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Coal built the modern world and still makes its lights glow, but we've reached a turning point in our love affair with this powerful and ancient fuel. The Obama Administration, amid objections from political foes and even some friends, is moving to push the U.S. This flammable black rock powered the steam engines and factories of the industrial revolution in England and Europe more than 200 years ago. Coal generates 40 percent of the world's kilowatts, and world coal use, primarily for electric power, rose by 54 percent from 2000 to 2011. Worldwide, coal consumption is projected to keep rising for decades, at least unless more countries replace coal with other energy sources or we begin to run out of coal, which is unlikely soon. Coal produces about 39 percent of the carbon dioxide emitted from burning fossil fuels globally, and it is these carbon emissions that have come under scrutiny. Those estimates are higher than the most dire scientific projections for 2100 in recent reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The fuels we rely on the mosta€”coal, oil, and natural gasa€”all come from ancient plants and animals that grew under the sun's heat and light hundreds of millions of years ago, long before the dinosaurs lived.
Fossil fuels originated in a geological period called the Carboniferous, which lasted from about 300 million to 360 million years ago.
Fossil fuels were created over millions of years as these ancient forests died out and eventually were covered by layers of mud, rock, and sand as seas rose and fell. By burning these fossil carbon fuels, each year we release back into the atmosphere the plant carbon that was stored up gradually over that million years.
In the 1890s Swedish chemist Svanate Arrhenius first theorized that changes in levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could alter Earth's surface temperature through the greenhouse effect. Like a greenhouse, the Earth is warmer than outer space because carbon dioxide in our atmosphere holds heat near the Earth's surface. Add too much carbon dioxide, and it's like adding too many blankets to your bed: You get warm. In the late 1950s, Charles David Keeling of the California Institute of Technology began tracking carbon dioxide levels at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii.
Scientific studies have indicated a link between rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide and rising seas. All things considered, the proposed carbon emissions ruling from the Obama Administration could reduce global carbon emissions by a small amount.
The question remains whether other nations such as China and India will also move to reduce emissions. If the Obama Administration's move against carbon pollution inspires other nations to followa€”and the eventual result is a meaningful reduction in such emissions worldwidea€”the people of low-lying coastal cities, all of us who rely on crop harvests to eat, and the children of future generations may be able to mark this as the moment we truly began to turn toward alternative ways of powering the planet. Climate activists are calling on National Geographic to hire a public editor to keep tabs on its editorial approach following the magazine's purchase by a division of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.
The National Geographic Society and 21st Century Fox announced last month an expansion of their current partnership to include National Geographic's cable channels, its flagship magazine, and other digital and social media. As National Geographic explained, "Under the $725-million deal, Fox, which currently holds a majority stake in National Geographic's cable channels, will own 73 percent of the new media company, called National Geographic Partners. While both National Geographic and 21st Century Fox have pledged that National Geographic will maintain its editorial independence, at least three climate advocacy groups are urging National Geographic to hire a public editor to keep watch over its editorial product and ensure it remains a science-based news outlet, especially on the issue of climate change. Online petitions from Climate Truth, Common Cause, and SumOfUs have drawn thousands of signatures urging National Geographic to bring in an independent observer to keep watch. Brant Olson, Campaign Director for Climate Truth, said a public editor would help get concerns from readers to the editors.
The magazine's recent climate change issue, which was released online earlier this month, seems to take a fair approach, with stories on reducing carbon emissions, dangerous rising sea levels, and promoting wind and solar energy.
But not everyone is willing to take for granted that the climate change issue or the magazine's past climate coverage is a sign of things to come under Fox. Common Cause Digital Campaign Organizer Jack Mumby said his group launched its petition for a public editor to help readers keep informed fairly.
National Geographic says it has no plans to hire a public editor or ombudsman, claiming it deserves the benefit of the doubt and has no incentive to take a wrong turn in its climate coverage.
