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National Geographic, dunyan?n en tehlikeli ve en aktif volkanlar?ndan biri olarak kabul edilen Nyiragongo Volkan?'n? iceriden goruntulemeyi basard?. Demokratik Kongo Cumhuriyeti'nde bulunan Nyiragongo Volkan?'n?n birbirinden canl? goruntuleri, National Geographic dergisinin gelecek ayki say?s?nda okuyuculara sunulacak.
Bas?na bilgi veren ekipten Dairo Tedesco, "Nyriagongo Volkan?, yaklas?k bir milyon kisinin yasad?g? Goma kentinde bulunuyor. 3 bin metredeki Nyriagongo Volkan?'n?n lav gollerini bulunduran ana krateri 2 kilometre genisliginde. Nyiragongo is a two-mile-high volcano towering over the eastern edge of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)—one of the most active volcanoes on the planet and also one of the least studied.
At the base of the volcano sprawls the city of Goma, growing by the day as villagers from the countryside seek refuge from rebel and government forces.
Reaching the summit rim of Nyiragongo was straightforward: Sims and Tedesco followed the lava. Desperate for safety, villagers flee fighting in the Ituri region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Already a soldier, a boy with an assault rifle pedals to base camp during fighting in the Ituri region in 2003. With only a headlamp to guide him, a laborer feels his way in the dark of the Nyabibwe mine.
Employees of a cassiterite buyer in Nyabibwe sift the ore before it’s shipped out of Congo for smelting.
Patients wait for medicine that never arrives at a health clinic in the rebel-held gold-mining town of Bavi, in Orientale Province. Heavy hearts attend the burial of eight-month-old Alexandrine Kabitsebangumi, who died of cholera at Kibati, a camp outside Goma that shelters people displaced by violence.
The Rubaya camp in North Kivu Province is home to 50,000 people uprooted by fighting between the government and M23, a Rwanda-backed rebel group. A boy’s hope for a normal life is as tenuous as his shelter in a camp for displaced people near the Nyiragongo volcano.
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In October 2014 Virungas National Park authorities announced that the route to climb Mount Nyiragongo has been re-opened for tourism.
Lava lakes are without a doubt one of the most impressive forms of volcanic activity that any outdoors enthusiast could hope to witness. Mount Nyiragongo, in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo rises majestically to an altitude of 3470m overlooking the Virungas National Park and associated Albertine Rift. To further ensure an unforgettable experience this tour includes a mountain gorilla trekking experience in the neighbouring Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.
Between these two walking adventures you will also enjoy a short and relaxing visit to the idyllic shores of Lake Kivu. On arrival at Kigali International Airport you will be met by our representative and whisked off to enjoy some of Kigali’s main attractions. After a light lunch at a cozy Kigali restaurant you will drive north towards Ruhengeri and on arrival at Volcanoes National Park you will settle in at Hotel Muhabura. After breakfast we take a short drive to the Volcanoes National Park headquarters and meet with the local rangers that shall lead your mountain gorilla trekking experience. Once the gorilla trekking groups are formed you will start your climb towards the different territories and areas in the mountains where your allocated mountain gorilla family resides.
Although the climb can be physically demanding the beauty of the forest and surrounding scenery always makes the trekking a worthwhile experience. Looking deep into the expressive brown eyes of mountain gorillas is surely the most exciting and poignant wildlife encounter that Africa has on offer – and arguably one of the most profound natural history experiences in the world. When the group returns from the hills a transfer will take you to the mellow lakeside town of Gisenyi where you will check into the Paradis Malahide Hotel for a delicious lunch, well-earned shower and rest. After a safety debrief and final check of everyone’s packs and equipment you begin the climb towards Mount Nyiragongo’s summit. For the first two hours of the walk you will traverse a lush pristine forest, where towering trees offer a welcome shelter from the sun until you emerge from the forest onto a small plateau with commanding views that stretch towards the infinite horizon, with Lake Kivu, Bukavu, Rwanda and Burundi at your feet. From here on, the climbing trail becomes firmer and the forest gives way to several swathes of recovering heath with vegetation dominated by ferns, sedges, heather and everlastings.  Shortly after noon, you will reach Mount Nyiragongo’s crater and your overnight cabins. The remainder of the afternoon will be spent exploring the craters edge and soaking in the surrounding views and Mount Nyiragongos’ bewitching lava cauldron. When everyone has had enough, the party will return to camp to settle into their cabins, rest and enjoy an early supper. At 18h00 you will return to a designated spot at the craters edge to gaze and appreciate again Mount Nyiragongo’s molten lava lake. As you return to your cabins on Mount Nyiragongo, the lights of Goma glow below, a reminder of what’s in store for the following day.
