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National Geographic is working to avert the big cats' extinction with the Big Cats Initiative, a comprehensive program that supports innovative projects with quick results for saving big cats, anti-poaching programs, projects that test new technology and more.
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9 Lions run at a speed of up to 81kmph.10 Lions hunt large animals such as zebra and wildebeest.Love reading about big cats? Azalealury18i've loved looking at these small but interesting facts about wild lions and big cats. Twelve-year-old male lion brothers Tonyi, left, and Tombo lie with each other at Werribee Open Range Zoo, 30 kilometers (19 miles) west of Melbourne, Australia, in September 2008. Some tawny African lions carry a recessive gene that blocks the brown pigment in their lustrous coats. In the past three decades, all the wild white lions of the Timbavati have been either hunted or forcibly removed and taken into captivity, where their rare beauty has turned them into commodities for public display, trophy hunting and entertainment.

But in 2006 witnesses spotted white lion cubs in the Timbavati, offering proof that the recessive gene is still present in the wild.
Follow a dedicated team on a controversial mission to bring four captive-bred white lions back to their land of origin.
I'm sure some of you may know of some lionesses with manes, it is rare, however when recorded is pretty interesting. Biologists think one of the reasons males evolved their impressive manes was to provide neck protection during fights.
Werribee Open Range Zoo occupies 225 hectares (556 acres) of land, which allows visitors in safari buses to get closer to animals. When male and female parents carry the gene, there’s a chance they will have white cubs. The rare gene that produces a white lion has been linked to one specific place of origin – the Timbavati.
Currently there are about 500 white lions living in captivity across the globe, while none roam free in their home range. But the cubs were never seen again, and the future of white lions in this range is uncertain, as there are no international or national laws that protect these animals.

The photographs were taken by a camera in a hide and triggered remotely.This photo and caption were submitted to the 2008 International Photography Contest. Some experts believe that the reason white lions occur so rarely in the wild is because these individuals may be more visible to predators and prey due to their eye-catching coats. The Timbavati reserve in South Africa contains about 132,000 acres of savanna and borders Kruger National Park.
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According to Shangaan folklore, white lions have occurred in this region for hundreds of years, although the first documented sighting in this area was in 1938. The forum offers a glimpse into an unknown world as well as a room with a view on the present and the future. Anyone able to speak on behalf of those living in the emerald forest and the deep blue sea is invited to join.

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