National Geographic has had a nearly two decade long relationship with 21st Century Fox, and during that time has enjoyed editorial autonomy and mutual institutional respect, which we fully expect to continue going forward.  The terms of the transaction include an expanded and specific governance framework designed to ensure that the content, publications and activities of NG Partners remain supportive of the mission of NGS and consistent with the National Geographic brand. National Geographic Partners will be governed by an eight person board comprised of an equal number of representatives from the Society and 21CF.  NGS President and CEO Gary Knell will serve as first Chair, a role that will alternate annually. But all involved have spoken to the shared belief that the very value of the enterprise in which the Partners are investing resides in that brand integrity, and anything that undermines or dilutes that integrity damages the institution, as well as the investment. Our blog section features rapid response fact-checks of conservative misinformation, links to media criticism from around the web, commentary, analysis and breaking news from Media Matters' senior fellows, investigative team, researchers and other staff. Joe Strupp, 46, is a 24-year veteran journalist who has been with Media Matters For America since February 2010. STUDY: Cable And Broadcast News Try To Cover The Economy Without EconomistsExpertise from economists was almost completely absent from television news coverage of the economy in the first quarter of 2016, which focused largely on the tax and economic policy platforms of this year’s presidential candidates. Delay when looking to magnum cash More About The Author More About The Author with low wage earners. As any cryptozoologist will confirm, Africa has always been replete with legends of bizarre-sounding beasts – some of which, notwithstanding, have ultimately proven to be real animals hitherto undescribed by science, as with the okapi, giant forest hog, and pygmy hippopotamus. Returning to novels: another one, originally published in French in 1957, was entitled Le Gorille Blancand was penned by famous French science-fiction author Henri Vernes. In 1966, it was republished in English as The White Gorilla, but by an incredible coincidence this very same year ended with an astonishing, totally unexpected discovery that effortlessly transcended and supplanted romantic fiction with truly remarkable fact. On 1 October 1966, amid the dense jungle of the tiny West African country of Rio Muni (a former Spanish colony now part of Equatorial Guinea), an adult female lowland gorilla was shot while devouring bananas within the grove of local farmer Benito Mane. Although records exist of gorillas with patches of white pigmentation that eventually disappeared, no other confirmed record of a pure-white gorilla is known, The closest item that I have been able to uncover is a snippet from Lawrence G. This account seems highly sensationalised, and even if genuine it may simply be that the gorilla was an old individual whose dark hair had become silvered all over, an extreme example of the typical male silverback condition.
Consequently, zoologists at Barcelona Zoo hoped that by breeding Little Snowflake with normal gorillas at the zoo, the exceedingly rare recessive gene responsible for his unique appearance may be perpetuated, and that in the future other white gorillas may be born. Tragically, by 2001 he had developed another, much more serious condition that again may well have been due to his albinism – skin cancer.
Welcome to the Search for Cryptids!Many creatures lurk in the wild, often seen but never captured, giving birth to legend and myth. Code Orange ozone AQI levels were reported in Imperial Valley, California, as shown in the EPA Airnow animation. NOAA Hazard Mapping System Fire and Smoke Product reported the presence of smoke over the Central Plains and Mid Mississippi Valley. Throughout most of today, the Pacific Southwest and the vast majority of the eastern US experienced moderate, code yellow, air quality. A majority of the east coast (Southeast, Great Lakes, Mississippi Valley, and Mid-Atlantic) experienced Moderate to Unhealthy for Sensitive groups AQI, code yellow to orange respectively (top left, AirNow).
Widespread Code Orange, Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups, AQIs were observed across the Great Lakes region today, as well as Code Yellow Moderate for most of the eastern United States (Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast) (top left).
The ebb and flow of empires, societies and cultures… these are the elements that make western culture what it is today.
This “cultural diffusion”, as it is often called, also usually involves centuries of imperialism and violent upheaval.

For instance, the advance of culture in the Mediterranean, especially from the Middle East, devastated Ancient Greece and ended the Bronze Age there – but the collision between Phoenician traders and Greek citizens also helped lay the foundation for the Classical Period in Greece. These merchants and magi were both revered and feared by the Greeks, who referred to them as the “traders in purple” (due to the rare Murex sea-snail that produced the dye they used in their clothing). The Invasion of the Sea Peoples, as it is sometimes called, had both positive and negative effects on Greek culture.
Greece actually emerged from this tumultuous period a more advanced civilization – in fact, they enjoyed the most rapid advancement of any civilization in history, accelerating their developments in arts, sciences, language and maritime rule.
