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SUPER COPTERS Since their breakthrough invention decades after the aeroplane, helicopters have been used for surveillance, rescue and as a weapon of war.
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HOMEABOUTVIDEOSPHOTOSLOCATIONINTERACTMOREDESCRIPTIONTechnology has enabled man made structures to stand against nature's fury and testing times. Follow one of India’s premier infrastructure companies as they chase an ambitious mission – Building Mumbai’s stunning new Airport Terminal 2. Explore the incredible building, design & operation of The Venetian Casino in Las Vegas - set to be the world's largest hotel in 2006.
Examine Mumbai's large-scale lunch delivery known as the “dabbahwallah” system, one of the best-managed supply chains in the world. An ambitious engineering feat is underway to constructed islands to transform Dubai into one of the world's premiere tourist destinations. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, constructed over the past twelve years in Abu Dhabi contains both the worlds largest chandelier from Germany and the worlds biggest carpet from Iran. Follow the staggering $31 million project to 'super size' the famous aerial tram at Jackson Hole. At 610m high the Guangzhou Sightseeing and TV Tower is the tallest television tower on earth and among the world's top ten tallest buildings.
12 years in the making, more than 2500 people have been working on a project that’s intended to become a national icon. The Capital Gate building will create an iconic and avant-garde entrance to the city of Abu Dhabi. What do you get if you take sixty thousand tons of steel, 260,000 cubic meters of concrete, 2000 dedicated Chinese workers and the best design brains in the business? It is the most famous road in the world-the Autobahn and one of the few places in the world where serious drivers can race luxury cars for seemingly endless stretches of mile after scenic mile?at eye flattening speeds.
Japan's Kansai Airport is one of the greatest engineering achievements in the world, built entirely on a man-made island the size of Monaco. Opened in December 2004, the Millau Bridge in Southern France is the tallest in the world reaching 1,125ft.
The Golden Gate Bridge: We reveal how this structure was originally designed and built and how it will survive into the future. In 2002, Chinese engineers and workers tackled one of the biggest construction projects on Earth. On 1 July, 2004, under the circumstances, the city implemented an innovative traffic reform.
Using live action, re-creations, amazing archival footage and advanced CGI, we marvel at the creation of today's super choppers. Leaning at a whopping 18 degrees westward, with a hundred foot overhang, the Capital Gate building of Abu Dhabi will push skyscraper technology to its limit.
Skyscraper in the Round reveals how the extraordinary Aldar HQ skyscraper, in the form of a circle sitting on its edge, came to be built.
Rolling off the assembly line and taking the world by storm in 1964, the Porsche 911 is now one of the worldis iconic sports cars. In the middle of the desert a carpet of lush green grass grows on the world's most luxurious racecourse.
Singapore's Marina Bay Sands has hotel towers, a museum, casino, waterfront promenade, theatres & a skypark - one of the largest & most complex construction sites that engineers ever had to deal with.
In December 2009 the Oasis of the Seas shattered all records and became the biggest cruise ship ever built. To save the life of one of the most iconic engineering wonders of all time requires the creation of another. Taj Mahal was built by the Great Mogul Shah Jahan in honour of Mumtaz Mahal, the love of his life. Every day across the globe, monster machines burst into life to do one job: devour mountains of scrap metal. Follow the construction of “Formula Rossa” - The ultimate speed roller coaster, a part of the world's largest indoor theme park - Ferrari World on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. Witness the challenges of erecting a revolutionary spaceport in the middle of the desert in America. In the Arabian Gulf, large artificial islands are being constructed and fashioned in the shape of massive palm trees. THE ULTIMATE ROLLER COASTER is a one-hour MegaStructures special exploring the latest in roller coaster engineering and technology.

