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The Buffalo River Trail is approximately 37 miles (60 kilometers) long, and is generally hiked in five days. In addition to its natural beauty, the Buffalo River has a rich history of human habitation. Shadow and sunshine paint a gorge in this scene from giant-screen film Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets. Watch this un-narrated video and see what it's like to stand 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon's floor.

Step smartly with our compact, durable guide to canyon trails, wildlife, history, and more.
Growing along desert slopes, the claret cup is one of many cactus species found in the Grand Canyon. Like curtains drawn across the landscape, the walls of the Toad River Valley yield to untracked forests and pure lakes in northeastern British Columbia.
Nature Valley bars can find a place in any backpack—the perfect snack when you stop to rest or consult the trail map.

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