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It’s a story nearly the whole world knows, with more than 2.2 billion people around the globe following the teachings and principles of Jesus of Nazareth. The upcoming TV Movie Killing Lincoln premieres Sunday February 17 (8PM ET) on National Geographic Channel and stars Billy Campbell & Jesse Johnson. From Executive Producers Ridley Scott and Tony Scott, and narrated by Tom Hanks, National Geographic Channel’s first ever docudrama, Killing Lincoln, based on the New York Times bestseller, combines re-creations with historical insight in a thrilling chronicle of the final days of President Lincoln and his assassin, John Wilkes Booth.
Kelsey Grammer as Herod the Great, the Roman appointed leader of Judea during Jesus’ birth.
Extra-biblical accounts reveal that Herod the Great was generally despised by the Jewish populace and viewed as a paranoid madman — despite his elaborate construction projects that included the illustrious Second Temple. However, the book that inspired the National Geographic Channel’s production does paint its own startling portrait of a rather paranoid, and dramatically ill Herod the Great. The king of Judea’s medical issues include an inflamed big toe, gout, lung disease, kidney problems, worms, a heart condition, and sexually transmitted diseases.

KILLING JESUS begins in the era of Jesus’ birth, with King Herod the Great ruling Judea, but feeling uneasy about potential threats to his power.
Moving 26 years into the future, we follow Jesus as he starts to develop and spread his message and begins to amass a following of devout believers.
But the intimate historical details of his life and the political collusions that led to his brutal demise bring intriguing context to the familiar story. He enacts an execution order in Bethlehem for all male children under the age of 2, based on a belief that one of these children will be the next King of the Jews. In his desire to secure power by getting rid of baby Jesus, Herod orders all boys under the age of 2 years old to be killed. This uneasiness leads Herod to order the murder of all boys under age 2, but a young Jesus and his family have already escaped. At the same time, new political players, including Herod’s son, Antipas, and Roman-appointed ruler Pontius Pilate, find themselves troubled by the growing influence of Jesus, while leaders in the Jewish Temple, Caiaphas and Annas, question his teachings and methods.

National Geographic Channel’s Killing Jesus, produced by Scott Free Productions and based on the New York Times best-selling book by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, dives deep inside the historical story of how Jesus’ message and preachings led to his persecution and execution by a group of conspirators who saw him as a threat to their power.
One assassin hell-bent on killing ?a tyrant,? as he charged ? the 16th President of the United States. The three-hour program will air in 171 countries in 45 languages and also in Spanish on Nat Geo Mundo. For National Geographic Channel, executive producers are Charlie Parsons and Heather Moran. This is the most dramatic and resonant crime in American history: the true story of the killing of Abraham Lincoln.

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