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One of the crown jewels of western Canada, here you'll take in exhilarating vistas of forest, crag, and glacier. The wilderness of Chikuminuk Lake and Wood-Tikchik State Park displays an untouched nature that has mostly vanished from the lower 48 states.These images are from the new National Geographic book Hidden Alaska, which focuses on endangered Bristol Bay. In 1883, on the slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, three railway workers discovered a natural hot spring, and from there the park was born. The bay holds the world's greatest deposits of copper and gold—and its pristine waters are the world's biggest salmon spawning ground. Nowadays, Banff is one of the world’s premiere destinations, spanning a region of unparalleled majestic mountain scenery. Photographer Michael Melford and noted environmental storyteller David Atcheson take a look at the conflict.
Every year, millions of visitors make the pilgrimage to Banff to take in its stunning views and arsenal of activities.Park Facts• Ancient Beauty Banff—the birthplace of the world’s first national park service—is part of UNESCO’s Canadian Rocky Mountain World Heritage site. Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, the park boasts a cornucopia of postcard-perfect mountains.

An integral part of the celebrations was the creation of the Banff Legacy Trail, a nonmotorized, paved trail for the likes of walking, cycling, and in-line skating. Incorporating scenic views, the 16-mile trail runs primarily along Trans-Canada 1 and the wildlife fence from the park’s East Gate to the Bow Valley Parkway.How to Get There Banff National Park is located 80 miles west of Calgary.
Calgary’s international airport is serviced by major national and international carriers with multiple flights arriving daily. From the airport, rent a car and take Trans-Canada 1 west from Calgary straight into the park, through Banff and Lake Louise. A direct bus service from the airport or downtown Calgary is also available to Banff and Lake Louise, as are shuttle services through tour operators.When to Go Open year-round, Banff offers amazing wildlife viewing and sightseeing, plus plentiful shopping and dining options, any time of the year. Summer is popular for hiking, paddling, mountain biking and cycling, photography, and climbing.
The best time for viewing seasonal color is fall, when the larch trees—the only coniferous trees to lose their needles in winter—turn yellow.In winter, the mountain landscape makes for incredible downhill and cross-country skiing.
Lake Louise Ski Area, Sunshine Village, and Mount Norquay combine to offer a large skiable terrain, not to mention the backcountry trails available throughout the park.

Visitors can also enjoy wildlife tours, ice walks, snowshoeing, and dogsled and horse sleigh rides.Weather in the Canadian Rockies can change quickly. In January, the average daytime high is minus 19?F, but by April it is 49?F.How to Visit Visiting the park by car or tour bus is most common. In the town of Banff you can also catch the ROAM bus, a publicly accessible and environmentally friendly hybrid outfitted with wildlife information.
GPS guides are also available.To get the most out of the park, plan to spend a day in the town of Banff and the rest of your vacation outdoors, immersing yourself in the mountains, especially if you’re an experienced skier or hiker.

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