After breakfast, you will be transferred back to Kigali Airport for your home bound flight connection. Accommodation: You will spend one night at Mountain View Gorilla Lodge (Ruhengeri), two nights at Paradis Malahide (Gisenyi), and one night at the high altitude cabins on Mount Nyiragongos’ summit. Hotel Muhabura: Muhabura Hotel is found opposite the Musanze District headquarters on your way out of town on the main road to Rubavu (Gisenyi). Paradis Malahide: This lodge is located 7km outside Gisenyi, at a beautiful location on the shores of Lake Kivu, with lovely views across to the islands. Mount Nyiragongo Cabins: These cabins are relatively new (2011), built on the edge of the volcanoe’s crater, wooden, en-suite, spacious and endowed with two beds each.
Difficulty: A basic level of fitness is required  for trekking mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. Altitude sickness : This may be an issue for some since the climb begins at 1989m (6,525 ft) and reaches the crater’s rim which is located at 3470m (11,382ft), all done in a relative short time (4-6 hours). Safety and security: Many of the structures required to run Africa’s oldest national park have been restored by the tireless efforts of hard working rangers and staff of the Virungas National Park. The work done by the people involved in rebuilding and protecting the parks assets, as well as those that to date ensure a safe passage and stay at this national park, is nothing short of heroic and well worth rewarding with one’s presence! Price excludes: International or local airfare (however we can help you with booking your tickets).

Booking and payment details: Once you have decided to join one of our safaris, you will need to contact us for a booking form, which will include details relating to the deposit required and final payments etc. Recommended Reading: For the most authoritative and up to date information about Rwanda as a travel destination we recommend Wild Rwanda.
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This popular Chobe safari has been designed by photographers for photographers, and will be.. Africa Geographic Travel and Norman Carr Safaris bring you the exclusive chance to explore.. Join Africa Geographic Travel in Rwanda on a mountain gorilla trekking experience at Volcanoes..
Join our experienced wildlife photographers Andrew Aveley (Canon Ambassador) and Brendon Jennings (Head Guide..
Ruaha National Park offers a special experience for those interested in a wilderness walking..
Join Africa Geographic on a dedicated birding expedition to find, enjoy and photograph the.. If you've ever wanted to see a fire-breathing volcano in person, now might be the time-as shown in our new survey of accessible eruptions.
Erupting volcanoesa€”such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo's Nyamulagira, pictured earlier this montha€”can be destructive, frightening, and beautiful. Long known as the Lighthouse of the Mediterranean, this volcano north of Sicily has been in near-continuous eruption for at least a thousand years.
After two years of avalanches, earthquakes, and tragedy, climbers return to the worlda€™s tallest mountain. Derginin volkanologlar? Dario Tedesco ve Ken Sims'in volkanda incelemelerde bulunduklar? s?rada, fotograf sanatc?s? Carsten Peter de etkiliyici kareler yakalamay? basard?.
Dunyan?n en aktif volkanlar?ndan Nyriagongo son olarak 2002'de patlam?s ve 14 bin evi yok ederek 350 bin kisinin tahliyesine neden olmustu.
Kisilerin yazd?klar? kendi sorumluluklar?ndad?r.Hukuki gerekceler ile kald?r?lmas? talep edilen icerikler icin lutfen iletisim linkini kullan?n?z. The chief reason for the lack of research is that for the past 20 years the eastern DRC has seen nearly constant warfare, including a spillover of the massacres in neighboring Rwanda.
For much of the past 15 years, with funding from the European Union, the Italian volcanologist has struggled to focus the scientific community's attention on Nyiragongo. The recent eruptions hadn't been classic, spouting-out-the-top types, so-called Plinian eruptions, but rather fissure eruptions, like bursting pipes. It looked as if a ten-lane highway had been dropped down the mountain's flanks, right across the city.