Meanwhile, the ancient Italians, especially Southern Italians, trailed behind the Greeks in material progress for centuries (much like Greece lagged behind their eastern neighbors). Ancient Greek civilization at the beginning of the Iron Age was eclectic to say the least, and not nearly as uniform as Etruscan civilization.
Egyptian tribes that developed along the southern coast of Sicily, for instance, were allowed to erect their own temples, and eventually their gods were incorporated into the Greek pantheon as well. But these ancient Greek city-states, which dotted the coasts of Italy, Western Turkey and Greece still corresponded with Phoenician trade routes, and contact with the Persians continued for hundreds of years. Although Athens was a strong naval power, there was so much fighting in the Pan-Hellenic colonies at this time that it was impossible for the Greeks to maintain order within their dwindling population.
Although the new city, Thurii, did eventually gain approval from the Delphic Oracle, it was to be one of the last colonies of Magna Graecia, only lasting about five years before succumbing to neighboring invasions. Greece suffered a lot during this period, including not only attacks from Persia, but also Italy as well as Carthage – most notably the second Punic War, during which Hannibal demolished the Greek colonies.
Although the independent Greek spirit was officially subdued in Southern Italy, it had forever transformed the country. In the Middle Ages, Constantinople took control Eastern Italy, and there was a sharp divide among Italians. But in the 14th century, the poet Boccaccio would be the first among Italian humanists to acquire what remained of Greek culture – even before the Byzantines began to reintroduce classical ideas from east of the Adriatic.
These findings provided the seeds of one of the most important cultural movements in Western civilization. The foundation myths of the Greek colonies around the Mediterranean and Black sea (especialy in modern day S.
The founding of a colonie presupposed knowledge of the topography and the resources of the regions earmarked to receive the colonists. The sanctuaries, to which bypassing seafarers and merchants came as pilgrims, were centres where such information was collected and exchanged. Oracles on the founding of colonies are known to have been delivered by the sanctuaries of Dodone, Zeus-Ammon in Libya and of Apollo at Delphi, which undoubtedly held precedence.
These oracles were a guarantee of the safe outcome of the operation and boosted the colonists’ moral. This is explained by the awareness of the many dangers the colonists would have to confront. Concurrently the sanctuaries too, reaped significant benefits from the colonies’ founding. Their influence extended beyond the narrow local bounds and the cults were spread to new regions. Learn the classics on our weekly podcast with The History Author Show!Learn more about the ancient world.
In the United States coal powered the furnaces of iron and steel mills that built our cities, railroads, and steamships. Estimates vary, but the World Coal Association says we have enough recoverable coal worldwide to last more than 110 years. Scientists for decades have pointed to cutting carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels as key to keeping the climate from destabilizing. However, like the Obama Administration, the IPCC has said that the effects of climate change can be reduced by cutting emissions. Over millions of years these plants and animals were buried, compressed, and fossilized to become the carbon-rich fuels that we rely on today to power the world. These ancient layers of carbon-rich plant and animal sediments built up over millions of years. This helps explain why we see dramatically rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere: Levels are now almost 400 parts per million, about one-third higher now than before we began burning coal at the start of the industrial revolution, around 1800. Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere acts in much the same way as blankets on a bed: If we have too few blankets we get cold, too many blankets and we get hot. Carbon dioxide is radiativea€”it absorbs solar heat reflected off Earth's surface and holds that heat in the atmosphere near the Earth. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere were about 315 parts per million when he began his work in 1959, and they've been continuously measured since then by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
Studies of ice cores from Antarctica indicate that current COa‚‚ levels are higher now than they've been in the past 800,000 years. In many studies scientists have documented other impacts as temperatures rise: melting glaciers and ice caps, loss of snowpack, shifting seasons, more frequent extreme precipitation, and more heat waves and droughts that will damage crop yields. In absolute numbers the Obama Administration's effort is small, but it does begin to slowly move the country away from carbon-intensive fuels for electric power and toward less polluting energy sources such as wind, solar, and nuclear power. Murdoch has repeatedly made scientifically inaccurate comments about climate change, and recently lamented "alarmist nonsense" on the issue.
