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A rainbow graces skies above the Mombo region of Botswana's Okavango Delta, home to the Moremi Game Reserve, elusive leopards, and lurking hyenas. Explore 120 years of amazing discoveries, fascinating maps, and the world's best photography. Layers of coral, sea fans, crinoids, and sponges make up a healthy reef off Indonesia's Tukangbesi Islands. To delete this file, click the file name with your mouse, then right-click and scroll down the menu to the "delete" option.
To remove the photo permanently from the desktop, locate the photo on the hard drive and drag it to the trash. Back on the highway with his 1,600-pound camera in tow, Tim Samaras hunts for the elusive shot. China—On his way to second place in a bee-wearing contest in Hunan Province, a contestant disappears beneath a carpet of insects lured by a queen bee in a cage. Spiritual WaysWith the reverence afforded a sacred being, Oglala men fell a specially chosen cottonwood tree and carry it to the center of a Sun Dance circle.
Faces shielded from the sun, digging tools in hand, Tibetan families can search all day for the larvae, called yartsa gunbu.
Guided by the laptop weather map reflected in his window, Tim Samaras rushes to catch up to a dying thunderstorm.

India—Trees infused with sunlight dwarf an early morning visitor to the rain forest on Havelock Island. A ten-year-old girl's gloved hand holds the tiny, dirt-covered biological curiosity: Yartsa gunbu is a combination of moth larva (caterpillar) and parasitic fungus. A ground fire ignited by a lightning storm near Elephant Butte, New Mexico, paints the horizon with brown smoke. After taking some shots at Mount Everest Base Camp (Tibet side), I made a stop at the poolside nearby on my way back, setting up my tripod and waiting for something to happen. A lioness drinks from a rock-ringed borehole in Kalahari-Gemsbok National Park, a 3,700-square-mile (9,600-square-kilometer) slice of desert in South Africa's Northern Cape Province. A team en route to Trango Tower in the Himalaya's Karakoram Range hikes along a riverbed in Pakistan. If anyone holding the copyright to any of the images on this website objects to their presence here please contact us and the offending images will be removed immediately.
Lighted by a photographer's strobe, this scene would explode in brilliant colors, but in natural light, it looks altogether different. The constellation of skyscrapers in Canary Wharf's financial district is a world within that world, built from docklands abandoned in the 1960s, when shipping moved downriver to deeper water. He hopes to be the first to photograph the split-second event that triggers a lightning strike.

Rajan, an Asian elephant retired from logging, takes the stroll as part of his daily routine and occasionally swims in the Andaman Sea. Tim Samaras and his crew chased the slow-moving storm cell until they ran out of road, and now can only watch as it moves on.
Lions had all but disappeared from South Africa by the turn of the 20th century due to unbridled hunting, but the seeds of a remarkable comeback were planted in the 1890s with the country's first game reserves.
The 1996 expedition lasted nearly two months and culminated in a successful free-climb to the summit of the 20,469-foot (6,239-meter) granite spire's unforgiving East Face. Scientists are studying how wavelengths of light change at depth and how fish perceive these colors.
Far easier to navigate are the tight grids of farm roads crisscrossing the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles.

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