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In the fall of 2014 Mario Wezel, a German photographer who had recently been named the College Photographer of the Year, received a phone call that would change any young photographer’s life. Nat Turner, founder of Our School at Blair’s Grocery, an urban farm and education center in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, picks up leftovers from a local Whole Foods six days a week. MARIO: At the Giants stadium in San Francisco, a gardening company had come up with the idea to put a small farm right next to the baseball field so visitors could experience where the food they were eating was grown. Located behind centerfield, the Garden at AT&T Park in San Francisco provides fresh produce to bistros serving baseball fans.
The Insight Garden Program at San Quentin State Prison offers gardening and farming instruction to lower-security inmates. As part of the culinary arts program at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, students learn how to cook and garden.
MARIO: I had spent long days editing with Jessie, discussing and sequencing the project, narrowing it down to its core. Volunteers maintain the White House Kitchen Garden on the south lawn of the executive mansion in Washington, D.C. BECKY: At the end of your internship you had to present your final edit to the editor in chief, the director of photography, and basically the rest of the magazine staff. There are definitely a few minutes before my final presentation that are blank in my memory. The Dervaes family lives in a house they call the Urban Homestead in the center of Pasadena. BECKY: What one piece of photographic advice did you hear while you were here that you’ll keep with you? I can’t expect people to let me into their lives if I’m keeping my intentions and thoughts from them. Awesome work Mario, congratulations, very interesting in seeing how a scarce resource like fresh food can be sustained in into an urban environment. IMPORTANT: Please note that you must now log in with your email address and not your username!
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Originally Posted By dport:Personally, I find this sort of thing akin to grave robbing.Why? Originally Posted By arbob:While I understand your feelings, many of the crews of these vessels appreciate seeing their old ship and by extension their former shipmates at least one more time.Do you really think letting crewmembers one last look at the ship pays for the expedition? Our travel editors chose some of their favorite romantic destinations—and you supplied the photos. Rugged coastline, dramatic vistas, and uncrowded spaces draw romantics to Big Sur, a mountain wilderness on the central California coast. The famous prangs of Wat Arun, a Buddhist temple on the Chao Phraya River, reach into the Bangkok sky. Each year more than four million people visit California's Napa Valley, where the rolling geography and Mediterranean climate contribute to the creation of world-class wines. Daybreak comes slowly to a secluded beach on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar, off Africa's Swahili Coast.
A new angle on a familiar sight: Looking up from under the Eiffel Tower is a heady sensation, suitable for the City of Light, arguably the most romantic destination in the world.
For a getaway with spice, you can't beat Bolivia's stunning Salar de Uyuni, the world's largest salt plain. Dense fog draws a curtain on Prague's Charles Bridge and its promenade of sculptured saints. A popular destination for skiers, snowboarders, and mountaineers, the French Alps have plenty to offer less adventurous visitors—storybook villages, luxurious resorts, and breathtaking scenery. For every resident Venetian, hundreds of visitors pour into the Italian city each year to savor its gilded charms.
The wild side of Oregon's southern coast (such as the rocky coastline at Bandon Beach, pictured here) is tempered by creature comforts: premier golf resorts, luxurious inns, and fine dining.
Angel's trumpets bloom at the base of the "Victory" statue in San Francisco's Union Square, which anchors a central shopping district.
Angry clouds provide no chance for the photovoltaic "Greeting to the Sun" art installation to soak up solar energy on Zadar's waterfront. A warm glow in the night, the Colosseum is a nearly 2,000-year-old attraction in the Eternal City.

