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Las empresas Cengage Learning y National Geographic School Publishing se han asociado a traves de la marca National Geographic Learning con el proposito de ofrecer recursos formativos innovadores para el aprendizaje de ingles y ciencias, a estudiantes de escuelas, empresas y universidades del Peru, brindando herramientas indispensables para participar activa y plenamente en la comunidad global.
Los objetivos de National Geographic Learning, que oficializara su desembarco en el pais con un evento a realizarse este martes 6 de noviembre de 2012 a las 7:00 pm. El lanzamiento de National Geographic Learning en Peru contara con la presencia del reconocido fotografo de la National Geographic Stephen Alvarez, quien compartira una inspiradora charla sobre algunos de sus mas emblematicos trabajos. Soy coordinadora de ingles y no me invitaron, pero me contaron que asistieron muy pocos (menos de 80 personas) para un evento de lanzamiento de esta nueva marca. Por favor… mas seriedad para un lanzamiento de esta importancia que esta dirigida al sector educativo de ingles.
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC LEARNING READER, ENVIRONMENT: OUR IMPACT ON THE EARTH is part of a ground-breaking new National Geographic Learning series that brings learning to life by featuring compelling images, media, and text from National Geographic. Bli forst att betygsatta och recensera boken National Geographic Learning Reader: Environment.
GREEN is a part of a ground-breaking new series, the National Geographic Learning Reader Series.
Rent National Geographic Learning Reader: Green 1st edition today, or search our site for other textbooks by Reed Wicander. Learning to Live With LeopardsAs humans encroach on their habitat, the big cats are adapting. Lit by a camera-trap flash and the glow of urban Mumbai, a leopard prowls the edge of India’s Sanjay Gandhi National Park. We were sitting in the dark, waiting for the leopards beside a trail on the edge of India’s Sanjay Gandhi National Park, 40 square miles of green life in the middle of the sprawling gray metropolis of Mumbai.
Demand for the costly pelts worn in Christian-Zulu rituals like this one performed near Durban, South Africa, drives poaching.

This product has variants and can only be added to the cart by viewing the product details page. Adicionalmente, las perspectivas economicas del Peru, con altas tasas de crecimiento en la ultima decada y desafios importantes en materia de educacion nos animan a introducir una oferta academica de primer nivel a nivel mundial, que consideramos contribuira a mejorar la educacion en todo el Peru”, sostiene Francisco Rodriguez Villegas, Sales Manager de Cengage Learning.
This series brings learning to life by featuring compelling images, media and text from National Geographic. That’s an average of less than two square miles of habitat apiece, for animals that can easily range ten miles in a day. Humans make fickle companions, admiring, rescuing, and even revering leopards in some contexts, and reviling them in many others—shooting them, snaring them, poisoning them, hanging them, even dousing a trapped leopard with kerosene, striking a match, and calmly filming as the animal writhes and whirls in a ball of fire, dying, but not nearly fast enough.
They can prey, for example, on anything from dung beetles and porcupines to a 2,000-pound eland.
Burgeoning cities, agriculture, and deforestation have fragmented habitat, and humans with a taste for bush meat are demolishing food supplies. The National Geographic articles gathered in this reader offer students insight in to environmental concerns worldwide. Through this engaging content, students develop a clearer understanding of the world around them.
These leopards also live surrounded by some of the world’s most crowded urban neighborhoods, housing 52,000 people or more per square mile. The two great leopard population centers, sub-Saharan Africa and the subcontinent of India, are among the most populous regions in the world. They can make a home at 110 degrees Fahrenheit in the Kalahari Desert or at minus 13 degrees in Russia. The animals are taken for pelts, trophies, and body parts used in traditional medicine, and they’re killed by farmers trying to protect their livestock.

Pre- and Post- reading pedagogy accompanies each article to reinforce reading skills and comprehension. Published in a variety of subject areas, the National Geographic Learning Reader Series connects key topics to authentic examples and can be used in conjunction with most standard texts or online materials available for your courses. Human expansion has already cost leopards an estimated 66 percent of their range in Africa and 85 percent in Eurasia, with most of the loss occurring over the past five decades. They can thrive in sea-level mangrove swamps on the coast of India or at 17,000 feet in the Himalaya. That adaptability, combined with a genius for hiding in plain sight, means leopards are entirely capable of living among humans, as they do in Mumbai. The twelve articles in this single-themed reader are inspired by our changing relationship with the earth, based on an understanding that the planet's resources are finite and that our future depends on preserving them. While the term green signifies a level of awareness about environmental concerns, it is used here in the broadest sense, to draw students' attention to the state of the planet and to promote discourse on how to address the needs of the human population as well as the ecosystems that sustain life in our world. Somewhere in the brush around us, the leopards were listening too, waiting for the noise to die down. While the city sleeps, they slip through the streets and alleys below, where they pick off dogs, cats, pigs, rats, chickens, and goats, the camp followers of human civilization.

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