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Year-round sunshine and stretches of white-sand beach draw thousands of visitors to Miami Beach each year. Miami is the quintessential recreational playground where water sports include jet skiing along the coast. In South Beach, girlfriends spend an afternoon hanging out at the beach and taking in the Miami scene. At twighlight, Miami’s MacArthur Causeway Bridge is illuminated in nightclub-like hues of pink and purple.

Ocean Drive in South Beach comes alive at dusk when the art deco hotels glow with colored lights.
Tony high-rises punctuate the tip of South Beach and overlook the city’s shipping channels.
At the Ritz-Carlton, South Beach, modern mermaids put on a swim show that recalls the days of Esther Williams. Cuban-born lifeguard Cayetano Garcia holds a rescue board near one of the art deco stations dotting South Beach.

I enjoy all things related to the "Seven Seas", which of course, is the domain of both Mermaids and Sailors.

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