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From the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl comes a novel about music, love, friendship, and freedom.
In July of 1776, a group of august residents of the Thirteen Colonies gathered in response to a true crisis. Gr 3-5-Using a combination of text, primary documents and sidebars, and full-color photos and reproductions, these introductions offer basic facts in easy-to-understand language. Judith Lloyd Yero is the author of Teaching in Mind: How Teacher Thinking Shapes Education. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
Discover why Thomas Jefferson was asked to write the Declaration of Independence and what bold ideas about government and human rights he included in the document. Rebellion against King George had occurred and the rift between the colonists and the British over issues of governance had spilled over into open warfare.

Therefore, in a brave hearted move, the colonial representatives identified a cadre of their members to draft a statement of purpose and direction to base future actions upon.
That written document was to known as the Declaration of Independence and its story is ably chronicled in this illustrated work.
In this text, Judith Lloyd Yero describes both the history and importance of the Declaration of Independence. Originally penned by Thomas Jefferson, this document was unique in its nature and construction. Written at a time when the international norm in government was monarchy, the Declaration of Independence cites individual liberty and justice as the foundation for a new form of governance.
It highlights the events of the early 1770s and explains the "why and how" that led the colonists to fight for independence. In taking this bold step the original signatory members of this gathering took their very lives in their hands when they added their names to it.

Sidebars include portraits of the signers and interesting facts that help to bring these men to life. This story, as well as the modern applications of the ideas contained within the Declaration of Independence, is well handled in Ms. However, including The Virginia Declaration of Rights (Bill of Rights) and Thomas Jefferson's rough draft (Declaration) is a bit of overkill for this audience.-Susan Lissim, Dwight School, New York City Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information. This is a well-written and carefully researched book and one that will appeal to readers interested in American history.

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