A long line of porters hauled camping gear, climbing equipment, scientific instruments, food, and water. The 1800°F lava exploded from the lake in electric orange geysers, several every minute—25 feet high, 50 feet, 100 feet, bursting into evanescent arches of liquid rock morphing from orange to black in midair as they cooled. Photographer Marcus Bleasdale says that of all of his images from the Congo, this one has provoked the most response from the public.
The cell phone held by one undoubtedly contains tin, which is smelted from cassiterite ore. If all goes as planned, this particular closed supply chain, from mine to electronics company, could help eliminate profiteering by groups involved in Congo’s war, providing a model for conflict-free mineral trade.
Much of Congo’s gold, more than $600 million worth a year, is smuggled across borders.
Illicit profits from tin, tungsten, and tantalum have dropped 65 percent since 2010, when the campaign to link minerals with violence began gaining ground.
In some areas of eastern Congo up to 40 percent of gold miners are children, often forcibly recruited by militias. A 2007 study estimated that more than a million Congolese women have been raped at least once in their lifetime. As long as the corrupt trade of conflict minerals continues, fear and greed will rule eastern Congo. Mount Nyiragongo is a spectacular stratovolcano that hosts one of the worlds largest and rarest lava lakes, making it one of Africa’s most exciting and rewarding hiking experiences.
Once you have reached the summit on your Mount Nyiragongo climb, you will be able to observe its bubbling lava cauldron (from a safe distance) and feel this volcano’s energy, as it heaves and breathes. The climb up Mount Nyiragongo is not technically difficult and reaching the top should not take longer than 5 hours. Coming face to face with mountain gorillas is a hugely primal and humbling experience, if not life-changing. Here you will have the chance to freshen up, explore your surroundings and later indulge in a delicious home-cooked dinner at the lodge’s restaurant before your gorilla trekking experience the following day. An informative talk on etiquette required for gorilla trekking will precede the actual walk.
Gorilla trekking can take between 1 and 6 hours and you could climb to altitudes in excess of 2 300m (7 500 feet). No activities have been planned for this afternoon, in order to allow all participants to decide whether they want to rest before tomorrow’s assault on Mount Nyiragongo, or enjoy a leisurely swim in Lake Kivu.
Fortunately your guides know exactly how to reach the best observation and photogenic spots safely.
In the dark of night one is able to appreciate better the dark crusty surface of lava, spliced and splitting  into ever changing plates. Wrapped in warm clothing you greet the new day as the intense red and yellow glow of the lava below mixes with a backdrop of blue and indigo skies. The descent generally takes 2-3 hours. Back at Kibati, your transport will be waiting to take you back to Goma for lunch and a short tour of the town before crossing back into Rwanda to check into a Gisenyi hotel, for a well deserved shower, rest and scrumptious farewell dinner. Climbing Mount Nyiragongo in Virungas National Park requires a reasonable-good level of fitness and basic hiking experience.

These included the cabins and shelters at the craters’ rim – a heroic feat when one considers that every single piece of building material had to be lugged on foot to an altitude of 3,400 m. Should you wish to book with us we will do our utmost to secure your booking at the best possible rate. Beautifully written and lavishly illustrated this book contains everything you would like to know about Rwanda’s habitats, reserves and national parks and where, and how to find its most iconic birds, primates and fascinating wildlife.
Unless, that is, you happen to be in the path of its slow-moving lava flows.Beginning in 1983, this mountain on the southeast side of Hawaii's Big Island has been in continuous eruptiona€”although the lava (video) hasn't come from its 4,300-foot (1,310-meter) summita€”long a major visitor destination in Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. In good weather, the towering ash plume is visible for many miles, but the crater itself is inaccessible (and too dangerous to visit). Today I am bringing before you another beautiful post especially for ardent lovers of nature.
One of the largest United Nations forces in the world, some 20,000 troops, currently maintains a fragile, and often broken, peace.
Twice in recent years Nyiragongo's eruptions have sent molten rock flowing toward the city. According to Tedesco, there is no question the volcano will erupt again, potentially transforming Goma into a modern Pompeii.
Their three-week mission was akin to that of a doctor giving a patient a long-overdue physical exam. Though the next eruption will likely follow a similar path, thousands of homes, shacks of hand-hewn eucalyptus boards and sheet-metal roofs, have been built directly atop the old flow.
