopter on a chase through a rural area in the Netherlands.

After knocking over two apple trees and ramming a metal fence, he zigzagged through a grain field before being caught, local police said.
The damage was estimated at 7,000 to 8,000 euros (US$9,423 to $10,769), the Reuters news agency reported. Propeller scars mark this manatee—graphic evidence of a too-close encounter with a boat.
Jones was photographing water lilies from four feet under when he saw a "black cloud" in the corner of his eye.
Young manatees nurse from teats behind the mother’s flippers during a period of intense maternal care that may last two years.
Read our other articles on the National Geographic News Watch blog featuring the work of our iLCP Fellow Photographers all around the world. When I first arrived at the Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River, Florida to assist Paul Nicklen, a photographer doing a story on the Florida manatee on assignment for National Geographic Magazine, we got a glimpse into the love-hate relationship between the manatees we came here to photograph and the humans who call this place home. The warm waters that seep out of the ground year round are critically important to manatees during the cold winter months, when the water temperature drops below 68 degrees. The Three Sisters have been one of the main stages where the battle between residential development and the need to protect the last flowing springs has been fought. They come in from the colder ocean in groups of two and threes, mothers and calves, and very often alone, to find a quiet place to rest. Crystal River has a thriving “swim with the manatees” business and locals depend on tourism to keep the wheels of the local economy turning. Although they desperately need to rest and keep their bodies close to the warm water, the swimmers, paddlers and motorized boats constantly displace them from their life-sustaining sanctuary.
It allows us to see how swimmers disturb and scare the manatees and how the rules that have been carefully drafted to moderate the interactions with this endangered mammal are often ignored or dismissed and just plain inadequate. Close Crystal River Springs to all human activity because when people get involved in Eco-Tourism and development the natural world always loses, and us humans are part of the natural world. Everytime I did it, I came away from the experiences and interactions a new person, and I came away with a better understanding and love for these animals.
I have seen idiots riding manatees at Crystal River, and people throwing trash in and by the river and springs all over Florida, and it makes me sick to my stomach. We are particularly interested in water consumption, locally and globally, and restoration and conservation of freshwater ecosystems.
For every pledge, Change the Course will restore 1,000 gallons back to the Colorado River.
The water the dinosaurs drank millions of years ago is the same water that falls as rain today.
Damage to nearby homes and the tephra fallout reduced agricultural productivity in the region, causing many people to starve. If a media asset is downloadable, a download button appears in the lower right hand corner () of the media viewer. British troops outflanked Washington’s army, clearing a path for the redcoats to march on Philadelphia and take the city. Dickinson championed colonists’ rights in the run-up to the Revolutionary War and later signed the Constitution.
Woodlawn is one of the last large undeveloped sites in an area increasingly hemmed in by the encroaching outskirts of Wilmington and Philadelphia. This once powerful city was built in about the ninth century, likely aligned with four sacred cenotes and with the sun’s seasonal movements.
During this age-old ceremony, men circle with offerings of food, while crouching boys imitate the sounds that frogs make when it rains. Thirteen people live in this thatched-roof adobe house, located in a village of farmers who grow the crops of their ancestors: corn, beans, and squash. Local Maya got their drinking water here until about 30 years ago, when divers found bones. He spent two months near a saltwater lake in Kallar Kahar to capture this shot of an Asian paradise flycatcher feeding its chick.
Soaring giants draped with orchids, kapok trees provide rich habitat for primates, birds, amphibians, and insects. Lured by rising prices for mammoth ivory, hundreds of men cross the frozen Arctic seas each spring to search for it along eroding shorelines.
Lacking the blubber that insulates whales, they crowd warm springs and power plant discharge sites. In 2013 a record 829 manatee deaths were attributed to cold shock, underscoring the importance of these last few springs to this endangered mammal’s survival.
No larger than a public swimming pool, the Three Sisters Springs are one of the few springs where locals have been able to keep development at bay. As soon as they enter the canals, however, they must dodge an endless parade of motorized vessels. Over the few weeks we spent here, we witnessed how the access of swimmers and paddlers into the spring, a seemingly innocuous activity, is having a negative effect on the manatees.

