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Redlands, California—In cooperation with National Geographic, Esri released the National Geographic World Map. The new basemap combines a century-old cartographic tradition with the power of GIS technology to produce a distinctive Internet-based map service serving GIS, consumer, education, and mobile users. By drawing upon the best maps from National Geographic and USGS, each of the five levels of detail in TOPO! Now you can get the latest USGS quad maps for Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan's Upper Peninsula, updated roads, and software updates with TOPO!’s new Live Map Update feature. Seamlessly scroll across topo maps for the entire state and regions within Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan's Upper Peninsula, with five levels of map detail.
Generate and print photo-quality topo maps, using regular paper or the weatherproof Adventure Paper. Customize your Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan's Upper Peninsula topo maps with routes, symbols, notes, web links, and photos.
A web-based GIS applications designed to support resource assessment and data exploration associated with wind development. NREL's Geospatial Data Science Team offers both a national wind resource assessment of the United States and high-resolution wind data. The wind resource assessment was based on surface wind data, coastal marine area data, and upper-air data, where applicable.
This map shows national 80m land-based and offshore annual wind resource potential for the United States.
Additional 80m maps using higher resolution data are available at the WINDExchange and U.S.

This map shows the land-based and offshore annual average wind speed at 100m for the United States.
For Geographic Information System (GIS) wind resource data, access the Data Resources page. For interactive maps and tools for viewing maps and data, access the Data Visualization and Tools page. If you have difficulty accessing these maps because of a disability, please contact the Webmaster. Esri and National Geographic collaborated to produce a distinctive basemap that reflects National Geographic's cartographic design, typographic style, and map policies. This new map will be added to Esri's collection of existing basemap services designed for different uses and needs.
Wisconsin, Illinois & Michigan's Upper Peninsula is Compatible with Most GPS Receivers and PDAs. Wisconsin, Illinois & Michigan's Upper Peninsula is GPS-ready out of the box - there are no upgrades required. Wisconsin, Illinois & Michigan's Upper Peninsula is guaranteed to be the most accurate available.
Wisconsin, Illinois & Michigan's Upper Peninsula is the ultimate topographic map experience for your backcountry adventure. A large selection of GPS trail files can be found at the National Geographic mapXchange website. Each grid cell was assigned a wind power class ranging from 1 to 6, with 6 being the windiest.

Over the past year, digital mapping's upgrades in navigation and functionality have swallowed the globe. Designed to be aesthetically pleasing, the National Geographic World Map is for users who want to display minimal data on a vibrant, highly detailed background. Get an overview of the entire United States, or plan your backcountry trip in Wisconsin, Illinois or Michigan's Upper Peninsula with 1:24,000 scale topographic maps - you choose the level of detail needed for your trip. Department of Energy in 1986 by the Pacific Northwest Laboratory and is documented in the Wind Energy Resource Atlas of the United States, October 1986. The data was evaluated at a regional level to produce 12 regional wind resource assessments; the regional assessments were then incorporated into the national wind resource assessment. The assigned wind power class is representative of the range of wind power densities likely to occur at exposed sites within the grid cell. Hilltops, ridge crests, mountain summits, large clearings, and other locations free of local obstruction to the wind will be well exposed to the wind. In contrast, locations in narrow valleys and canyons, downwind of hills or obstructions, or in forested or urban areas are likely to have poor wind exposure.

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