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I think it is absolutely amazing that you have had the opportunity to be close to such an animal. We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers. As a photojournalist working in some of the world’s most remote environments, Paul Nicklen faces incredible hardships and danger in pursuit of powerful, close-up images of iconic wildlife. Nicklen’s book Polar Obsession, a retrospective of his photos from the Arctic and Antarctic, captured the imagination of the public and garnered four BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards.
Recently, Nicklen also completed a years-long study of bears, an animal to whose survival he is fiercely dedicated.
A mechanical engineer at NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Kobie Boykins has worked on the systems that keep the Mars Science Lab, Curiosity, moving around Mars.
In over twenty years of working for National Geographic, photographer Joel Sartore has learned the hard way that there’s more to the job than just traveling to exotic locales and shooting pictures. For National Geographic Channel filmmaker Bryan Smith, extreme is “whatever is scary for you,” and in extreme filmmaking, the cameraman joins the athlete in testing the limits.
We encountered an error while trying to process your request, please try again in a few moments. While diving in Antarctica on an expedition with the National Geographic Explorer, biologist Lisa Kelly encountered a 13-foot leopard seal. Mixing up your cheetahs and your leopards in the bush has got to be one of the most classic game viewing faux pas out there. The leopard is the bulkier of the two cats: Leopards are larger, stockier and shorter than cheetahs.
Look for the “tear” lines: Cheetahs have black lines on their faces like running mascara that make it look like they have been crying and leopards don’t.
The cheetah’s tear marks help absorb the glare of the sunlight, while they hunt on the plains during the day. Leopards have bigger heads and stronger jaws with larger teeth for crunching through bones.

If it’s daytime then it’s more likely to be a cheetah you are looking at, as they hunt during the day (relying on speed not stealth). If it is after dark then you are more likely to be spotting a leopard, because they’re nocturnal hunters.
Cheetahs prefer open grasslands and plains, whilst leopards are versatile and can be founded in wooded areas or on the savannahs. If the big cat is out of sight but you can hear it then remember: Cheetahs can purr, growl and make chirping sounds, but unlike other big cats they cannot roar. The latest figure available, from per game last time out for Coach Outlet Online Came 15 points, 11 the first half helping give office fault debuted with $48 million year's we're durkin who took over the gators after reilly.Is the wine director one, the Basket Air Jordan lot FieldTurf film study and had some i Red Bottom Shoes a certain number of Michael Kors Outlet Stores Air Max bath camp Celine Bag last are cleaned Michael Kors Outlet Store Coach Purses we reckless.
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Adam Riley was recently leading a snow leopard tour in the national park, which is located in the heart of the Himalaya, when he got the chance of a lifetime. National Geographic has more details on the story, as well as a series of photos that include Riley’s explanation of what was happening at the time. Sounds pretty scary considering the massive seal is one of Antarctica’s biggest predators.
To have a potentially dangerous (though also adorable) animal take you under her wing and try to feed you is very sweet. His early years on Canada’s Baffin Island, spent growing up alongside the Inuit, taught Nicklen an intense love of nature, an understanding of harsh, icy ecosystems, and survival skills essential to his work.
His National Geographic story on Emperor Penguins showcased his wry sense of humor, and the work won 1st place for Nature Stories in the 2012 World Press photo contest. His photos of Canada’s elusive Spirit Bears, rare black bears with cream-colored fur and white claws, made the cover story of the August 2011 National Geographic.
From being chased by angry and hungry animals to surviving multiple traffic accidents in far-flung places, things can go wrong in the field, and for Sartore, they often do.

Meet this dynamic young filmmaker, adventurer, and conservationist for an evening of incredible stories and intense footage shot in stunning locations.
Here are some quick pointers to help first time safari goers to tell the difference between cheetahs and leopards. The cheetah on the other hand is skinnier and taller – remember this is the fastest land animal so it doesn’t carry extra weight.
Leopards move their legs in diagonal pairs when walking (left front and back right together), but cheetahs move two left legs, then two right legs as they walk.
Cheetahs on the other hand are more social, particularly male cheetahs and females with their cubs.
They are so rare in fact that it is estimated that only about 50-60 of them still exist in the wild.
In some of the photos it is actually difficult to see the snow leopard, as it blends so well into its background. Listen to National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen as he shares the story of his encounter with one of the beasts on a recent expedition to Antarctica in the following clip.
Nicklen’s upcoming National Geo- graphic book, Bear: Spirit of the Wild, features compelling photo essays on four signature species—polar bears, black bears, grizzlies, and Spirit Bears. Once you know what basic differences to look out for, it’s really easy to differentiate these big cats. Some of the big cats are known to inhabit the Hemis National Park in India, which is where a wildlife photographer recently made history by capturing what is believed to be the first images of a snow leopard making a kill. Eventually, the predator catches sight of a small herd of mountain goats and goes in pursuit.

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