The petitions were launched online shortly after the deal with 21st Century Fox was announced in September.
Under the trademark license, NG Partners must adhere to a 300+ page Standards Guide that articulates the principles of the National Geographic Society as well as its content vision. As an investigative reporter, he has interviewed top media leaders and conservative figures that include Rupert Murdoch, Geraldo Rivera and Andrew Breitbart. Coverage of economic inequality spiked during the period -- tying an all-time high -- driven in part by messaging from candidates on both sides of the aisle, but gender diversity in guests during economic news segments remained low. Conservative media are reacting by recycling debunked myths about the landmark climate change agreement. Really an easy payday quick option but how little First Cash Advance First Cash Advance more for all time when these services. Far more unlikely even than these, however, must surely be various ancient native legends of huge ghostly gorillas with pure-white fur worshipped as jungle deities. When warily inspected afterwards, the gorilla was found to be dead, but clinging to her body, its head buried within her deep fur, was a tiny baby gorilla that was still alive.
It was not a full, complete albino, however, because its eyes were bright blue – thus corresponding with the chinchilla albino state exhibited by the white tigers of Rewa and the Timbavati white lions.
Although legends of white gorillas have emerged elsewhere in Africa, ironically there are no such myths prevalent in or around Equatorial Guinea, for the local villagers were just as astounded by his discovery as the scientists.
As yet, however, this has not happened, but he was nothing if not obliging, having mated with three different female gorillas and sired no less than 22 offspring, all normal-coloured.
Little Snowflake, of course, lacked any melanin in his skin, the dark pigment that acts as a shield against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. And in the early hours of 24 November 2003, Little Snowflake quite literally melted away, euthanised peacefully while asleep by the zoo’s vets to spare him any further suffering. This inbred condition may in turn have caused the mutant allele responsible for his white colouration (now known to be the allele  SLC45A2) to have surfaced.

All such articles and content clearly credit the source material or creator, and link back to the original creators' sites.
Light to moderate southerly winds transported regional pollutants into the Imperial Valley throughout the day, and sunny, warm conditions enhanced ozone formation. The Google Earth NOAA HMS smoke product shows the presence of light smoke over Missouri and Illinois.
Elsewhere, a pocket of Code Red, Unhealthy, AQIs were recorded briefly in North Dakota and just north of Salt Lake City, near the Idaho border (top right). More specifically, the spreading of ideas, agriculture and religion across different, often disparate cultures accounts for the rich diversity that makes up our combined heritage. This, in turn, spread across the Adriatic into Southern Italy, influencing the Romans and setting the stage for what would later become the Renaissance in Italy.
They were a fierce seafaring people who carted objects from Egypt and Assyria, told tales of distant lands, friendly or hostile natives, and exposed their hosts to rare materials they had never seen before.
Initially, contact with the more advanced culture of the Phoenician raiders decimated Greek rule, destroyed their cities and plunged them into a Dark Ages for nearly five hundred years. The “cultural diffusion” experienced at the end of the Mycenaean Age actually helped Greece transition from the Archaic to the Classical period, when they emerged as a polycentric seafaring civilization – one with a rich Pan-Hellenic religion that included Egyptian, Semitic, Iranian and Indian influences. They promoted productive competition among their various city-states, and they were tolerant of many beliefs besides their state sanctioned religion, Hellenism. Italians were too busy fighting the Persians, and eventually there just weren’t enough Greeks to populate a distant colony. The old independent Greek colonies along the coast of Southern Italy soon lost their independence and became supporters of the Pax Romana. The cultivation of the vine and olives, which the first Greek settlers had brought with them, survived – along with many of their gods, such as Apollo and Heracles, who soon became Italian characters.
Western non-Greek Italy, for instance, did not share the language of eastern Italians, and remained separated. Italy, Crimea, Marseille) , reflect the important role of the major panhellenic sanctuaries in the colonisation process.
But coal pollutes more than oil or natural gas, and scientists say that cutting its use is critical to reducing the impact of climate change.
