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NG Kids My Shot is a moderated community where young photographers can tell their stories through pictures. To breed and raise its young, the northern spotted owl requires up to 100 acres (40.5 hectares) of old-growth forest.
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Whatever your interest, you'll be entertained and educated with our collection of best-selling DVDs. The Eastern screech owl ranges across the eastern half of the United States and inhabits woodlands, parks, and suburban yards. This large grey owl has a round head (with no ear tufts), yellow eyes and a black-and-white "bow tie" under its face.
Though many of the other birds are very Canadian, the great gray owl personifies Canada to me.
La chouette Lapone est la plus grosse chouette du Québec et c'est une espèce magnifique! I think the great grey owl should be Canada's national bird because its range is nearly exclusively in Canada.
One of first times I saw a great gray owl, I was working in the remote wilderness of northern Ontario.
The Great Gray Owl best represents Canada with it's majestic and regal look that portrays the way all people of the world see as Canadian both in its people and the beauty of the wild places of our country from sea to sea to sea! Great Grey Owl Canada currently doesn’t have a national bird and that needs to change. Head cocked, wide-eyed and staring at you from a branch, the great gray owl, or strix nebulosa ponders your intrusion into his domain.
I was honored to be able to hold one of these beautiful, noble birds on my arm (on a leather glove of course).
I had never seen a Great Grey Owl until I found one freshly killed by a vehicle on the highway near Destruction Bay, Yukon in late October, 2014. The great grey owl, is seen throughout Canada as a beautiful, powerful, resiliant graceful ,raptor, that is seen in early evening until dawn, I hear it's who, who, every evening while I first lay in bed. I say the great Gray owl should be the bird to represent our country, because the owl is often a symbol of wisdom and intelligence. This magnificent, reclusive, wise and effective hunter in Canada's most characteristic ecosystem (the spruce forest of the Canadian Shield) embodies what I like to think the rest of the world thinks of Canadians. I vote for this bird as a stand in for all the birds that live , inhabit, migrate and exist in 'our' realm. They are so wise and majestic to see sitting perched on some snag looking at you with their yellow eyes.
The Great Grey Owl is the largest owl in the world by length, its a good hunter, and has excellent hearing.I think the Phantom Of The North would be a great national bird for Canada, it likes cold climates, boreal forest, and thick timber.

Ten years ago Great Grey Owls were in my area due to shortage of food “up north”, absolutely magnificent creatures!
La chouette lapone a tellement une grande envergure, elle touche au Pacifique avec un bout d'aile et à l'Atlantique avec l'autre!
I had never heard of the great gray owl until about 20 years ago, when my husband and I were driving home from our then cottage, and he spotted a large bird sitting on a wire fence not 10 metres from the road. The Cuban screech owl is endemic to Cuba, where it is found in wooded areas, often nesting in abandoned woodpecker holes.
Site all the wallpaper, are collected from Internet, belongs to original author, please do not used for commercial purposes ! While on assignment photographing great gray owls for a Wild Wonders of Europe project, Your Shot member Sven Zacek got a call that a few owls had been sighted nearby.
This photo is definitive proof that Sven Zacek is an amazing photographer, and that we live on an outstandingly beaufiful planet. It doesn't brag too much.(CDN eh?) Is most often silent, however, when it soars over you at 20 ft. The number and variety are almost a better symbol of our country’s vast size and multicultural identity than any single bird could be. The Great Grey Owl should be the national bird of Canada! Everyone in Canada is good with snow, which includes the Great Grey Owl. We had been walking around for hours in the thick tangle of woods and fighting our way through densely spaced spruce trees. I had the bird mounted in Vancouver and flew down from Whitehorse in mid December to bring it back to Whitehorse where I live. Spending all seasons in Canada and making it's home right across our vast country from coast to coast. The Great Owl will hang around for the winter, and can hunt by hearing alone, small rodents are 80% of their diet, and they have a wingspan up to 60 inches, about the length of a standard Canadian Flag. Zacek had been busy with another mission—shooting winter landscapes—but was able to find and spend four days with this female near Oulu, Finland. Check out the new and improved website, where you can share photos, take part in assignments, lend your voice to stories, and connect with fellow photographers from around the globe. Whenever life becomes too bogged down with news and events that just drag my spirit into the ground, nature and animals help me to reconnect again. Its large, wide wings hold us and make us feel safe and it has the beak to use when the need arises. It is a very beautiful bird and I would like to cast my vote for the GGO as Canada's national bird. The owl to me stands for, Beauty, as I see the country of Canada, Resiliant, as our struggles take place, we bounce back with resiliance, powerful, as our mighty Country is, and graceful as are the people of Canada.
Several of the species mentioned, though they are plentiful in Canada, they are plentiful in many other places - I'll be moving to Wisconsin soon as that is where my husband is from. The great gray owl patrols the northern boreal forests, like our soldiers, like our own human guardians.
Never being loud and boisterous like other birds (nations), the great gray sits amongst boundless nature and accomplishes much that is never boasted. While pushing through the last of the trees and shrubbery we came out into a large open wetland area.

All the birds that sustain themselves in this part of the planet that we are responsible for deserve to be considered our 'National Birds'. Although creatures like chickadees and ruby throated hummingbirds are sweet, cute and something you can count on, they are everywhere.
We were so happy to have a break from the tough sloughing through the trees that we decided to have a break.
At one point, he hopped down from the fence, which was about 3 metres high, poked around in the weeds and spread his (her) magnificent wings for the short trip back up to his (her) perch.
Beyond the yellow eye, the knife-edged bill, little about it comes clear. Don't picture it cat-sized, a storybook owl. Canada is as intertwined with Archie Belaney and his story as the great gray owl is to the northern woods. Now add how inter-dependent the great gray is to the boreal forest of Canada - one of the largest ecosystems in the world - and you can quickly see the importance of such a bird to our nation's identity.
Finally, we had to leave him as were due home. This was before the days of widespread internet, and I had to rely on our "Birds of Canada" book, which of course was at home! Cross-sections reveal the truth: inside the bulk there hunkers a compact pilot, a puppeteer's skilful hand. It was flying low along the wetland its wings completely silent and its bright yellow eyes flashing towards the ground searching for something unseen. Part of the allure of choosing the Great Gray Owl is the fact that they are often hard to find, they aren't everywhere and people have to travel to specific locations in Canada to see them. This explains the manoeuvres, the great shade threading through close-ranked, twilit trees. Its killing swoop is a wonder. As we watched, the owl slowly came closer and closer until we could see its full amazing size and almost feel the movement of air from its large wingspan.
That we do not know more of it's capabilities and it's life, is an indicator of it's stealth and it's rarity.
That moment of seeing such a beautiful creature so far into the wild wilderness of Canada is etched in my mind and will always stay with me. Looking one of these creatures in the eyes for the first time is something I'll never forget. Ultimately, I think the bird chosen should be something primarily found in Canada.
Perched on bare winter branch, the Great Gray owl is alert and observing with wise yellow eyes, but easily overlooked with its grey and white plumage disappearing into the bark and snow. I wish I could share that moment with everyone else in Canada and if so I beleive that the great gray owl would easily become Canada's national bird.
They always inspire awe and a feeling of gratitude in being able to share our space with such a truly magnificent creature.
Perhaps you've chanced upon the aftermath: beads of rodent blood on the whiteness, a perfect impression of wings. Most of us, be we urban or rural, native or new, will never set eyes on a great gray. All the same, it remains a bird worthy of our regard.
All of us keeping watch over this vast and vulnerable land, bringing our quietest minds, our keenest perception to bear.

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