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A first look at the Mayflower on location during the filming of "Saints & Strangers," a two-night movie event coming this fall to National Geographic Channel. Actually, the sea-battered Mayflower first landed at the tip of Cape Cod (known today as Provincetown).
As for Plymouth Rock, no rock of any significance is mentioned in contemporary accounts of the events, including William Bradford’s detailed telling of the entire affair.
Today’s historians generally agree that the Mayflower carried 102 passengers and about 30 crew members (including the captain) when it departed Plymouth, England, on September 6, 1620.
The people who came on the Mayflower in 1620 were far from the first Europeans to explore this area.
Actually, the name “Plymouth” was already associated with the area before the Pilgrims ever set foot there. The fact that Plymouth, England, was the last town the Mayflower departed from is merely a coincidence. The surviving crew sailed the Mayflower back to England in the spring of 1621, and she never saw America again.
You have not taken into account the change from the Julian to the Gregorian Calendar in 1752. I am more disappointed in the article about the women of Plymouth, which begins by noting that only four (adult) women survived the first winter.
Perhaps the answer would also explain why she chose to return to England after two years, and where she was planning to go when she got there. One thing too many people forget, the Pilgrims were fleeing England after the Cromwell’s were overthrown.
A Maioria dos relatos cartas ou qualquer Historia relatando o Novo Mundo de grande Maioria sao Falsas . Re The Cromwells – Richard Cromwell wasn’t born until 1626 and the entire population of Ireland in 1600 was estimated to be not much more than 1mill so I take the comments above wth a large pinch of salt !! I believe the first known Europeans to arrive in the area were led by the English explorer Bartholomew Gosnold. Lara Carter, I am a descendant of Elizabeth Tilley & John Howland thru their first child, Desire.
What about debunking another myth, proven with official records & acknowledged by JFK on Nov 5, 1963?

I’m a direct descendant of the Billingtons, John having the distinction of being the first person executed in the colony (1630). As a William Brewster descendant, I’m really surprised he didn’t show up at all! I’ve recently been researching my family history and have pretty much confirmed I am a direct descendant of Christopher Jones the Captain and part owner of the Mayflower. Actress Anna Camp speaks during the National Geographic Channel celebrates the premiere of the miniseries event Saints & Strangers (airing Nov. The ship was anchored there for about six weeks while groups of men explored the area in search of a suitable place to build a permanent settlement. In fact, the Rock isn’t mentioned in any writings until 1835, over 200 years after the fact.
Out of these 102 passengers, the religious term “Pilgrim” only applies to a subset of the larger group. These were devout religious Separatists who rejected the Church of England for being, in a nutshell, too Catholic—that is, not reformed enough from the “corrupt ways” of the Catholic Church under King James I. The region had been visited repeatedly over the previous century by explorers, traders, and fishermen from France, England, and the Netherlands. Plymouth, which was called “Patuxet” by the Natives, seemed like an ideal place to settle because the whole village, as well as the corn fields, appeared to have been completely “abandoned” by the Natives. The New England coast had been mapped in 1614 by John Smith (of Pocahontas fame), and Prince Charles took it upon himself to give English names to various spots on Smith’s map. The ship had already been on its way to America when it was forced to stop at Plymouth after its companion ship, the Speedwell, started leaking irreparably and was ultimately left behind. And that was an issue that was always up for debate when I worked aboard the Mayflower Ii portraying Separatist passenger Desire Minter in the mid-1980s. I thought you were going to tell me that the Pilgrims did not have green bean casserole with crispy onions on top or sweet potatoes with marshmallows. Richard Cromwell was a dissenter, as Lord Protector he is estimated to have killed 50,000 English and Welsh, then moved to Ireland where he exterminated 1,000,000 Irish. He named both Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, the latter of which was named after his late daughter. However, I was impressed by the production overall, especially the amount of native languages used. I also believe his son Teague Jones married the daughter of Samoset from Wampanoag Indian Tribe, and the first Indian to speak with the settlers. If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on the site please contact us, and they will be promptly removed!

22 & 23) with a Thanksgiving lunch at NoMad Hotel Rooftop on November 17, 2015 in New York City.
The other passengers were not seeking religious freedom, but hoping to start a new life and gain wealth in the New World. The truth, however, is that many of the Native Americans living on these very lands had recently been decimated by a mysterious disease brought by European ships.
The last recorded reference to the ship is from 1624, when its value was appraised after the death of its captain and part-owner, Christopher Jones. The consensus at the time was to reflect the dates as the passengers and crew would have lived them.
He later was instrumental in obtaining a charter from King James I to establish a colony in North America for the Virginia Company. I’m interested in finding out more about my connection to these individuals if anyone has it. The Wampanoag refer to this time in their history as “the Great Dying.” The plague lasted for about three years, killing 70-90% of the population. It was declared to be “in ruinis.” There’s no proof to support any claims that pieces of the original ship exist. Clark Island, where the ship was almost destroyed (unless that was a myth too!) is named for him.
She was of age and unmarried, and remained so when the pressure to marry one of the widowers in the spring or summer was likely very strong.
He was actually opposed to the location of the settlement, advice that was mistakenly ignored. He also made many trips supplying Jamestown, was captured by the Spanish and eventually settled in Jamestown where he died. Gosnold would serve on the first governing council at before later succumbing to disease less than four months after arriving.

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