Take a ride on the adrenaline-fuelled tracks of a 60-metre high Roller Coaster built by an army of engineers, designers and master technicians in one of the world’s greatest roller coaster factories.
In the summer of 2012, the eyes of the world have been focused on a sporting megastructure: London's Olympic Stadium - the centerpiece of the 2012 Games.
Standing taller than the Eiffel Tower, Dubai's Burj Al Arab is an architectural icon of the 21st Century.
Nat Geo follows the team of engineers as they faced mind-numbing challenges while building Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3 - against the backdrop of a looming deadline.
With a famously secretive recipe – and a hugely successful brand – find out what really goes into making the all-conquering American beverage – Coca Cola. Join "Mega Green Tech" as it journeys around the globe in search of what is perhaps the Earth's most available green energy: geothermal power. We travel the globe to visit new massive solar power facilities and to explore cutting edge research & technology all of which must grapple with one big hurdle: what to do when the sun isn’t shining?
The renovated California Academy of Sciences - the world's largest green public building - emerges from the landscape of Golden Gate Park. Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites. Whether it's a cruise ship, aircraft carrier, container ship, deep sea driller or super ferry, these vessels have one thing in common: they're all giants of the sea and marvels of the maritime engineering. Cast into the making of the biggest engineering marvels as we unravel the art and science that goes behind it.
How does a bold young design team tackle building the tallest and most luxurious hotel in the world?
But its mega size more than 500,000 square metres - and its location middle of the desert masks massive problems. This is the story of the men who risk their lives to finish this project before winter closes in. A new high-speed rail line costing several billion pounds and cutting through some of the most heavily developed land on the planet to complete a high speed link between two of Europes major capitals London and Paris.
It will use less than half the energy of a conventional skyscraper and will harvest the forces of nature to make energy of its own.
Tough enough to withstand typhoon, earthquake and other assaults from Mother Nature, this elegant building forced a rewrite of the rule books. The construction of the Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is destined to be the biggest mosque in the United Arab Emirates. Leaning at a whopping 18 degrees westward, the tower will claim the Guinness Book of World Records title of Most Inclined Building on Earth.
From architectural triumphs of ancient times to the cutting edge science and technology behind marvels being built around the world today, MEGASTRUCTURES reveals the methods used and the challenges faced at every stage of design and construction.
Thirty kilometres out to sea, in the middle of the ocean is the location for Yangshan Deep Water Port.
It introduced, for the first time in the world, a state of the art transport system by coupling IT technology with a traffic policy and carried out a citizen-oriented comprehensive traffic policy.This program will take a close look into its traffic reform policy and the secrets to success, and introduce scientifically its state of the art transport system, a key technology to the success.
Overlooking the course is a 1.6 kilometre (1 mile) long land-scraper that boasts six star luxury for both man and horse.
Apart from sheer size, the ship is a high tech vessel for the 21st century, and presents features that have never been seen on a ship before. This space version of an airport, is a revolution in travel, with a revolutionary design to match. We'll follow the building of KINGDA KA - the world's fastest and tallest roller coaster ride. This is the story of a construction challenge that pushed engineering to new limits … & beyond.
Visit Iceland, where an abundance of geothermal energy is helping Icelanders achieve an incredible 70% green energy use overall. Viewed from the air, the undulating living roof resembles a piece of the park flying as if by magic.
Two 50-story glass "sails" rise over 240 meters into the sky along the shores of the Persian (Arabian) Gulf. You can remove any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may prevent you from using parts of our website.
Just as impressive as the ships themselves is the logistical planning needed to keep them moving round the clock: a job that requires dedicated staff both on land and at sea.
But they can also spin out of control and crash - brought down by gusty winds, high altitude thin air and bullets. High Speed Ones design and construction overcame unprecedented obstacles to achieve what many thought was impossible.

With a curved facade that faces directly into the wind, the Pearl River Tower in China's Guangzhou City is shaped for performance.
A deceptively simple twist in the middle of the main 450m tower sets this super tall building in a mega class of its own and, proves a test of massive proportions for the team responsible for breathing life into the vision of Dutch architects Mark Hemel and Barbara Kuit. The final result is nothing short of spectacular, not only in sheer size, but also in architectural and creative beauty; this is not just a mega structure but an artistic statement on a massive scale. Discover how the engineers and architects overcome the force of gravity, and transform this vision into reality. Every driver that ever embraced the freedom of the open road owes a nod to Germany, because the modern highway was invented here. Their task: to build the world's longest undersea railway tunnel in one of the world's most hostile environments. With twenty kilometres of quay and fifty berths, Yangshan is destined to become the biggest deepwater port ever built.
That includes an entire park with trees and over 12000 plants and accommodation and amenities for more than 6200 guests and 2300 crew members.
Every day around the world, thousands of planes, trains, and automobiles get cut down to size for recycling. Spanning the canyon below the Hoover Dam itself this feat of engineering has taken over 1200 people, 6 years to complete at a cost of 240 million dollars. Designed to speed from 0 to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds and soaring a record-setting 45 stories, KINGDA KA is a structural giant. Explore the world's largest geothermal power complex in northern California, and hear from scientists and visionaries racing to help geothermal technology not just dig deeper into the Earth's hottest layers but also to try to expand the potential of geothermal power across the planet. This unique architectural marvel is powered in part by a revolutionary new means for a building this size - wind.
Using live action, re-creations, amazing archival footage and advanced CGI, we marvel at the creation of today's a€?super choppersa€™. With a design specific to its environment, the Pearl River Tower utilizes a multitude of energy efficient technologies in one single structure, and symbolizes the future for super-tall building design. The roadway viaduct is cradled by 154 steel stays that look like gigantic cobwebs of steel stretched out from the seven cloud-piercing concrete piers. Linked to China by the world's second-longest ocean bridge, Yangshan's deep water allows the world's biggest container ships to come calling.
A jumbo jet costing a quarter of a billion dollars becomes parts the size of beer cans in a matter of hours.
It's a giant jigsaw puzzle with more than 5,000 parts -- and it's the first thing he's ever built. Bolted together like a giant Meccano set, the 80,000-seat arena can be taken apart and downsized to a 25,000-seat athletics venue after the games. The mega-structure is home to a planetarium, rain forest, natural history museum and the world's deepest coral reef display, all under one mega-green roof.
Its massive cranes, cutting-edge control system, and focused personnel are already shattering records for loading and unloading gigantic container ships and it's not even finished being built. But creating a stadium that's lighter and tighter is a massive undertaking, fraught with challenges. In this hour, we follow the incredible story of the building, from initial concept, through construction challenges, to the grand finale of moving the plants and animals in. The museum is like a modern day Noah's Ark, housing 38,000 animals and 20 million research specimens. In this hour, we explore the science behind the concept and discover how engineers and construction crews attempt to tackle this audacious project.
In an oil-rich region of the world, the team transforms the vision to reality and looks to the future, committed to a renewable energy source of mega proportions. But there's a catch… It's sitting in the heart of one of the world's most renowned earthquake zones. Focusing on the latest-generation submarine, the USS Texas, we tells the story of this incredible invention. Architects and engineers must learn to work with - not against - one of nature's greatest forces.

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