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I just finished reading The Rise of Endymion, the fourth and final volume of the Hyperion Cantos.
Because nothing says candy-making equipment like a savage Indian chief!Candy Making and Baking EquipmentFor over 150 years, Savage Bros. Why is The Hobbit being filmed in the Tar Sands?By Syed HussanPeter Jackson has announced that the Alberta Tar Sands, what Naomi Klein calls the apex of disaster capitalism, will serve as the location for The Hobbit's Mordor scenes.
It still can tell us something about artistic depictions of Indians.Prairie Edge replaces controversial statueOwners of Prairie Edge Trading Co. McMillan III recently won the National Association of Elementary School Principals Children's Book of the Year Award for chapter books, with a little help from his family.McMillan's father had a great respect and love for the American Indian culture. Our candy making and chocolate making equipment are recognized worldwide for long lived quality and reliability.From these 19th century roots in the candy industry, Savage equipment has applications today for the bakery, food processing, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and material handling industries.

His son remembers his father's collection of Tonkawan Indian arrowheads that he found on the family farm in Central Texas. This stuff is refined either on site or elsewhere where it's sent by special pipelines, and then sold. The bronze statue of a Native man with his hands tied behind his back reflected the artist's feeling that when Native Americans were put on reservations, they would never be able to live according their heritage."Some people in the area Native American community felt this statue was degrading to Native Americans. Imagine slicing into the planet, waiting for it to become infected, and then pressing into the infection to drain out the puss, leaving just enough puss for the infection to get worse and spread.This destructive project has particularly targetted Indigenous communities. Some of the elders in the community suspect it might be a Skinwalker, while others insist that its the Navajo version of Bigfoot. As they sweep through a remote canyon, the heavily-armed cops actually hear the chilling sound caught on tape and they think its coming from a cave high in the cliffs.

Have they finally tracked down the elusive Howler?”Cryptid Chronicles Readers, I want to hear your comments and feedback after you watch the show!
The Tar Sands is a specific colonial attack on our bodies as a place where self-determination remains in the community.

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