One moment the crust took the form of a shattered windshield, then it coalesced into a jigsaw puzzle, then a ragged map of the world. The lake seemed to breathe, expanding and contracting, rising and falling, its surface level changing several feet in a matter of minutes, spectacular and terrifying at once. An overnight stay at Mount Nyiragongo’s crater edge will allow you to enjoy this spectacle in the dark, but also at dawn and dusk when its alluring beauty is enhanced.
As the plates separate, bright orange lava fill the cracks and a fantastic spider-web pattern emerges. Summiting Mount Nyiragongo involves a 4-6 hour uphill climb often on uneven volcanic rock, muddy tracks and slippery trails. Internet services, items of personal nature, telephone calls, laundry, travel and medical insurance, tips, excess baggage charges, gratuities to lodge staff, drivers and the leader.
While "gas plumes waft around, obscuring one moment and revealing the next, the lava lake seethes with implied forces that roar and crackle below.
In 1977 lava raced down the mountain at more than 60 miles an hour, the fastest ever observed. They wanted to take the measure of the mountain, to study its rocks and sample its gases, to decipher its methods and moods. Nyiragongo has an intricate plumbing system, widespread as the roots of a tree, and once the initial seam opened, the pressure blew open vents systemwide, shooting out fountains of molten rock, including in the very center of town. Real estate brokers sell tiny lots consisting of nothing but lava rocks enclosed by lava walls for as much as $1,500. Crumbly sheer walls ringed by ledges dropped a quarter mile down to a vast, flat floor, black with hardened lava. The lake roared like a jet plane taking off and emitted a thick white plume of dozens of deadly gases. Every now and then fountains of lava flare up disrupting these pretty patterns, but adding a surge of dynamism and power to this spectacular sight.  Sometimes, fountains appear throughout the crust like a collection of campfires, creating yet another fascinating show.
All en-suite bungalows are cool and comfortable with a double bed, mosquito netting, bamboo chairs and a small table, as well as a wardrobe. Several hundred people died, even though the flow had hardened before it reached the main part of the city.
And if Goma doesn't have enough to worry about, the thousand-square-mile Lake Kivu conceals an enormous underwater concentration of carbon dioxide and methane. In the middle, contained in a giant soup-bowl-shaped spatter cone, was a stunning sight: a lake of lava. It is a perfectly integrated, charmingly rustic, simple lodge that is enthusiastically run, and offers great food. All meals mentioned in the itinerary (starting with lunch on arrival day to breakfast on departure day).
The National Geographic is well-known for reconnoitering and surveying natural assets & awareness among the masses. In 2002 the volcano shot more than 15 million cubic yards of lava into downtown Goma, destroying 14,000 homes, burying buildings to the top of the first floor, and forcing 350,000 citizens to flee.
The theory is that a major eruption could release it, spreading a lethal cloud across the city that would spare no one. To make your experience even more enjoyable, porters that can carry your bag (max.15kg), will be available for hire at Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda) and have been pre-arranged at the Kibati Patrol Post in Virungas National Park (Congo).
Blobs of lava can shoot from vents, for example, and lava-tube ceilings can collapse, revealing incandescent flows beneath.
These nature HD wallpapers are captured by brilliant photographers who seized every minute entity with immense inventiveness and exertion. Both eruptions were mere grumbles, though, compared with the fury Nyiragongo is thought capable of unleashing.
DRC Visa (arranged on your behalf) and required entrance fees for Volcanoes National Park and Virungas National Park.
You can grace your desktop with these terrific and breathtaking nature backgrounds.There are abundant of nature wallpapers available on the web but I have accumulated only the best for your interest. Kasuarissen zijn over het algemeen helemaal zwart wanneer ze volwassen zijn, maar de prachtig gekleurde huid op hun gezicht en nek varieert per soort en locatie. Once you scroll down the collection of National Geographic nature wallpapers; you will feel totally engrossed Indeed. Omdat de katabatische winden zo sterk waren en de sneeuw van het ijs was afgeblazen, kon het team niet langer skien en werden ze gedwongen de stijgijzers onder hun laarzen te binden, te lopen en hun sleeen mee te sleuren.

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