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This is an unofficial Tumblr dedicated to the great organization that is National Geographic. Reviewed by Marianne Thurgood Why Jacqueline Wilson Magazine?Jacqueline Wilson Magazine is the official magazine of the multi-award winning children’s author. The Official Jacqueline Magazine is the perfect present for any young girl who loves to create and read.
She is the author of Power of the Witch, Love Magic, Celebrate the Earth, and The Witch in Every Woman.
Her frequent television and radio appearances, including Unsolved Mysteries, Oprah, and National Public Radio, have helped educate the public about the goodness of Witchcraft, our planet's oldest Nature religion. Inspired and written by best-selling author Dame Jacqueline Wilson, young girls are sucked into the world found in her books and are introduced to the characters. It complements the books that Jacqueline has written with activities, things to make and do, puzzles, quizzes and short stories written exclusively for the magazine by Jacqueline herself. Your young reader will have an abundance of activities to do and stories to read on every page.

Having practiced Witchcraft for over forty years, she founded the Cabot Tradition of the Science of Witchcraft. Jacqueline Wilson’s books are world famous for dealing with difficult issues faced by young girls such as peer pressure, theft, adoption and fostering, grief, divorce and mental health issues.
This reported page turner magazine is your answer to any girl who needs alternative ways to challenge themselves. She also founded the Witches' League for Public Awareness (WLPA) and most recently the Project Witches Protection (PWP), both anti-defamation organizations aimed at correcting the many misconceptions about Witchcraft. Laurie is a popular lecturer and teacher who has spoken on spiritual well-being and Celtic Witch mythology at Wellesley College, Salem State College, Rutgers College, and Interface, among others. The Official Jacqueline Wilson magazine offers several avenues for girls to explore their own creativity through fun and interactive stories and activities. They are so popular that over 30 million Jacqueline Wilson books have been sold to date in the UK alone, and her publications continue to be relevant to the modern young lady. If you know someone that can’t put down their copy of Tracy Beaker, Dustbin Baby, Girls in Love or Double Act, then they need a subscription to Jacqueline Wilson Magazine.

It is keen to encourage children to develop their own creativity based on the stories they have read and enjoyed, with educational content delivered in a fun and active publication.
What's SO good about Jacqueline Wilson Magazine?With every issue you will receive an exclusive free gift, and there are competitions that you can enter to win great prizes.
The content of some of Jacqueline’s books is unsuitable for younger children, but the magazine has a strong child-friendly feel. Who’s it aimed at?The majority of readers are girls aged 7-10, although the magazine is suitable for Jacqueline Wilson fans aged up to 12 years old.

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