The question will be how much the EPA's efforts to cut carbon emissions can do for the environment at a time when other nations, especially China and India, are escalating their burning of coal to meet a booming demand for electricity. Oil energy now turns wheels, powers ships, and keeps airplanes aloft, but the world still relies more on coal than on any other energy source to keep the lights on. The world was much warmer during the time when fossil fuels were created, and coal formed in regions across portions of North America, England, Europe, and China that were covered by vast tropical forests. It's only in the past few hundred years that we've discovered, dug up, and drilled for these rich stores of coal, oil, and gas. Hold your hand near a hot iron or hot stove and you will feel the heat; it is this radiative (or reflected) heat that COa‚‚ absorbs. Before we began burning fossil fuels, levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere averaged no higher than about 280 ppm. And since global emissions keep rising too, this move to cut power plant emissions looks to get swamped unless China and India begin to move away from coal. His work has ranged from in-depth reporting on The Washington Post editorial page to uncovering slanted reporting at Fox News. After all, none of these pallid entities had ever been spied by western explorers, so science scoffed at the mere notion of a white gorilla. Moreover, as Mane and the other villagers crowding near to view the corpse and its attached baby could clearly see, this was no ordinary gorilla infant.
Moreover, with no indication of any previous white gorillas in the area from which he could have inherited the two copies of the recessive mutant allele (gene form) needed to produce his pallid colouring, for many years scientists assumed that it may well have arisen via a spontaneous mutation, thus originating with Little Snowflake and lacking any genetic precursor (but see Postscript at the end of this ShukerNature post for new findings relating to the genetics responsible).
For a time, he responded to treatment, but by late September 2003 zoo officials were sad to announce that his condition had progressed to a terminal state and that Little Snowflake, by now roughly 40 years old, had only a few months at most to live.
If you find an article informative or entertaining, please take a moment to visit the contributing site and bookmark it for future visits. In Mid-Atlantic medium smoke density was observed from satellite retrievals, as shown in the MODIS Aqua "RGB" image over Virginia.
The animation on the left shows the AQI for the whole nation; here we can see how the poor air quality coverage grows as the day goes on.
Multiple plumes are also seen in the Pacific Northwest which could be the cause of the scattered code yellows. Regions of fire and smoke observed in the Central Plains and Mid-Atlantic states over the weekend persisted today (bottom left), alongside slightly elevated aerosol optical depth (AOD) levels (bottom right).
Once Central Italy and Carthage had formally established themselves, it pretty much spelled the end of Greek maritime rule, and Greece lost hold of their Italian colonies. Conversely, fiction writers and film makers alike were captivated by this semi-supernatural image, which duly featured in various adventure novels and movies. Sabater subsequently spent some time taming the young ape during its sojourn at the Centro de Adaptacion y Experimentacion de Ikunde, sited in Rio Munibut owned by Barcelona Zoo.
However, he did suffer from a common complication associated with albinism – photophobia, a marked visual sensitivity to bright light. The world will be a duller place without your unique glory, but your essence lives on in each of your many offspring, and one day the great genetic lottery may create more white gorillas in your image, to astonish and enchant all over again (but, hopefully, without resulting in skin cancer). INCIWEB reported that thesmoke coming off the Rocky Mt fire may settle into and along the Shenandoah Valley north and west of burn area. The moderate AQI in the Southwest is mostly due to elevated ozone levels enhanced by pollutants being transported into the region by light winds. The moderate and unhealthy air quality affecting the eastern US are a combination of slightly elevated ozone levels and light layers of smoke being produced by wildfires in the Shenandoah National Park.
Those sensitive to smoke are encouraged to take precautions such as keeping their windows shut to limit exposure. The fires started four days ago and cover over 5,000 acres, a very small percentage has been contained. The bottom right image is an rgb "true color" image showing the locations were smoke was observed in today's satellite retrievals in the vicinity of the Appalachian Mountains. Sicily, with its lucrative copper and iron mines, became one of the first Greek overseas efforts, which took place in 800 B.C. Smoke in the valley will clear by late Monday morning as the inversion breaks and southwest winds clear the valley floor. The image on the right, HMS map, shows the active fires and medium to heavy density plumes of smoke (unless the skies are clear, then light density plumes of smoke can be detected). The smoke from the fires in the Shenandoah Valley are light density streams, so they were not detected.
However, a small plume of medium density smoke can be seen over Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

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