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British photographer Joel James Devlin has produced a series of enchanting night images of lakes, streams, and the shore in southern England, by making long exposures at night with a film camera. A new map shows how abnormally warm waters have damaged the iconic reefa€”and it isna€™t pretty. In the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes a stream carves a canyon through rock formed during the 1912 eruption of nearby Novarupta Volcano. In the image above, Devlin shot a small light-emitting diode (LED) light floating on the surface of a lake for about 40 minutes.
If it was too still the light would just stay in one place and blow out [in the photo]," he said.

When the surface of the sea has just the right amount of movement, he can capture images like the one above."The water is a hugely calming environment to be next to, although it can be quite scary as well," said Devlin. Devlin said he has long experimented with night photography."Someone had given me a little LED light that was used for landing helicopters.
Havasu Creek, a year-round stream with incredible aquamarine water, flows by the village and descends another 1,400 feet [425 meters], passing over five waterfalls. Navajo Falls is the most secluded and is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth.This photo and caption were submitted to My Shot.
Over six weekends, he tried photographing the light in the waves, but he wasn't happy with any of the exposures.

He said there was too much motion in the water."So I went back to all the places where I would play as a kid on holiday, little streams really, and played with tracking this light downstream at twilight," he says.

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