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According to joiseyshowaa, from whose photoset this image of an architectural element at the Maya site of Lamanai in western Belize is is taken, the decorative pattern represents a jaguar. In Mesoamerica jaguars were associated with shamans, who were thought to change into the beasts during rituals. Jaguar gods were associated with night (or, paradoxically, the sun), caves, the underworld, and hunting.
Here’s a nicely laid-out graphic about Maximon that appeared in La Prensa a few years ago. Geographic Kids!A┬áThis super engaging activity book is packed with mazes, spelling and pattern games, drawing activities, shark facts, and more.

Nar du ar fardig med quizet maste du antingen logga in eller skapa en profil (det ar gratis) for att se ratt svar. He posted the photo on his blog Donde El Viento Me Lleva, along with some recollections of Maximon. The Maya admired the jaguar, whose habitat is tropical jungles, for his fearsome appearance and roar, and his stealth and prowess as a hunter and fisher.
Shamans and priest sometimes carried jaguar hides, wore jaguar clothing, or adorned themselves with necklaces made of jaguar teeth.
At Copan, sixteen jaguars were sacrificed with the city state’s 16th ruler assumed the throne.

Mot National Geographics svenske stjarnfotograf Mattias Klum, som kan fira 25-arsjubileum i ar. Based on one of the most popular features on the National Geographic Kids website, this collection of themed quizzes, true-and-false questions, and photo-driven quizzes, will include questions about animals, weather, countries, and lots more.
This compact book is just he right size to toss into a backpack and will make car trips, dentists' waiting rooms, even visits to the mall enjoyable experiences for all.

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