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This post is also available in: Aragonese, SpanishAragon Valley?s Classics are a series of post on specific events of the past, related to the topics of this blog, seen from the point of view of present times. It is based on material I collect from several sources, including second hand markets of books or any other rare thinks I get.
This is the first entry of the series is dedicated to the construction of The Brooklyn Bridge, from an information in an october 1983 National Geographic magazine I found in a second hand book?s market in Barcelona. In 1983, it was celebrated the first century since The Brooklyn Bridge was inaugurated (130 years, today). The Roebling family was in charge of the bridge?s construction: John Augustus, engineer, German immigrant, designed the bridge. Some time later, his son, Washington got the lead of the project together with his wife Emily. The time Washington was in bed, Emily, also civil engineer, got the leadership of the project following the instructions of his husband.
Confined spaces, subaquatic works, in extreme conditions were the cause of lot of worker?s caisson diseases and nervous dissorders.
For the steel wires assembly, workers used lifting platforms as the one in the cover of the magazine (up), equipped even with handrails. An amazing stuff is that, 130 years after Brooklyn Bridge inauguration, it is still possible to see similar situations in some workplaces. National Geographic History - May - June 2016 » Download PDF magazines - Magazines Commumity!
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If you download National Geographic History - May - June 2016 and you like this magazine, comment it, it will be pleasant to us. Everyday, editors of National Geographic receive thousands of photos from all of the world. Park Service Biologist Doug Smith races toward a gray wolf that he shot from the air with a tranquilizer dart.
Quammen not only returned, moving to Montana in 1973, he also authored the May 2016 issue of National Geographic magazine which is devoted entirely to the park.

The cover of the May 2016 issue of National Geographic magazine which is dedicated entirely to Yellowstone National park and is the first to be penned entirely by a single author. Peaks to Plains caught up with Quammen, who is also the author of “Spillover,” “Monster of God” and numerous other books. I think if you are 5 miles up Slough Creek in February the park is probably just the same as it was when I was camping there in 1978, and that’s a great thing. I learned about the importance of the elk migrations pulsing in and out of the core of Yellowstone like a heartbeat and the importance of big swaths of private land for that migration. With the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem we have an intact major ecosystem with big magnificent carnivore species in an area that is entirely surrounded by modern America.
On their first migration to their summer range in southeastern Yellowstone, three-week-old calves of the Cody elk herd follow their mothers up a 4,600-foot slope. Kelsey Dayton is a freelancer and the editor of Outdoors Unlimited, the magazine of the Outdoor Writers Association of America. It was a project with lots of curiosities and Its erection was challenging and full of difficulties. Next year, in 1970, Washington started to suffer paralysis caused by a decompression sickness (also known as diver?s disease, the bends or caisson disease) he contracted in an accident in one of the caissons. Emily also fought his battles with skeptical experts and dishonest contractors (some things change, not this) in a high complex project.
Hundreds of photographers wait for the perfect moment to make these wonderful and breathtaking photos. Here you can find a photo from annual Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, an abandoned World War II torpedo station and constellations in the southern Milky Way compete with an earthly display of light near Tanzanias Lake Natron.
I skied with a dear friend into Slough Creek and spent a few days in the snow in February 1978.
The more I researched, the more complicated the issue of delisting for the grizzly bear became.
What, besides Yellowstone being the first national park, made it emblematic of the agency and worthy of its own magazine issue? She has worked as a reporter for the Gillette News-Record, Jackson Hole News&Guide and the Casper Star-Tribune.

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He was confined for a decade, beset by a nervous disorder, suffering horribly from the bends, reading and writing with difficulty. I wanted to do justice to the complexity and persuade readers it’s really important and pretty complex. It’s different than Glacier [National Park] because those places aren’t surrounded by development. Mutilation of several toes did not avoid the later infection which caused a disability and, finally, John?s death in 1869 for tetanus. But this mind was already alert and supervised every detail of bridge constructions by dictating instructions to his wife. Now we’ve got a handle on the snowmobile issue, there are fewer snowmobiles and they are quieter. There’s a population of grizzly bears, wolves, mountain lions, wolverines, coyotes and smaller predators, plus bison, elk and deer, surrounded by ranches and towns and malls and golf courses and Starbucks.
If we lost the private lands, then we’ve lost the elk migrations and if we lose the elk migrations we lose the integrity of the ecosystem. In West Yellowstone [Montana], there are six Chinese restaurants and four had signs in mandarin.
Tying all those things together gave me an enormous opportunity to paint a picture of a great place and its complexities and make a gentle argument about why we should love it and how we should love it and how to understand it. But around the ecosystem, there continues to be an erosion of private land [due to development].

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