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In April 1977, a young woman set off from the centre of Australia to cross 2700km of desert and bush with four camels and a dogIt was the epic journey of a beautiful young Australian through the outback, the whirlwind romance she had amid the dunes and the mystery of why she made the trek.It is Robyn Davidson's real life story and now, finally, almost 37 years later, it is about to premiere on the screen in a new movie, Tracks, starring Mia Wasikowska as the young Davidson. Davidson has never explained precisely why, at the age of 25, she took off for Alice Springs to train for two years in how to handle camels and to survive the harshness of the desert.SheA then embarked on her journey with camels Dookie, Bub, Zeleika and Goliath, and dog, Diggity. The film shows Wasikowska as Davidson, in dusty and ragged clothes, her beautiful dirt-smeared face against the haunting light and breathtaking backdrop of the wilds of the Australian desert.Her only companions were members of local Aboriginal tribes and a charismatic young New Yorker and National Geographic photographer, Rick Smolan (played in the film by Adam Driver), who captured parts of the trip and with whom she had an affair.
Following the success of Tracks, Davidson wrote further books about her travels, From Alice to the Ocean and Desert Places.She had a relationship with Salman Rushdie, after the author came to Australia, read Tracks, fell in love with Davidson's writing, and then with Davidson.

The locals come out with a band saws and carve up the beach into building blocks for their homes. It should have its own values that are close to what the journey itself meant, and what the book meant.'Finally she agreed to a production with Oscar-winning producer of The Kinga€™s Speech, Emile Sherman and Davidson was both consulted for the film and travelled with cast and crew on location in the Australian desert.
Further back from the shoreline the shells have been compressed over the ages to form a huge solid block. Tracks has been screened at the Venice Film Festival, and was the official selection for the Toronto International Film Festival and Telluride Film Festival.

What appeared to be floating rocks in Hamelin Pool turned out to b living algae called stromatolites, one of the oldest forms of life on earth.

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