Located about midway between the Bay Area and sprawling Los Angeles, Pismo Beach lies tucked amid redwoods and rocky outcroppings on one of America's least developed stretches of coast. Lights lead the way from Brooklyn to Manhattan, where world-famous theaters, restaurants, museums, and hotels await the many millions of visitors that flock here each year. Picture-perfect scenery, even on a gray winter's day, draws visitors to Lake Louise in Banff, Alberta. Light appears to pour down the obelisk on Avenida Roque Saenz Pena in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Idyllic weather, clear waters, white-sand beaches, and exotic overwater bungalows make Bora Bora a dream honeymoon destination. Place de la Bourse anchors the city of Bordeaux, center of the renowned wine-growing region. Colorful Antigua Guatemala, founded in the early 16th century, is now a World Heritage site, noted for its Spanish colonial architecture. National Geographic magazine has one photo intern each year, and that year it was going to be him.
Every Tuesday and Wednesday she picks kids up at their homes and walks them over to her garden, where they grow produce and get help on their homework from Posner and her friends like Maiwenn Raoult, pictured here. The food stands there sold mixed lettuces, some of it freshly harvested, with Mediterranean pita flat bread and other variations of it.
I had heard that a few prisons around the country were using urban farming for therapeutic measures, one of them being San Quentin. Often on the farms, I’d see the same scenes again and again, or similar things would happen. As a photographer you’re emotionally attached to some images that might not work in the bigger context of the project, but you can’t (or don’t want to) let them go. They eat their own vegetables, and whatever they can’t grow on their own, they buy with money made from selling their backyard produce. Sustainability, I think is what has been changing the most about the way we live everywhere in the world.
Becky, it would be nice to learn more about visa procedures for a foreign citizen to work in the US office. This picture shows the ship's air traffic control center (the four windows on the right), topped by the remains of the gun director, an early version of computerized weaponry that included a telescope which directed the guns by remote control. IIRC, the wounded and other crew members were removed when she was originally disabled with one exception who was recovered by the USS Hamman. The 17th-century marble mausoleum is a monument to love—Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan had it built in memory of his beloved wife. La Serenissima ("the most serene one"), as it's known, has been a tourist destination since the 14th century. Perched on the Adriatic Sea, Zadar has miles of beaches, Roman architecture, and a modern nightlife scene. A popular summer destination during the Victorian era, the seaside resort town still draws crowds. Rome's allure comes from its rich history, its world-famous food, its strollable streets, and its warm, welcoming people.
More than 50 hotels fill with visitors during summer months, when Main Street's boutiques and wine bars bustle. A cable car connects the historic town, perched about a quarter of a mile (750 meters) above sea level, to the city of Trapani. The nearby town of Sirmione, famous for its thermal springs, has shores lined with pebble beaches and a castle where Dante was once a guest. The keeper's house at Race Point Lighthouse near Provincetown, pictured here, is available for vacation rental. Banff National Park embraces more than 1.6 million acres (650,000 hectares) on the eastern flanks of the Continental Divide. The capital city's attractions—world-class theater, famous artworks, and immaculate parks, just to name a few—have a strong pull.
The lush island, part of the Society Islands in the South Pacific, is renowned for its snorkeling and scuba diving. A popular vacation spot for Italians, the island boasts a classic Mediterranean landscape and is an easy day-trip from Naples and Sorrento. Once the capital of the ancient Roman province of Aquitania, Bordeaux flourished under the wine-doting Romans as it did centuries later under English kings.

Tourists come for the charm and the convenience—Antigua makes a good central base for exploring the rest of the country. For three months he would be able to work on the story of his choice, guided by an experienced magazine editor, learning the ins and outs of a beloved magazine. I had been looking into traditional farming methods when my photo editor, Jessie Wender, pointed out how present urban farming had become recently in the United States. I was able to get a glimpse into the everyday operations of the magazine but still had enough time to travel and work on the project. Once a year we would drive out to my grandma’s house with the whole family and harvest cherries. After the first few weeks of shooting, sometimes I couldn’t see obvious images anymore, so I would put my camera down and just work a little bit with people on their farms. Dick O'Kane and a handful of the crew survived.ANdyI thought the Tang was lost with all hands?
As for turning it into a commercial spectacle, just try visiting Gettysburg.The difference between a shipwreck and a battlefield is on the battlefield the dead are gathered and buried.
It was incredible to see those big guys who are sometimes a little scary-looking nurturing a flower or other plants.
These small moments of putting your camera away and just being there help to grow a connection to your subjects.
I forced myself to only look to the screen because I didn’t want to know how many people were in the room.
Also visible is a crack that probably opened when the carrier hit bottom at a speed estimated to be about 45 miles (72 kilometers) per hour.
Among those remembered were the 86 men lost in 1945 aboard USS Lagarto (SS 371), whose wreckage was discovered by divers in the Gulf of Thailand earlier this year.
SEIZED: Inside the Mystery of Epilepsy tells powerful, intimate stories of patients, families and doctors fighting this ancient, often baffling disease. At the bow, two 20-millimeter antiaircraft guns are dimly visible in a gun tub below the flight deck. The better analogy would be digging up bodies in a cemetary just to see what kind of injuries the body sustained.
SEIZED sheds the stigma surrounding epilepsy, bringing it out of secrecy into a new era of hope.
Growing up in a rural area of Germany helped me to appreciate gardening and fresh food from an early stage.
IMO, it's disrespectful, and I have seen few of these expeditions that don't return with something.
A special presentation for PBS, THE DRAFT explores how the United States has grappled with the tension between patriotic duty and personal liberty, from the Civil War to Vietnam and beyond. They ran supplies to troops and allies when it was impossible to get through by any other means.
They gathered intelligence and photographed beaches in advance of major amphibious landings. And they operated in dangerous Japanese-controlled home waters, inflicting a stranglehold on the enemy's industrial machine,a€? said Beebe. The ceremony was particularly meaningful for family members of crewmen killed aboard USS Lagarto, one of 52 American submarines lost during World War II. A memorial concert reawakens the story of an artistic uprising in the concentration camp Terezin, where a chorus of 150 inmates confronts the Nazis face-to-face…and sings to them what they dare not say.
The wooden flight deck, which would have jutted over the stern, was apparently ripped away when the ship plunged into the seafloor.On the port side, a hole shows where two aerial torpedoes hit on June 4, 1942, ripping away armor plate and opening the hull. The submarine was last seen off the coast of Thailand on May 4, 1945, where it rendezvoused with another submarine to prepare for an attack on a Japanese convoy. In May of 2005, a British diving team found what they believe is the Lagarto about 200 feet below the surface in the Gulf of Thailand. Bob Ballard as he returns to Titanic for the first time since he discovered it 20 years ago. Learn the story of its discovery, and how the lost liner is again threatened with disaster, as the wreck becomes a target for greedy treasure hunters.

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