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On cold winter days, comfort-loving house cats of Nippon, Japan gather around charcoal braziers, snuggle under figure-silk quilts wrapped around their mistresses’ knees, or step into styling made-to-order garments.
One scrawny youngster hurries back from a daring exploration to the rug’s edge—world’s end to him! The irate Persian “Cleopatra of Undonna” reveals a temperamental spirit at a show in Melbourne, Australia. From the courts and temples of Siam comes the most popular of the short-hairs—the royal Siamese.
The Blue Persian has probably won more “Best Cat in Show” awards than all the other colors combined. Dereck and Beverly Joubert have been filming and researching African lions since the 1980s.

From Teddy Roosevelt hunting African rhinos, to rangers protecting them today, compare National Geographic magazine photographs. Technological advances allowed submarines to stay on the ocean floor for many hours, compared to minutes.
Photographers transition from using film cameras, to digitally stitching multiple images together. Once upon a time the Japanese ship’s cat was commonly classed as a member of the crew and might earn a rank higher than the cook.
Siamese kittens are born pure white, and litters have been carelessly destroyed because they lacked the seal-brown “points!” Watchful Champion “Djer Kits Chinkaling of Newton” guards jealously her kittens—only eight days old. In years of siring, this spotless blue-eyed white Persian has always produced white kittens.

A husky breed of splendid coat, the “Blue” has long been a specialty of outstanding catteries both in this country and in Europe. Seal-brown legs, tail, ears, and mask shade off into the rich, pale fawn-cream of the body. Eddy—described in the author’s note as the former president of the Siamese Cat Society of America and the Empire Cat Club of New York—opens the article with a mention of his own cat, Toby.
Slightly slant-eyes, and with the squint characteristic of some members of his breed, Champion “Sy Mingo of Newton,” shown here, belongs to Mrs.

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