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In Madagascar, photographer Christian Ziegler witnessed the animals' expressive color changes, tongue tricks, and vanishing habitat.
An insect succumbs to a foraging Calumma chameleon, whose extremely sharp vision allows it to project its long tongue with pinpoint accuracy.
The better a juvenile panther chameleon can blend in with its surroundings, the safer it is from predators.
Not far from Ranomafana National Park, a forest preserve in southeastern Madagascar, locals have cleared much of a hillside to create cropland. After these male panther chameleons fought over a female, the victor still sports fighting colors, while the loser has taken on a submissive dark hue.

This is an unofficial Tumblr dedicated to the great organization that is National Geographic. Photograph by Charlie Anderson, My ShotThis was taken after the first winter storm in December.
A male Victoria’s riflebird tries to lure a mate with the colors of his spread-wing display.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The poet had the science right: Light-reflecting crystals in skin cells give these panther chameleons their varied colors.

Some chameleon species may live a dozen years in captivity, but less than half that in the wild.
If one doesn’t back down, the confrontation may escalate to hissing, ramming, and biting.
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