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We captured this image during a trash the wedding dress session at our waterfall on the Coral Coast of Fiji. Hillary Clinton Awarded a Purple Heartaintchicken Good thing her manicurist wore a flak jacket!+5 commentsfull view Nannygoatman There are 4000 American dead in Iraq who never had the chance to lie about how brave they were!
April Fools Scientific Americanfunkwood source images+5 commentsfull view aintchicken I wouldn't want to run into that Cheetard in a dark alley.
April Fools Global Warming Magazine CoverRegistered Mother Jones does a 180!+1 commentsfull view apraxine There are still people who deny global warming ?
April Fools BritneySpears in Good Housekeepingaintchicken If your gonna gag, step away from the keyboard.+1 commentsfull view NewsMaster laughing my arse off "She even knows their names!"Good job overall!
Prince Charles King of Britain in Time Magazinenonno +2 commentsfull view apraxine Yep !
April Fools George Bush Finds Jesus in the Boston GlobeCmond7o3 +1 commentsfull view zemlianika Korea restarts 3 nuclear facilities! April Fools National Geographic Mermaid Photoapraxine In France, April 1st, we have fish, not fools !(Original painting by Jaroslaw Kukowski)Jaroslaw Kukowski Gallery+2 commentsfull view NewsMaster Cool.I had to rename the entry right away because it used the special non-Latin letters that made the image unviewable in a separate entry view. April Fools National EnquirerMundo National Enquirer, try the full view, seems I'm having the compression problem.
April Fools Christ's Tomb Found in Newsweeknonno +1 commentsfull view apraxine This is a true story! April Fools Jeremiah WrightFatguy513 +1 commentsfull view NewsMaster I would make the image larger by using larger source images.

April Fools Obama is Osama Bin Ladendrumempo What if?+1 commentsfull view NewsMaster Quality concept. As per tradition, it is allowed to play jokes on this day with friends, family members, colleagues and others. The first references about the day of laughs in regards to God are related to ancient Rome. There is a one more version for this festival, as per which we are obliged to Neapolitan King Monterei.
As opinions show, more than 70% of people assemble for the playing of jokes with their friends.
On the first of April 1957, the BBC Company broadcasted the message about a fantastic harvest of macaroni in Switzerland. NG Kids My Shot is a moderated community where young photographers can tell their stories through pictures. Statistics show that in the recent years the number of pranks in the home and at the office has decreased on April Fool's Day, but the number of large institutionalized media hoaxes has increased. The First of the April 1st practical jokes through the mass media are standardized by the rule in many countries. In 1564 in France, Carl IX issued a decree on the shifting of the New Year from the 1st April to 1st January. As per the same opinions, many jokes come from students and from people involved in their own business and having their own companies.

Frames were shown about the work of farmers, who were collecting the macaroni in from trees. Some people continued to celebrate the New Year on first of April itself and people used to play jokes with them by presenting empty gifts.
It is advised not to bring grandmothers into the picture, though everybody plays jokes on the first of April. Many TV channels, magazines, and newspapers, are expected to publish some hoax stories this April Fools Day. Think of all the unbelievable things that may happen in politics and civil life and feature them as real stories of newspapers and magazines. That's why you should be alert and have a sense of humor, a set of fresh jokes and funny rhymes and do not be angry at jokes and respond in the same manner. From this time, people started celebrating this day by playing first of April practical jokes.
Sorry !Maybe I should point out the fish top half is supposed to be Segolene Royal : her charms are a bit hidden by the duck. And I'd coll it a SoftApple, not AppleSoft, because they would have to be soft in the head to do it.

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