Manatees, including nursing mothers, injured and nearly hypothermic animals are constantly awakened and scared away. A credit card and a driver’s license was all we needed to have a monstrous 90-foot heavy-duty boom lift delivered to us. Surprisingly, although we were perched high above the heads of the many tourists who were busy below us, many failed to notice the machine entirely. The time lapse reveals that the manatees desperately need more space and peace and quiet to survive the winter months. Fish and Wildlife Service to make Three Sisters a true winter sanctuary for manatees so they can rest undisturbed; and implement a no-touch policy for this endangered marine mammal. But, as much as I love them, and I love Chrystal River, I may go again, but I am done with the personal interactions with them. Who cares about the eco system, wildlife, manatees, springs, etc, as long as you can do what you want to do, anytime you want to do it, with no regards to the outcome. Tephra released by the 1707 eruption of Mount Fuji (called the Hoei eruption) included volcanic ash and volcanic rock such as pumice and scoria. If you have questions about how to cite anything on our website in your project or classroom presentation, please visit our FAQ page. Upstream, the DuPont Company made gunpowder; other mills produced everything from paper to snuff. Such ties to the past draw visitors to the Yucatán from the rest of Mexico and abroad. De Anda believes the ancient Maya built a structure at the surface that caught the rays the same way.
The state, Quintana Roo, earned ten billion dollars from tourism last year, but little of that has trickled down to the smallest Maya communities.
Archaeologists have recorded the remains of more than a hundred people, usually shrouded by the water’s primordial darkness.
Three years ago, they were slated to become 300 waterfront condos, but local activists were able to purchase the property and turn it into a sanctuary for manatees.
The manatees, extremely peaceful and mellow are quite often too slow to realize a boat is approaching and the consequences are often a collision between soft mammal skin and propeller. Although the Fish and Wildlife Service maintains a constant presence of wonderful volunteers who monitor the interactions between manatees and humans, it is impossible for them to see what is going on from ground level.
A notable exception was an angry man on a boat who demanded vociferously to know if we had a license to drive a boom lift.
We were proud to hand this time lapse to the Fish and Wildlife Service.  Our hope is that it can be used to create laws that, for once, favor the manatee. Not because I dont want to interact with them anymore, but I know I have overstayed my welcome, and need to leave these gentle giants alone I need to stop the selfishness, (what I want to do) I have felt their skin , scratched them under the belly, and loved and cherished the interaction, everytime I went, but I have to give it up for the sake of their well being. The tephra was so thick that residents of the city of Edo (now known as Tokyo, more than 100 kilometers (62 miles) away) had to use candles in the middle of the day. The villagers put it there for the tourists they hope will stop by while visiting the area’s archaeological sites. The Fish and Wildlife Service, who manage the manatee population and monitor the Three Sisters, constantly find themselves refereeing between angry citizens, home-owners, businesses that specialize in “manatee tourism” and of course, the manatees. The manatees often fare worst and most of the animals coming into the Three Sisters sport one or more scars from these encounters with boats.
These gentle creatures are cute and mellow and often they are the ones who seek to interact with humans. Paul, who as a young man worked in construction promptly volunteered to drive it and with the blessing of the Fish and Wildlife Service we started the 2-kilometer journey to the edge of the Three Sisters.
Paul and Neil, both poster boys of Canadian politeness, kept assuring him that we were well within legal parameters.
Some battles, like the one to force boaters to reduce speed have lasted for years and have been very contentious. More often than not, however, they just want to be left alone, and in the Three Sisters they get no respite.
Watching Paul and his assistant, iLCP Fellow Neil Ever Osborne, drive the beast into position gave me a sense that we were on the verge of producing important images. Angry residents eager to enjoy fast water sports do not appreciate having to navigate at idle speed to accommodate the slower mammals.
From early morning until the sunsets, boat after boat of loud tourists, some clad with wetsuits and fins, others braving the chilly water with just their bathing suits arrive in the Springs. Many manatees die as a result of these collisions, further aggravating their already perilous situation. Furthermore, I am certain that the interaction with the manatees has a positive and lasting effect on their views on wildlife conservation and the environment.

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